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Kokoro Connect & Glasslip both involves the process of friendships being destroyed and repaired again. Having similar genres, these two may seem different but in the end, it's mainly about how the friends went through a lot and came back together.
report Recommended by Aleron
It's also a group of friends with a slice of life type feel and the same type of romance. There is a supernatural element in both.
report Recommended by kodamabowtoid
A group of five friends, enjoying school life, then a mysterious new person comes along and supernatural events begin to occur. The groups friendship is strained whilst feelings for each other are unfurled.
report Recommended by Demented_Zwei
When i watched Glasslip, the first thing that popped up was Kokoro Connect, since it felt nostalgic. The theme seems similar like friendship, romance and maybe some drama invovled too.
report Recommended by Sdragohn
Just got a similar feel when i watched both anime
report Recommended by odinless
Glasslip may not have much of the mystery genre like Kokoro Connect, but it does have a similar romance path towards the group. If you liked more of the romance genre of Kokoro, I'm sure you will like Glasslip. It shows a lot character development and is a must watch for all romance otaku's.
report Recommended by Lucario1250