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Houseki no Kuni is probably what you came to Shinsekai Yori to see, but did not receive. Where the latter fails - characters, story (especially pacing), and art, the former is a preeminent example of the "new and bizarre world, slowly unraveled by the characters, for better or for worse" sub-sub-sub-category of shows. Land of the Lustrous is a masterclass in weaving an intricate and believable world out of the highest quality threads of art, music, and storyboarding. The art is a bold step for the up-and-coming Studio Orange, and the soundtrack by Yoshiaki Fujisawa is a beautiful accompaniment to the gorgeous visuals. Not to be   read more
report Recommended by ketsui-san
Both are about a cast of characters slowly unraveling unknown truths of their worlds. They both have a similar premise, where the main characters don't fully understand the worlds they live in, and most of the story focuses on this journey of discovery. They both focus not only on the main characters but the society that they live in (society being used very loosely in the case of Houseki no Kuni).
report Recommended by Xaeveax
The mystery in both series works the same way. They both give extreme thrills as the main character goes through obstacles to discover the truth. There are lots of chase scenes that remind me of each other. Not only that, both series have similar style of art and music where it's very traditional/classic and revolves around myths and stories. They are both incredible mystery/sci-fi series.
report Recommended by Mayuka
While I was watching Houseki no Kuni, I kept thinking back to Shinsekai yori. They're both set in a unique futuristic world with a young protagonist that has to learn some dark truths about society and life. Houseki no Kuni has a little bit more comedy, but they give off a very similar feeling of loneliness.
report Recommended by pandoreye
Set in a very distant future, after human society as we know it has perished and other living organisms have evolved or undergone significant mutations to suit the new characteristics of their environment. What remains of the current human civilization and its exploits (if anything, really) is often shrouded in mystery or even legends. The viewer’s presented with a vast, unexplored world full of mysteries which slowly unravel before our curious and (at least at the start) fairly inexperienced protagonists, as they grow stronger in both their physique and understanding of the world and as they struggle to accept many of its often unforgiving aspects. Full   read more
report Recommended by Nyalotha
Both follow a character who lives in a unique world full of mysteries they have yet to solve. The two shows give off some similar vibes and share a few similar ideas.
report Recommended by bbsnypur1
Both Series have a similar setting: They play in a time long after the present day, in the distant future, where most technological progress has been lost. Another similarity is that they both have female leads trying to discover the secrets of their world and society. There's also a lot of character development and suprises in Shinsekai Yori and Houseki no Kuni.
report Recommended by Brolaub
They both don't know anything about their world
report Recommended by AhmadTokyo
Very similar settings and utopias about completely new societies in the future. They have a similar atmosphere as well and both contain more depth and mysteries behind their utopian facade.
report Recommended by Felori
Both series take place in a dystopian world in which the world has not necessarily advanced technologically. They have a similar setup in the fact that you learn about these societies and the dark secrets that they hide.
report Recommended by W4K3
Both shows follow similar concepts, with strange beings who are initially considered to be evil/the enemy shrouding the truth behind their existence, which the MC begins to discover as the story progresses
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both take place in the distant future, in a society that has changed dramatically with time, and slowly build on that foundation to tell the story of how the world came to be via fantastic world-building, and coming to terms with living in that world.
report Recommended by Kirov123
Shinsekai Yori and Houseki no Kuni both thrust the viewer into a mysterious and unknown world, slowly unveiling it's secrets through the experiences of the characters. There is a strong presence of philosophical exploration in both shows, each of which blends this seamlessly into their story and characters. This provides a rich and fulfilling experience where the deeper meanings and messages feel like part of the shows rather than the events being merely vessels to impart morals and ideologies.
report Recommended by Platypus7
Both take place in the far future and are about a small society isolated from the rest of the world which has become desolate and the protagonists yearn to learn more about said world outside of their seemingly safe bubble and discover things will alter the fate of their society.
report Recommended by JanikrelFiend
Both series feature an enthralling and mysterious world where a catastrophic event occurred sometime in the past. Both have settings that are not all as they seem at first glance. Both feature strong protagonists that grow over the course of the story as they work to uncover the mysteries of their world. Both have characters with seemingly superhuman abilities. If you enjoyed one, you will most likely enjoy the other due to the numerous similarities.
report Recommended by shikinouta
Both shows make you ask questions about humanity and existence in general. Both shows are absolute masterpieces.
report Recommended by ramitbratabiswas
The plot and scenery are reminiscent of each other, in a distant future where humans have drastically changed. They're both good, character driven stories that have a very similar vibe, and I enjoyed them both in a similar way.
report Recommended by erickonkol
-Female protagonist ( yes I prefer phos as a female ) -Both got a mysterious world atmosphere -Both protagonist maturity depends on what they had experienced -A hidden plot/story which unfolds in each episode -Both anime got two different species which protagonist trying to understand
report Recommended by godman32770
Both protagonists live in a distant future of human society and learn more about the truth of their worlds as the story progresses, not only that but from beginning to end both protagonists drastically change from who they were at the beginning of the story. In short, the mystery presented in both of these shows is very similar, and there's significant character development in each.
report Recommended by Tamafuyu
Both animes are set in a distant futuristic world while the main characters of both shows slowly unravel the mysteries of the world they live in. As they discover things they probably shouldn't have, their curiosity tends to get the best of them as they dive deeper and deeper in learning more about how they and their world came to be while slowly having doubts and harboring suspicions on the people close to them. Both animes have great world building as we also learn more of this unexplored "new world". Although Houseki no Kuni anime stops somewhere in the manga, the manga is also a   read more
report Recommended by dardardarner
Both are great shows having post apocalyptic world settings, where main protagonists discover the dark and forbidden secrets hidden beneath their societies. Shinsekai yori is a complete series but Houseki no Kuni is ongoing, is adapted upto chapter 19 of the manga, so it doesn't disclose much of the story, if you want to know further you can continue the manga after watching it, which is also amazing. The animation is fully made by CG, and is aesthetically pleasing for the eyes. On the other hand the animation of Shinsekai yori is quite outdated as regarding to its timeline.
report Recommended by DkSenpai_
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