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Fullmetal Alchemist
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Fullmetal Alchemist
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Busou Renkin
Both series are about alchemists fighting homunculi
report Recommended by Mante
Both shows feature alchemy, though each has it's own take on what alchemy really is. Many might not find Busou Renkin quite up to par with Fullmetal Alchemist, but both shows are great in their own ways.
report Recommended by katrak
Nobuhiro Watsuki\'s newest anime is more like fullmetal then Rurouni Kenshin. Kazuki Mutou and Tokiko Tsumura fight homunculi with alchemic weapons. If you loved Rurouni Kenshin or Full metal alchemist then this is a must see
report Recommended by shadowdweller430
Others have made the recommendation, similar themes regarding life, some different looks at alchemy, and both pretty solid shounen.
report Recommended by MEGATRON
Both animes center around alchemy. alchemy is portrayed and used differently and each show has its own ideas of what alchemy really is but the basics are very similar. in Busou Renkin alchemy is more secretive while in Full Metal Alchemist it is a well known power that is used by a special branch of the military. Full Metal Alchemist also has Homunculi which are basically the same in each anime besides how they were created. FMA is one of my favorites but they are both very good. if you like Busou Renkin then you will love FMA.
report Recommended by Akihana
They both involve humunculi and alchemy, but Busou has a different setting being modern Japan. The main character loses his life at the beginning and must live off a metal object which gives him powers. The story may not be as epic or on list of popularity like FMA, but if you want more alchemist vs humunculi, this one might do it. Did I mention the mentor is a dork? and it can be very strange for enemies, don't expect anything normal from those guys.
report Recommended by aoikita
Both deal and center around alchemy
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
It's not entirely like FMA, but it does have Alchemy and Homunculi...You might wanna check it out x]
report Recommended by Valcidious
There are alchemist and homunculus both of them.
report Recommended by L_Ryuzaki
Both have characters who were facing death face-to-face, but were brought back to life by alchemy.
report Recommended by RedMageSohma
Alchemy used in anime.
report Recommended by geemaa
The series are actually very different. In comparison to FMA, in Busou Renkin you can actually bring dead to life. However, both series use Alchemy as a fighting power and their enemies are homonculus. So if you simply want to see different version of Alchemy, feel free to check any of those shows.
report Recommended by kitten320
Busou Renkin has as much action how much FullMetal Alchemist and also is very good.
report Recommended by david000rafael
Both are action shows about teenage alchemists who fight homunculi, both have a sense of comedy about them, and both feature ridiculous-yet-cool battles.
report Recommended by robfoster
Both anime are in a world where alchemy is something real and dangerous ,where worriors are alchemists and they fight using alchemy.
report Recommended by narutoichigo88
Both series are about Alchemists using alchemy as weapons in fighting Homonculus
report Recommended by Ai_Sakura
Both shows involve alchemy and a good amount of fighting as well as lovable characters
report Recommended by shibalover