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A coming of age story about romance and opening their eyes to the world they live in. Changes and Growing up, truths and lies. They both have this supernatural feel to it, but Shinsekai Yori definitely has a darker edge.
report Recommended by Emberred
A group of friends slowly discovering more about the society they live in. Then, each one of them find their own way to deal with the situation. Both have drama and also deal with forbidden love and other aspects that affect their lives.
report Recommended by Liinah
Children witness the "end" of their societies and discover that not all is as it appears to be.
report Recommended by TheArchangel
Both start off following a young group of friends, their life, their friendship, etc, but soon evolve into something much more. Shinsekai Yori is a lot more mature than NnA but both excel in transmitting emotion and captivating the viewer until the end.
report Recommended by EdenBaggins
Shinsekai Yori takes place in a post apocalyptic world and our main cast live in a Utopian society with strict rules. While Nagi no Asukara is the light hearted version of Shinsekai Yori minus the dark, gory, mystery, and suspense-like feel. The character design is so similar it's astounding. Kihara Tsumugu and Shun look and act the same way. The way Mangka shows her interests in him is basically the same way Saki feels to Shun. Both Tsumugu and Hikari are rivals yet they care for each other too. Hikari and Satoru are very protective and comedic at times with everyone. Chisaki is very calm   read more
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Nagi no Asukara and Shinsekai Yori shares a variety of similarities ranging from their strict societies to discoveries of their worlds. Similarly, they both consists of a small cast of colorful characters each with their own personalities. However, their relationships with others and each other seems to often clash involving contrasting ideologies. Both series' contains fantasy elements although Shinsekai Yori has more of a dark atmosphere while Nagi no Asukara seems more lighthearted. There is bits of romance with an artistic touch added to their backgrounds. By production standards, both series' qualities sets its bar high along with its premise.
report Recommended by Stark700
They're both about children growing up and understanding the world they live in. They both are similar in genre, and have a similar feeling when watching.
report Recommended by ClockTimes
•both anime focus on there own scenarios with a different 'world' adjoining to their own, being brought together or drawing harsh lines between them, showing differences or showing that they are alike •both focus on a group of students, showing their day to day lives and growing up, co existing with the other 'species' •both anime have specifcally different genres, but somewhat relate to each other, where as SY is deep/dark/mysterious, while NA is very light hearted but the touch of heart wrenching, complete opposites, but they relate with the growth development of the human feelings as they twist and turn, and how it affects there day   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
While Shinsekai yori plot was much darker both plots are similar. The characters also remind me of each other even though the characters in Nagi no Asukara tone is much lighter they still give the same impressions of Shinsekai Yori characters.
report Recommended by Jakerams
The Characters , the art style, I couldt stop thinking of Shinsekai yori.. The very feel of the Nagi no Asukara and Shinsekai Yori is similar. The world they live in is interesting and unique, definitely a check out if you liked either of these series.
report Recommended by Monster
Let's see. There's group of five childhood friends in both anime. Every one of them has very special personality, and you could say the group is psychically almost identical. (I mean, Satoru/Hikari, Saki/Manaka, Maria/Chisaki, Shun/Kaname), There's plot about a fantasy place where they live (utopian village/sea). The second main part of the plot is feelings because both series play with the relationships between the friends and their feelings for each other. (I guess you could call it "love quadrangle"?) The feeling you get from watching these anime is very similar. The animation in both is really beautiful, as are the soundtracks. The differences could be   read more
report Recommended by AbigailBC
Each of these anime follows a group of kids with special abilities that are commonplace in their respective world. They deal with issues like love, loss, and societal intolerance, and both heavily utilize the themes "coming of age" and "loss of innocence." In terms of genre, elements of Shinsekai Yori are set in science fiction whereas those in Nagi no Asukara are set in fantasy.
report Recommended by xspookydarknessx
A group of teenagers in a world that is different from the one we know. As they try to comprehend what is going on in this world they call their home, they experience love and friendship.
