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Both explore the difficulties that arise from body-swapping, such as the impact on daily lives and coping with the invasiveness of it.
report Recommended by ElanMT
Same body-swapping thing between both protagonists. Both series are worth watching
report Recommended by MiraiOkami
Both shows deal with body swapping and romance. Dont want to get into to much detail but both are a definite watch.
report Recommended by Cagle5521
Both have body swapping, highschool setting with highschoolers as mc. Kokoro Connect has a wider cast and deals with the swapping theme better
report Recommended by ani147
Both have Body swapping concept that caused by some supernatural events, and great drama between high school students.. both are worth to watch and have charming love story ^^
report Recommended by TKZmine
Bodies are exchanged, feelings are exchanged. The emotions that did not know that they were there reveal themselves, connecting their souls to find what they have wanted for a long time. Two romantic comedy works with their characters, which seek meaning in their lives. In a supernatural way they show the beauty of not keeping to themselves what they want and not forgetting the most essential, which gives meaning to everything.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Like others said, both anime deals with body swap, romance, as well as a supernatural aspect. Very emotional as well. Both are worth your time!
report Recommended by Salo
Both shows have the same concept of body swapping between the characters
report Recommended by alimula
Body swapping? Check. Romance? Check. Humor? Ya bet! While Kokoro Connect tends to be a little heavier on the drama side, both shows use body-swapping as a key plot device that is used in a light-hearted and humorous way. If you have spare time, be sure to check out both!
report Recommended by -Remix-
Both shows have body swapping as a main part of the story and use it to provide a deeper understanding between the characters. Both shows also have an aspect of drama as well as romance.
report Recommended by feignen
Kokoro Connect and Kimi no Na Wa. both features body swapping. It's not just that. They're both really deep and touches your heart. If you watch Kimi no Na Wa. after watching Kokoro Conenct, you will feel all the emotion and epicness. You'll feel the wideness and the beauty of the world as it is, and you will definitely be touched. If you watch it the otherway around, you'll realize Kokoro Connect handles all the emotion and problem inside one ground, which is school. Problems are dealt, mistakes are made, and you just have to sympathize for them. Kokoro Connect and Kimi no Na Wa are both   read more
report Recommended by FoxInFlame
The characters in both animes swap bodies, causing roller coasters of unexpected emotions and experiences which help the characters bond and become closer than they already are. I really recommend watching Kokoro Connect because it is an outstanding creation, with the best character development I've ever seen.
report Recommended by Tomytoby
Both are body swapping and both have romance and deal mostly with high schoolers
report Recommended by halfskyy
Although one is a movie, and the other is a T.V. show, both of these are similar. Each anime has a little bit of something different, like the shooting star in Kimi no Na wa and the body switching in Kokoro Connect. They are both very enjoyable, and each has some romance.
report Recommended by flarey_
Body swapping in both, both deal with young school kids dealing with problems that LITERALLY are not there if you catch my drift. Both are amazing but Kokoro connect also has a large Romantic side to it as well, as it is 1 season with a movie whereas Kimi no Na Wa is just a movie. (A REALLY GOOD MOVIE THOUGH)
report Recommended by Thekingmcking
I reckon 'Your Name' had a good strong premise with the body-swapping scenario to critically evaluate what it means to 'walk in another's footsteps'. Unfortunately the film quickly diverts from that to focus on a time-travelling scenario, which isn't where its strength is in my opinion. A show that better deals with deconstructing the perspectives of others is Kokoro Connect, using not just body swapping but other methods that betray an individual's projected persona.
report Recommended by bhijml
Both are about characters switching bodies, and are funny and are under the genre romance. In Kimi no Na Wa, it's only 2 people. In Kokoro Connect 5 people are involved. :P
report Recommended by Melodie321
Same concept by body swapping Both heartwarming shows
report Recommended by earabiana
Body swapping and weird phenomenons which both contain romance
report Recommended by ItsKeito
It is similar because in the two works something supernatural happens, and there is romance in both animes.
report Recommended by titanstel
Body switching. Good story. We can see both characters' relationships in life. Romance is also there.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
-Both the movie and the series revolve around the body-switching of the main cast of characters, resulting in both problems and humour. -Both the movie and the series are mainly driven by romance, whilst also showing some love for comedy and slice of life.
report Recommended by Masanori-kun
Both shows involve romance and body swapping dealing with the supernatural. Kokoro Connect imo goes more into character development vs Kimi no Na wa, but Kimi no Na wa artwork and overall beauty is way better than Kokoro Connect. Both shows are worth a watch.
report Recommended by mimimilk
Both have exchange body scene Taking school plot.
report Recommended by Syureria
They have the same expect that Kokoro connect have more than only switching bodies, personally I prefer Kokoro connect more than your name. Kokoro connect is easily one of the top three.
report Recommended by MohdAdel
Both story have romance and body swapping concept, which will build up their friendships and relationships.
report Recommended by Timothy_611
Both include body swapping with a deeper purpose. They are about growth and personal change with supernatural elements and a touch of romance.
report Recommended by tanial
Almost the same concept...its so similar you would actually start blaming the writer for copying the idea
report Recommended by agamswaroop
Same concept with switching bodies but more supernatural stuff in the story but guess what, ROMANCE.
report Recommended by HabibiLife
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