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Sakamichi no Apollon
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Sakamichi no Apollon
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Both are about two high school boys who love music. While Sakamichi is not categorized as Shounen Ai, the two main boys relationship can easily be interpreted as a romantic one with how close they become and how clearly they care for one another.
report Recommended by Klide
Music is the the driving theme of these anime and also romance. Both quite different in terms of story, but equally as enjoyable.
report Recommended by hitowy
Given is less depressing and more happy than Apollon. It is also gayer and replaces the jazz music with rock. If you want something more lighthearted with character focus and a music oriented theme, Given is for you.
report Recommended by Rikku_Kuronyx
If you're looking for something that focuses mainly on music, Given and Apollon are the right choices. They also deal with love and friendship, although the main topic is music.
report Recommended by Fressa
Both highlight sentimental situations between the characters through a common passion, in this case music. Sakamichi in my opinion is even better but that's just my opinion
report Recommended by giov621
Kids on the Slope and Given connect based on music mostly, but there’s also the theme of friendship and romance present in both. In both of them, two people get closer based on their love for music, and the main protagonists are both new to what they’re doing.
report Recommended by rsalie
Similarities: -Both have to do with music -Both are really sad -The MC give off the same vibe
report Recommended by yukimoruuuu