report Recommended by MaahHeim
The main character casts are very similar as are the romantic relationships involved (aside from SsY having a few homosexual parts). This is mostly comparing the early part of SsY as it eventually adds in some horror aspects which (so far anyway) Nagi no Asukara does not have (since it's much more slice of life style). The art styles are also similar and very good (Nagi no Asukara may be a little better and more vivid though), but especially when it comes to the character designs, the shows seem very similar in this aspect. In both shows, there is plenty of drama especially between the   read more
report Recommended by Asfaria
They're both shows about teenagers in a "unique" world with special abilities and they're both about how people change living in such a society filled with racism, etc. They're really alike.
report Recommended by KaneshiroK
Strange worlds, strict laws, forbidden boundaries. Story revolving around a group of children stepping into the adult world discovering the truths about their world in a somewhat harsh manner. Although Nagi no Asukara has a more lighthearted theme.
report Recommended by NubbyMcNubNub
Complex relationships in a group of friends are explored in a world with magic.
report Recommended by StoneSheep
It's about how a group of close friends grow up together, experiencing love webs and gradually understanding how their society works. Not surprisingly, if you watch either of them, you will definitely love it since they both share the same vibes. In short, Nagi no Asukara is the light-hearted version of Shinsekai Yori and vice versa.
report Recommended by delulytric
Both from Shinsekai Yori and Nagi no Asukara take place in world slightly different than the one we're in. At first glance they don't seem that similar, one's more light and happy while the other's are a little more tense and thrilling, but when you look into it the plots of the 2 have a very similar feel and flow to them that I haven't seen in many anime. Both series are based around a group of friends that face various challenges along their journey into adulthood. While many of these events seem to be focused around the group's focal points, being Saki in from Shinsekai   read more
report Recommended by kalon
Both are about kids with special powers learning what it means to become adults with the struggles of the society's they live in.
report Recommended by Sorrow_Grace
How the story builds up, the characters, and overall the whole atmosphere of both anime are really similar. Just the main theme and how the characters handled is the clear differentiation between these two. If you like one, you'll surely like the other!
report Recommended by Yohanes27
Both shows begin in a very similar style and have a similar overall formula in development (with the mid-season jump forward in time). Both shows follow a group of children as they discover the secrets of their world which have been hidden from them by the adults in the community. However where Nagi no Asukara takes a lighter turn early on, Shinsekai Yori takes a much darker and macabre turn.
report Recommended by Sylontack
Between two worlds , beings who obtained extraordinary abilities and others not . Making divide societies , creating conflicts and changing the mentality of our boys to find out more about how the world works .
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
The main thing that both Animes have in common is the relationship between humans and other humans who are a bit different. Both focus on children learning about some phenomena/true nature of the world they live in (though in Nagi no Asukara the main focus is on the Romance/Drama and in Shinsekai yori the main focus is on Psychological/Mystery). To sum up, if you enjoyed the slow and productive plot progression of Shinsekai yori, you are sure to like Nagi no Asukara, especially if in your opinion Shinsekai yori lacked some Romance/Drama focus.
report Recommended by DiNNZ
The two of these are coming of age stories focusing on a group of friends whose kind are gifted with supernatural abilities. They deal with similar themes and use similar tropes such as discrimination, an Utopian setting with a underlying mystery about the world they live in.
report Recommended by _Kairu_
Shinsekai is much deeper, sophisticated, psychological, but less dramatic than Nagi. Both are coming of age, but Shinsekai is more mature. If you enjoyed Nagi but wanted something a bit more mature, fewer pre-teens screaming at each other, and a huge mystery with the setting / world building (kind of similar to Nagi, but instead of mystery, Nagi pegs it more on this classism / racism theme).
report Recommended by zordinary
Shinsekai Yori is like the dark counterpart of Nagi no Asukara. -They both follow the story of a group of individuals who live in a utopian world as they make their way from adolescence to maturity and progressively learn more and more about their society (Its past , traditions , morals , how it changed and how is it now.) and often question those elements especially morals. -Supernatural component plays a major role to shape the story as it progressess in both series. -Romance is pretty similar too.There are lots of love triangles and childhood crushes. -Both series put emphasis on discrimination and social marginalization. Shinsekai Yori has a lot   read more
report Recommended by Intense
It is about a group of friends that support each other. It also have love triangles too except it is less complicated than NagiAsu.
report Recommended by Xaniel