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Both involve the whole switching body theme Kokoro Connect being more dramatic and Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo being more comedic
report Recommended by AlanaSenpai
Both series plot includes a group of individuals that have their conciousness/body swaped. Kokoro Connect Is a rather more dramatic series that revolves around relationships and the "Painful scars hidden within their hearts." Both contain comedy but Kokoro connect is more dramatic based. If you enjoyed Kokoro You will enjoy Yamada. If you've Just finished Yamada and want something in similar taste and plot Kokoro Is you go to anime.
report Recommended by AkuTenchi
- Both shows include as the main plot (Only on the first episodes) a Switching body phenomenon. - In both shows the main characters are in the same school club. - Similar Supernatural genre - Kokoro Connect: Drama / Yamada-kun: Comedy
report Recommended by fourd444
Okay so these shows are only really similar in the body switching aspect. Kokoro Connect is more dramatic and focuses on the personal relationships between a group of friends. It's a drama with comedy on the side. Yamada-kun is more of just a comedy show with plot on the side. Also it's worth mentioning that they both are based heavily on the supernatural and phenomenons that occur. I really enjoyed both series but Kokoro Connect for the plot, Yamada-kun for the comedy.
report Recommended by kyle8998
Body switching fun... Yamada seems more silly as of how far it is through airing, but they revolve around a similar premise.
report Recommended by Elvenoob
Both deal with teenagers in a club in high school that deal with supernatural abilities. In Yamada's case, the high school club is centres around finding people with supernatural abilies, with some of the members having supernatural abilities. However, in Kokoro Connect the characters don't do anything in their stupid damn club (sure, the club in Yamada-kun was also pointless with the characters mucking around but at least that club had an objective!) until some supernatural stuff suddenly punches them in their stupid faces. Both of these anime flip flop through many different supernatural abilities but with body swapping being the first supernatural ability the   read more
report Recommended by Abiibi
These animes are similar in the romance department and both focus on a certain club in which supernatural things happen. Both include the shift of one person into another person's body, and vice versa, as well as many other abnormal transactions that occur throughout the animes. While Yamada-kun is more light-hearted and comical, Kokoro Connect can be more dramatic and serious at times. Nevertheless I highly recommend either one of these great animes!
report Recommended by FattyPotato
-Both Anime almost have the same concept of body swap and many other things -Friendship
report Recommended by jasnanime
A romantic comedy where the protagonists change bodies.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Even though the story of animes are very different from each other while watching Yamada and seven witches I remembered Kokoro connect - both animes are about couple of friends (which are in school clubs) - both anime have body swapping,telekinesis and other magic stuff (in Yamada and seven witches there are witches while in Kokoro connect there is different situation) - both anime have some little dirty moments - both anime have comedy/romance moments (more romance in Yamada)
report Recommended by MizukiHaruno
they both experience some super natural abilities both are funny interesting they also have romance
report Recommended by moon-flowers
I always think of this anime as the serious version of Yamada-kun and the seven witches, probably because the first phenomenon was body-switching. This anime shares similar characteristics with Yamada-kun and the seven witches, but the character relationships and the plot are more complicated, dark and sinister. I think this is like the better version of the playful latter.
report Recommended by csws
Both of them include a plot about body switching however yamada Kun becomes more comedy while Kokoro connect becomes more drama
report Recommended by Revoltage1022
Kokoro Connect and Yamada-kun share a lot of similarities. Both use a high school club setting as the premise of the story. They also share a lot of the same themes, such as body-switching, etc. The only major difference is that the characters in Kokoro Connect undergo much more substantial development than Yamada-kun.
report Recommended by -Remix-
BODY SWITCHING. However, Kokoro connect is more serious, while Yamada-kun is more light-hearted and comedic/ecchi.
report Recommended by sars0928
Beautiful and interesting romantic story that'll distract you from your hikki lifestyle;)
report Recommended by susan00
Both shows involve members of a high school club involved in some supernatural phenomenon, plus there is romance in both of them. The characters are around the same age, only kokoro connect is more dramatic than Yamada and Yamada is more comedy-focused. The length is also similar.
report Recommended by mewinblue
They have similar in terms of: -Body swapping -Deals with friendship problems -Nice art -School Setting
report Recommended by atKatlin
The main characters switch bodies and both of these series are comedy.
report Recommended by SmileychanEmily
Body replacement after the people share a kiss!
report Recommended by Sanjith_pk
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo and Kokoro Connect is pretty similar during their first arc. Both dealing with body switching phenomena. After that, they kind of branch out to deal with respective problems. There's also these relationship between group of friends that are explored to some extent in Yamada-kun and to a deep extent in Kokoro Connect. If you're looking for conclusive ship, both series got them so, that's a plus
report Recommended by Battlemaster
They both play with the idea of how a small group deals with supernatural mechanics but without as much drama, better mechanics and better art.
report Recommended by PajamaBandit
both about body switching and friendship, with a little romance
report Recommended by boyoungsi
With body-swapping abilities, a school club and romance, both shows are similar in terms of the setting. Kokoro Connect has a heavier drama feel to it while Yamada-kun is more comedic and funny. Both shows have a supernatural element behind the switching of the bodies.
report Recommended by fyuuki_