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Shinsekai yori
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Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau
Kids with powers in a calm, different world settingthat gets turned on it’s head
report Recommended by jauntyghost
Teenagers with powers, mysterious village and civilization, becomes dark rather fast, don't forget that you will cry.
report Recommended by JuusanKitsune
Children of the Whales is like Shinsekai Yori’s ‘dumber’ younger sibling - reflected in the differences in target market between the two shows. They both feature seemingly peaceful worlds and young protgonists that fit in well with them, only to be thrown into much darker reality upon discoveries along the journey. Both shows revolve around an innate human supernatural power that effects society and politics. Expect plenty of world building and plot twists within both.
report Recommended by Brachy
If you like Kujira no Kora, right here you have a futuristic dystopian world with children, psychic powers and a great mystery hidden by adults. With the difference that it's WELL DONE, no overexposure for kiddies, No emotional manipulation, the world is really well planned and has great villian (or not?), the melodrama is unusual, and technically uses multiple styles of animation as the plot requires. A true mature story with beginning, development and END. Leave Kujira for the kids.
report Recommended by ALOC
-Both are led by a protagonist curious about the world outside of their small homes and eager to discover the mysteries hidden by their elders -Both feature a distinct fantasy world -Both have supernatural powers which are controlled by the inhabitants emotions -Both have a oppressive civilization masked by a peaceful front So far this doesn't seem to have all that much depth, but if you want an anime that's done something similar to this then I'd for sure recommend Shinsekai Yori
report Recommended by Gxmwp
- teenagers - dystopian, psychological setting - mysterious civilization with similar advancement of technology - most characters being able to use psychokinesis-like powers (multiple powers instead of one specialized esper power) controlled by emotions - MC finding out more about his own home hidden by high-ranking people - fantasy world
report Recommended by Railgun1127
- Utopian worlds with a (darker) mystery behind them. - Children and teenagers with super powers / magic, who don't know what's going on in their society. - Well thought-out societies and cultures. - Similar aesthetics in world design, atmosphere and art. Even if the art is quite different. They are both very unique. - Both have an unique view on their topics.
report Recommended by Maneki-Mew
In both animes, characters that know telekinesis investigate about the secrets of the world they live in.
report Recommended by zyuiop
Both shows are about teenagers with powers who live in a closed off, information controlled society and who gradually learn about the outside world.
report Recommended by logan87654321
Both animes have kids as protagonists. They all live in a small world where they do not know the past of it. On both animes, the characters can use telekinesis. Both animes have ED that set the mood of the show (I love them so much!). Shinsekai Yori is one of my favorite anime and Children of the Whales gives the same intriguing atmosphere.
report Recommended by randomanimeseen
So glad to see other people marked Shinsekai Yori as a ercommendation for those who liked Kujira no Kora. Both of them revolve around children with special powers - the thymia and the cantus work in a similar way - in a weird, bucolic society. They are even a little similar in the art, even though SSY is claimed to have a poor animation, but both are colorful and yet a little faded. Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau is the anime I've been looking for ever since I finished Shin Sekai Yori. Watching SSY afther KnK could be even greater.
report Recommended by ArteDian