Tsuritama, Free! Recommendations

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Water-themed slice of life shows bursting with colour where attractive boys bond over water-related activities, such as fishing or swimming. Tsuritama is the wholesome one, the one you wouldn't mind introducing to your grandma. Free!, however, positively delights in showing you just -how- attractive these boys are. Blushy blush.
report Recommended by Keirik
Cute guys doing cute things. The shows are water-themed and generally light-hearted and fun
report Recommended by japanda
The characters are somewhat alike but both in common have water, one of the main characters are trying something new and trying to be good at it. They are in the daily lives in high school. Mostly male cast and the both animation's are well done.
report Recommended by dedfbbugw
Lots of guy characters with a water themed story. In tsuritama it's about fishing and more laid back while Free! has more a hardcore like sports anime feel about swimming.
report Recommended by OnceTwice
Both include a group of teen boys that bond over a hobby (swimming in Free! and fishing in Tsuritama) Both have homoerotic undertones, colorful, and water theme.
report Recommended by sleepingpowder
Both are water themed and are about a group of teenagers who bond over swimming/fishing.
report Recommended by EdenBaggins
Both shows feature 4 male leads, 1 of whom is a kind of rival/outsider of the group. They both center around water and have gorgeous animation.
report Recommended by FeralMemories
Two great summer shows about about friendship and cute boys doing cute things.Both Tsuritama and Free! are funny and relaxing slice-of-life shows that are sure to put you in a good mood.
report Recommended by Ropera
These anime are both water-themed, and leaves the same feel. The drawings and some of the characters are similar, and they're both generally positive, colorful slice of life series revolving around friendship.
report Recommended by Grubel