Kuroko no Basket, Ahiru no Sora Recommendations

Kuroko no Basket
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Kuroko no Basket
Ahiru no Sora
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Ahiru no Sora
Sport anime, which is basket. Both got intense basketball match and got interesting story. Also, both got great main character which is pretty good at basketball which lead their team to victory
report Recommended by HeroArgonaut
same sport, same power, same epicity
report Recommended by Albertoteto
if you love sports anime where the protagonist has a fatal physical flaw but still exells with great characters around that give you a laugh from time to time, then you should watch this
report Recommended by Manzumaki
If you want a exciting basketball anime with good characters, you'll enjoy it.
report Recommended by Pedro_Z
Both feature basketball, with the main character lacking in a specific physical element (kuroko is weak, sora is small), both featuring tournament arcs as they try to win with their teams.
report Recommended by FlamingFalconMan
Sports anime: Basketball Impressive anime with continuous tournament arcs. Fantastic character development. Slam dunk would have been a better suit but I personally don't prefer old animations that is where Ahiru no Sora runs ahead.
report Recommended by Zettaheisinium