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report Recommended by Pawel1205
Accel World and Log Horizon takes place in a virtual realm where there's fantasy elements such as avatars and weapons to be utilized for combat. The main male protagonist becomes part of that world along with other characters. There is combat scenarios that relies on strategy both mentally and physically. The battles themselves are presented in a shounen-like way with quick movements, thinking, and brutality. Surprisingly enough, both series' OST has a catchy tone that matches the battle phases of duels/conquests. There is also comedy with a dose of cuteness involving some of the characters and their interactions.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both of them take place in a MMORPG world. Even if Log Horizon is a bit more serious, it's still huge fun and a good show, especially for its genre.
report Recommended by _Core
In both animes, the protagonists enter a virtual world/video game, but the "genre" of the entered world differs. In Accel World it's sci-fi, in Log Horizon it's fantasy.
report Recommended by Randschinken
Similar to Log Horizon both are set in a virtual worlds. Enjoy ^o^
report Recommended by AbbieT3D2Y
Both game based anime, log horizon involves being trapped in a world. Accel world involves future cyber technology allowing people to dive.
report Recommended by Achromos
Ficou decepcionado com Sword Art Online? Está procurando um anime com o tema videogames que realmente gira em torno do jogo? Então assista Acce world! O anime realmente trabalha com o jogo, você aprende coisas novas junto com os protagonista, assiste a eles evoluindo cada um em seu ritmo. Os erros que os personagens cometem, as vezes acabam refletindo em suas vidas. Ou seja, o jogo é a coisa mais importante nesse anime. Diferente de SAO, que em poucos episódios deixou de tratar o jogo como uma coisa importante, e que possui enredo e desfecho ambos ridículos. Accel possui um pouco de fan service, mas   read more
report Recommended by arthurmegax
Because it deals with subjects of immersion in Virtual Reality. Both animes deal with the subject with intelligence and questioning.
report Recommended by Podoto365
Both take place in virtual worlds.
report Recommended by ceur59
They both centre around the concept of their reality being influenced by virtual reality, where the stakes are high and the game is battle after battle. The virtual world is divided by evil and good forces in both series.
report Recommended by 3ccentricity