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All of the characters of both series are brought together through events none had asked for. They are tasked with understanding each others pains both emotionally and physically. A seemingly usual day like none other will soon spiral into a chaotic array of self discovery, growth of interpersonal relationships, and unwanted thoughts are brought to the surface. Unconscious decisions are suddenly questioned and naïve ones could prove fatal.
report Recommended by PinkHeart19
Both connect a bunch of young kids. with kiznaiver it is through pain and in Kokoro connect it is through a number of different things as they are inflicted with a number of things through their connection. Kiznaiver lacks the emotion of Kokoro connect
report Recommended by EmmyBomb
People learn about one another through forced bonds.
report Recommended by garydai
Similar premise where emotions get connected between multiple high schoolers by a "mysterious" force. If you like kiznaiver then kokoro connect should be right up your alley and has a better story.
report Recommended by Animemayhem
Both anime focus on a group of teenagers who are connected by a supernatural element that forces them into a strange bond. Although it might seem tedious, pointless, and destructive on the surface, it eventually helps them bond over these new experiences by forcing situations only solvable by exiting their comfort zone and confronting the truth. They both also have elements of comedy, romance, and an interesting cast.
report Recommended by Fire
Group of chidren (teenagers) forcefully bonded together in ways they can't control similar feel both are GGG
report Recommended by Blue-Lightning
Both series are about a group of teenagers who are forcefully linked with eachother, psychically and mentally. Kiznaiver is a little more sifi esque while Kokoro Connect is more down to earth with supernatural elements. While I have to admit that Kokoro connect is the better written of the two-both are good and if you like one you'll love the other!
report Recommended by MidnightPuppet
They both talked about connecting to each other's bonds will help them solve any premise missions.. Just connect and ur good to go
report Recommended by KendallHaruto
Both series are telling about how a group of characters trying to understand about each other feelings via a somewhat forced way involving both physical and psychological pain. Kokoro Connect has more drama genre approach and Kiznaiver has more action comedy genre approach.
report Recommended by rian95
Both of the show deal with kizuna (bond). Kokoro Connect is supernatural one but kiznaiver is sci-fi. Kokoro connect emotion, feel, and the bond between the characters is better though.
report Recommended by WhyZigle
In both shows, there's a group of students who suddenly are coerced to take part in some bizarre experiment, in which they're all somehow connected - in Kiznaiver, they share their pain; in Kokoro Connect, they experience strange phenomena between themselves, like switching bodies.
report Recommended by KuuhakuDesu
its all about bonds ehe
report Recommended by SayuriLyLe
Both have a set of people link/connected to each other against their will
report Recommended by M0nkeyscratch
(I Chose to do this recommendation before i even saw how many other people decided to do so) Both stories follow a group (of teens) and puts them into a supernatural situation by an outside force in order to get them to bond with another. kizanaiver puts a group of strangers together and makes them share physical pain in order to achieve them to eventualy emotional bond them to get them to understand each other's problems Kokoro connect puts a group of friends together who are in a pretty much useless club, and puts them through a series of supernatural events to get them to bond   read more
report Recommended by doge_desu_sugoi
Both are about a cast of characters who are connected to eachother. In Kokoro Connect, the characters will often switch bodies. In Kiznaiver, the characters share pain.
report Recommended by _Noil
In both shows, a group of main characters involuntarily participate in a social experiment affecting each members' day to day lives. Kokoro deals with body swapping and Kiznaiver deals with pain sharing.
report Recommended by Mathjew
characters bond through sharing pain
report Recommended by nara-chan
they both focus around their characters, the characters are put through tests that will somehow make them grow little by little, these test uses some sort of supernatural element, by the end of the series the characters has changed drastically from when the series started.
report Recommended by LyonRashad28
A group of people are forcefully connected to each other by a bond.
report Recommended by Synistra-
Both series are about how a group trying to understand each other feelings via a somewhat forced way involving both physical and psychological issues
report Recommended by Dansk93lb
In both anime group of protagonists tied into psychological net.
report Recommended by Denis1973
Both shows feature a group that is forced to connect with each other through artificial bonds, which both strengthens and destroys their relationships with each other
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Friend group, people get connected through stuff, fall in love. they're pretty similiar
report Recommended by Lilo1309
Pretty similar story. They will experience each one's lives. The cause is for the phenomenon is an experiment. Little romance. Good story.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince