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If you liked either, chances are you'll like the other. Love Live is more of a realistic take, while AKB0048 is like a really silly take on the same subject matter. AKB has idols fighting to save the universe, while Love Live is a lot more like K-On, but with more of a focus on the plot.
report Recommended by Em_Leingod
Going into detail about these two series (and AKB0048 Next Stage) would seem to be given how similar they are. First off, both series are idol groups. AKB0048 is the developed group with LL is showing how the group μ's is starting to form from the ground up. Both AKB0048 and μ's have groups against. For μ's it's the student government while AKB0048 has planetary governments. Of course in the end we all know both will triumph. Enjoy the series. Neither will classics, but they are fun to watch.
report Recommended by Dodecahedron-O24
Both have CGI scenes for dances, other than turning ordinary girls into idols.
report Recommended by Bayonette
Both animes are about a group of girls trying to take the stage to become top idols.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both series features a cast of characters who wish to make a name in the music industry. As such, there are songs sung by the characters in every episode. In both series, there is comedy, drama, and competition as the girls compete against other singers.
report Recommended by Stark700
They are both music anime's about ambitions of becoming great singers and dancers. The settings are a little different but the music genre is the same, and both use CG during their music performances.
report Recommended by Rizzles
Both Anime telling about an All Girls-Group Band
report Recommended by yakoo
Both series got School Idols & Friendship Building!
report Recommended by Mikenzb
They both include idols mainly, they are both about a group of girls who want to become a big idol group together! I also think some of the character personalities are pretty similar Nagisa = Honoka? Anyway I think that if you enjoyed on you should enjoy the other, as long as you like idols you should be fine
report Recommended by AngelBeatsYui
In order to become an idol, one must be able to make sacrifices, work hard, and have determination. Tears will be shed in order to make dreams come true. Becoming recognized is not an easy task. While AKB0048 is set in a world where entertainment is banned on several planets, the story follows a group of girls from various planets aspiring to become part of the famous idol group, AKB0048. On the other hand, Love Live! School Idol Project follows around a group of girls becoming idols in order to save their school from shutting down in hopes of gaining more students. While, Love Live!   read more
report Recommended by OtakuJKP
Both AKB0048 and Love Live are Idol-centric. Both are very cute with bubbly characters and cute relationships. Love Live is High School SoL AKB0048 is sci-fi, kinda school SoL.
report Recommended by waly913
Both are based on female idol groups that have struggles to help their group be successful. While Love Live! is more realistic, AKB0048 is more futuristic and is based off of the idol group AKB48 an has many parallels to the actual group.
report Recommended by Saphirical
This anime is also about idols, and if you enjoyed the cute, fun, energetic characters in Love Live! School Idol Project, you will definitely enjoy the colorful, cute characters in AKB0048.
report Recommended by Panayos
It shows the hard works of idols. The perspectives are completely different, but I asure that you will like it too.
report Recommended by CADAEMOS