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Nagisa in clannad and Tohru in fruits basket are incredibly similar. They're both sweet, naive, and caring. The main guys in both animes have a dark past that haunts them and in order to overcome it, the need someone to accept them. They're both really funny too.
report Recommended by tikuku
Fruits Basket is also sad, but touching, there are numerous humorous moments which brings the characters together to come to become friends.
report Recommended by Seraph6886
Clannad and Fruits Basket go hand and hand with many similarities. When I watched both, it definitely reminded me of one and the other. Let's break this down, shall we?

First, both series are lighthearted and contains supernatural themes. The main female protagonist is a kind young girl who doesn't want to hurt those around her. She later meets other characters who she forms valuable bonds with.

Secondly, series have a lot of drama and comedy (more so in Clannad). They also have their touching moments.

Third, both series takes place a school setting and focuses on other characters at times   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime are very romantic, some of the scenes from Clannad will make you cry. Both are good anime and they are similar in a way that the stories involve two people falling love and both have other similarities as well.
report Recommended by Apollo15
I'm not quite sure why Clannad reminded me so much of this anime. I guess it's just because of the friendship aspect and the kind of ditsy female as one of the main characters that is trying her best to live life to the fullest. The stories are pretty different in where they end up going and Clannad is known as one of the saddest anime(but don't strike it down, you may be surprised) but it is also an amazing one to watch.
report Recommended by LadyTimePiece