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They both have an eerie feel to them. Shinsekai Yori is a lot darker than Made in Abyss although they both have the feeling of a hidden deep story that is unraveled as you go. Both are also coming of age stories that show the world isn't as bright as you think from first impressions.
report Recommended by hellmet
They both offer this "what you think is wrong" concept. There are way darker things going on beyond what the eye sees and both focus on children.
report Recommended by Welshcake
Both shows have a cast of young characters who explore a new world with little knowledge of it. The atmosphere is dense and mystifying in each show. Their themes include coming-of-age and Hierarchy in nature.
report Recommended by RebelPanda
Both are very eerie stories about children in a beautiful world full of strange creatures, abilities and objects. With a dark story that has light highlights. Very similar in feel.
report Recommended by Sara_Isayama
Both shows feature very young protagonists who have an unusual sense of curiosity - although Shinsekai Yori is a coming of age story, which and has more of a dystopian feel. Both open up many questions for the viewer, and the characters strive to discover these secrets along the way. The settings are filled with nature over civilisation, creating a seemingly light atmosphere that has darker undertones (especially Shinsekai Yori)
report Recommended by Brachy
These series feature young protagonists in a setting darker than they think that is, with fantastic worldbuilding, slowly finding out answers for all the mysteries and questions that keep appearing along the way.
report Recommended by MetaThPr4h
Both have unique ways of telling the story and presenting the world. Even though both start nicely, and it's all bright and peaceful at the beginning, once the characters leave the surface (in Made in Abyss' case literally, in Shinsekai yori's case figuratively), and dwelve deeper and deeper, they discover how twisted and horryfing their world is. Both are eerie, have settings that aren't familiar with the viewer and their worlds are explained gradually, as the heroes of the story discover the truth.
report Recommended by SludgeLad
What makes the two anime similar is a deep story that unravels as you proceed with the series and an eerie feeling that something is not quite right with the world the protagonists are living in. While at first, both worlds seem to be bright and cheerful, the protagonists soon discover that things are a little darker than they thought.
report Recommended by LoveIsAbyss
Both shows involve children being put in extremely difficult situations in an attempt to discover how their world truly works. Both juxtapose an atmosphere of bucolic calmness with upsetting subject matter and violence. Both give us strongly drawn characters with clear motives, weaknesses, strengths, and relationships. Both are a strange, dark take on fantasy. Both are spectacular.
report Recommended by jRad522
Both anime revolve around kids as they grow and mature in a fantasy world. They share similar art styles and are targeted at the same age group. Shinsekai Yori is slightly more serious and philosophical. Made in Abyss has better adventure aspects.
report Recommended by tylerme14
Both have: - feeling of dread and constant fear of the unknown as central plot elements - main characters are naive children exploring a dangerous world - supernatural environment without generic fantasy stuff - remnants of an ancient civilization are scattered throughout current world - not afraid to explore sexuality/romance of young characters - tons of mystery and intrigue
report Recommended by AnimeBear422
Both series are similar in the sense of everything is not as it seems.
report Recommended by Reshiram_IX
Both have main characters with high curiosity. As the story progresses, more hidden truths are found.
report Recommended by Synistra-
Dystopian world for which the main characters are burdened with the passion of wanting to know more about their world. Both hold a psychological tension, and sense of horror that is held throughout the series.
report Recommended by IzaEpsil
- Both series take place in Utopian-like worlds with very dark secrets behind them. - Creative and unusual fantasy settings. - Great music in both series. - They share a similar appeal coming from their unique art styles.
report Recommended by _Maneki-Neko_
Both have eerie atmospheres and gravitate watchers towards the mystery of a terrifyingly natural world. Both always feel complete and never feel contrived.
report Recommended by Mokabear
Both have similar worlds with normal humans and mysterious fantasy beasts. While the humans in From the New World have telekinetic powers, the characters in Made in Abyss are normal humans who use artifacts from the Abyss to survive. Neither worlds have modern technology, instead using the unique resources available to them to achieve their goals. They both have strong, intelligent female leads who start as children, and we see them grow as the story progresses. Riko from Made in Abyss stays a 12 year old girl throughout the story but grows emotionally, whereas we actually see Saki progress from childhood through adulthood. Both stories follow   read more
report Recommended by jbaymowmow
Both start out as a normal, post apocalyptic show, but something just feels off about the world. It's only until later in both series that you realize the world shown isn't quite as happy as it may appear. The weirdness is more passive in Made in Abyss, and takes more of a center stage in Shinsekai Yori. And finally, both are superb shows well worth your time.
report Recommended by Mealstrom_1
-Beautiful setting with great artwork on the environment. -MC is a girl who goes around with a friend and lost his previous friends -Kinda dark story. -Underrated -Cruel world surrounding naïve characters
report Recommended by randomanimeseen
I thought I was having a fun adventure and then my heart got broken and now this story won't leave me and I keep thinking about the implications so long after finishing the show.
report Recommended by ClaireTheBear
Quite eerie, forlorn atmospheric animes, both have an interesting concept and worlds. Brilliant quality.
report Recommended by GakutoDeathGlare
Both shows are quite similar: - protagonists are children - shows how the protags grow up (mostly in maturity-sense for MIA) - seems innocent on the outside but becomes really dark afterwards - death is everywhere (plot armour is non-existent) - protagonists don't know much about the world they live in (mysterious world) - worlds are dangerous - really good soundtracks - fantastic art These two shows are so similar you'll find interest in the other if you like one of them:) have fun
report Recommended by gleightter
Both shows have a lore that spanning for years about the world the characters live in. The world setting in both shows is heavily bounded by rules and restrictions by the society. While discovering many hints of the truth of the world the characters explore by breaking the rules the people must faithfully accept in the society. As the times goes by the main characters have to face undesired circumstances and overcome the negative effects by getting help from people they seek help and also giving them some help to repay their good deeds and some of them follow the main character to form a stronger team to   read more
report Recommended by bnp
It's also a fantasy/adventure/drama anime. However, it's less introspective and lacks the depth that Shinsekai Yori has due to its source material being a finished, planned novel. Still a great watch, but won't necessarily scratch the itch following SSY
report Recommended by GonSwagKillaBoii