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Nagi no Asu kara
Both these anime are about the sea and friendship. for the sake of preventing spoilers, lets say something big happens in both anime that are related to the sea. additionally both are drama based.
report Recommended by muggy8
Friendship and water plays a very big role in this anime. The only main difference is that Nagi no Asukara is a romance, while Tsuritama just focuses on friendship mainly.
report Recommended by Rayla
This recommendation is mainly for the setting and atmosphere, as both take place around the ocean. They are heavily involved in the balance humanity shares with the ocean, and their stories are both drama/slice of life with lots of supernatural elements. The art is also fantastic in both, though for different reasons. Tsuritama has got more style to it, but Nagi no Asukara is just very beautiful to look at. If you like ocean vibes and good art, both of these are stellar.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
A bright, ocean-themed show which follows a group of close friends who are drawn to the same interests. However, due to their different personalities, conflicts often appear. Transitions into a serious, exciting story halfway through where only the friends are capable of saving the town from a mysterious being living in the sea they so love. Throughout the show, adults and parents are major supporting characters.
report Recommended by Light-
Both fish based animes takes place near the sea both have good plot lines
report Recommended by _Salsa
- both feature characters and communities tightly tied to the sea - both have transfer students adapting to a new environment - both series focus at least in part on gaining the courage to be yourself, especially in social interactions - both feature plotlines that emerge relatively late in the series and that threaten to overwhelm an apparent peacefulness - both have distinctive art styles that are blue-heavy and evocative of summer and the sea - they strike me as shoujo and shonen versions of one another.
report Recommended by almost3am