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When it comes to connections, Bokura ga Ita and Ao Haru Ride build on that with their characters. The main male and female protagonist build their relationship through interactions. Throughout both series' progressive stories, they face with memories of the past. The main male protagonist from both series has a similar personality as well. Yet deep down, they do value the people around them. As a romance/shoujo, expect relationship angles and drama to ensure. Recommended for people interested in shoujo with elegance.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are strong down-to-earth high school romance dramas where the girl falls for a difficult guy. Bokura ga ita is way more complete as a drama, but it is double the length so that is to ve expected. As heartwarming shojo goes, both shows are absolutely worth watching.
report Recommended by brynolf
•both anime resonate with the typical shoujo, romantic, school life, slice of life, genres •both main characters, both girl and boy in each of the anime, are/were both in love with each other until a misunderstanding confronts the couple and causes mishap and heartbreak and confusion in the relationship •both anime has its perks and mishaps, but all the while the surrounding cast add humour and angst towards the main cast, while introducing new rivals to compete and create mayhem for the protagonists •both the main girl, is troubled throughout the anime, while curiosity drives her to be closer to her love, and to find out and help   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
- First thing... Both made me cry a lot - Both are shoujo high school romcoms, Drama, Slice of Life, - Both series, face memories from the past to try resolve ther problems. If you love animes shoujo, you like this one too
report Recommended by xana14
Both emit a certain atmosphere of springtime, they have similar plots and art. The colouring is similar as well, and both have a (more or less) superficial main character who is a girl and a boy who despises superficial girls. Have fun!
report Recommended by Illuminatli
Both of the storylines in these anime are focused on a a boy and girl who like each other, but due to events of the past they are unable to overcome easily, the ending of each is left very ambiguous. The themes are slice of life, romance, and both have shoujo vibes. Very beautiful and similar art style all around.
report Recommended by chibililica
The way the male main character acts towards the female about love connections is the same as Bokura Ga Ita. It's the same cookie cutter plot as Bokura Ga Ita as well.
report Recommended by plaingeneric
Both have a high school romance theme and drama related to darker pasts (the bulk of which is explored in the manga after anime ends). Both are about growing up and young love not always being perfect.
report Recommended by flyingdolphin