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A rather odd recommendation due to major differences in genre, but also maturity in content, there is a certain appeal regarding the characters which both series share. The characters aren't cardboard cut-outs of each other though, not in the slightest, nor are the plots. More of, same feel, but something majorly different, if viewers of one might give the other a chance.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Similarities: Same guys who are losers in the real world found themselves in a game in which they are the masters. Same situation where guy meets hot babe in the game. Same situation where alliances will be formed. Dissimilarities: In one anime the game is a life or death situation, while the other has more to do with reaching the level 10.......or at least that's what it was suppose to be. The art in one anime is too flashy, while the other is too practical. The main guy in one anime is 22 year old NEET, while the main guy in the other anime is 14 year old overweight middle schooler. The   read more
report Recommended by Nasty001
Both anime mainly take place in the virtual world Fighting Becoming the best player
report Recommended by Lexmin
They are both games in which the main character is fighting to get to the top, or win. They both contain romance and a life in the digital world.
report Recommended by OneBlackAnime
Both anime comprises of the theory of fight to survive. Btooom! is more exciting in some aspects though.
report Recommended by Gladeo
-Both are surprisingly violent for their childish concept -Both have main characters that, despite being outcasts in the real world, are very useful when they are forced to use their knowledge of the video game they play -Teams are formed within the players of this game, to help defeat a common enemy -The main character meets a girl that he knew before he was transported to the new world/island
report Recommended by thelectricow