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Both of the stories have the same base behind them. A young girl taken away to an alternate world that is unlike their own. With people who protect them and hardships both must face in a new world. Unlike Fushigi Yuugi however, Juuni Kokuki focuses on more then one character and can easily be said to develop their fictional world much more better. It would be wise to take note though that while Fushigi Yuugi has a main focus of romance, Juuni Kokuki does not have too many of these romantic elements present.
report Recommended by Crystal
Both feature crossing over from "reality" to fantasy land.
report Recommended by Bulletmagnet
The environment is likely Ancient China in both. They also feature a random girl transported to that world and given the role of changing destiny.
report Recommended by ladyxzeus
Imagine Fushigi Yugi without the love stories and you'll get The Twelve Kingdoms. It has less bishōnen characters and more fighting, but besides that it's almost the same.
report Recommended by Iahel
A girl who comes to another world to be some kind of "savior". Magic. Similarity: 2 1/2 *
report Recommended by yomu
Both series star heroines that are typical high school students who both get wisked away to a fantasy world. Once there, both worlds have an 'ancient China' feel to it and the two heroines go on live-changing journeys. But unlike Fughigi Yuugi, 12 Kingdoms has zero romance, almost no comedy, and its all politics.
report Recommended by Duelistbluerose
both animes are set in an ancient era and has the past-present world crossover...
report Recommended by pink-otaku27
Isekai with a medieval Chinese background. Female protagonist and rivality between two female friends.
report Recommended by Soliniumm