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Both are similar because they involve a modern girl who gets transported to alternative feudal Chinese world. They also appear to have some of the same historical Chinese myths and legend occasionally. Both are fantasy anime but Fushigi Yuugi seems to involve more dramatic plot turns, deeper romance between the main characters, and occasionally serious subject to bring depth to the character and expose their psyche. Overall Fushigi Yuugi and Inu Yasha both have good characters and are both humorous and entertaining anime.
report Recommended by niko2137
Both are Are "Magical Girl" (Mahō shōjo) Animes and Mangas, with the main character being transported into a "Fudal Era" alternate world. I prefer Fushigi Yuugi over InuYasha for the fact that all though it is a long running series, the series does come to a conclusion! In both the Manga and Ainime...
report Recommended by DARGONTeraAlpha
in both of them there are priestess that have a mission and role to complete and on their journey they both make friends with some more people. I think they are both similiar in such a way and maybe in the plot, another thing is that the both priestess came to this world by a magic entrace and live in their own modern world. I think Fushigi Yuugi contains much more romance and cuteness and I liked it so much, if you liked Inu Yasha and want something with a little more romance Fushigi Yuugi is the Anime for you :)
report Recommended by KawaiiEden
The girl goes back in time and falls in love with someone from there. Its a must watch for girls!!! They both have adveture, romance and lots of action!!!
report Recommended by keriranjan
THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOO SIMILAR ITS CRIMINAL!!!!! Magical item to past: Well(Inuyasha) Book(Fushigi Yuugi) Inuyasha: Tama Home Kagome: Myaka Koga: Emperor ITS got the whole "you are a priestess who will save us" thing and the whole forbiden love and 2 lovers for Inuyasha thing. The dub is better but thats for you to decide. There isnt very much bad language in this as there is in Inuyasha but they are sooooooo similar i think i will die! there arnt as many episodes in this but its still awesome!!!
report Recommended by Funkymonkey12
The show is in feudal time Japan. It has many different genres like action, romance, fantasy and more! This is my favorite anime and Fushigi Yuugi remind me so much about it. (There's a monk in Inuyasha too; Except he doesn't say "You know" a lot but he rubs girls butts enough!) Please watch Inuyasha AND Fushigi Yuugi they're both REALLY good animes!
report Recommended by treehugger1995
Both of these titles have a female lead character who travels back in time and falls in love with a guy from the past. They also have a following of people helping them out. The key difference between the two is most likely that Inuyasha is less "romantic" than Tamahome, and Kagome can actually fend for herself, unlike Miaka.
report Recommended by cupcakeninjaX3
Well, in both there's a girl who travels to a different world. Also, there are some similarities in the plot if you watch them both all the way through. Also two of the main characters have a thing going on. Here's a tip about animes: wait until at least the 5th episode or so until you make a finaol disision on whether or not to finish an anime.
report Recommended by tangles800
The female leads live in modern day Japan and then enter ancient times through different means to different places, however, the main characters still deal with an ancient evil that needs to be exterminated only by journeying throughout this ancient domain with their newfound friends that they meet along the way. The female leads each find a romantic interest that keep them tied to their new found realities. They also juggle their lives in modern Japan and journey back into ancient times.
report Recommended by AppleMonstar
both have comedy, fantasy, drama, action, adventure. They are about a girl who went to another epoca and found her love there.
report Recommended by darkuria
They both have the same plot. A girl falls into Ancient times, both fall in love with an ancient character from back then, both are clumsy and weak, and both are very loyal and loving to their friends. Only fushigi yuugi came first before inuyasha.
report Recommended by charmecia5
Both animes have a girl who is capture by a powerful magic and goes to a "different world"! They are both Mikos, with a important role to do in that world... Have, also, a love triangle, fights and comedy.
report Recommended by TMiaka
Both of these anime have a high school girl transported back in time. Both also have a lot of love triangles, squares, and pentagons. One of the only differences is that there a more demons involved in Inuyasha and the main character Kagome doesn't try to become a priestess but she is the reincarnation of one. Other than that its pretty much the same!
report Recommended by Natiepinkx
They bouth have a girl that is going back to time. Have fantasy and romance. InuYasha is longer and it has less romance then Fushigi Yuugi but they are really similar. I am sure if you liked Fushighi Yuugi you will like InuYasha
report Recommended by bicaa
Nostalgia is strong with these two. A girl goes to another world, falls in love with someone there. The relationship is impossible. Some strong battles. A manipulative villain.
report Recommended by Niveen_Sleem
Both stories are about heroines traveling to an alternate world (Kagome travels to Feudal Japan, while Miaka travels into a book iwith an ancient Chinese setting) and have historical and supernatural elements. Romance and rivalry are large themes in both.
report Recommended by sars0928