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Black★Rock Shooter (TV)
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Black★Rock Shooter (TV)
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Selector Infected WIXOSS
Little Girls fighting against each other in parallel universes. One bright side, where you have a kind of slice-of-life feeling while there is the other "darker" side, where the girls fight. A big difference is the card game, which is not in BRS but the dream sequences and the overall atmosphere are quiet similar.
report Recommended by Shinigamic
Both Selector and Black Rock Shooter have a dark aura that permeates the entire show which is linked to wishes being twisted around. Each character is matched up with a color. There is a parallel between the “green” characters, including the fact that the fact they have similar personalities. Both shows are good at making the watcher feel for the characters.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Weird, dark-ish anime about younger girls battling through avatars, in a sense. Some of the girls have a few screws loose. Both shows just generally have the same feel.
report Recommended by BreezeElric
Both shows are written by the same person (Mari Okada) and thus are very similar by nature. In both shows girls fight for their dreams, realitionships or other personal problems in alternative universes. While in WIXOSS they use card games, in BRS it is super power girl versions of them selves. Both are melodramatic and have a dark atmosphere mixed with SOL and cute girls.
report Recommended by Orsonius
Both anime feature highly emotional girls, fantasy girls that fight for the sake of those girls, and a story with a creepy and dark psychological undertone. Many of the girls are very lighthearted, yet have very traumatizing situations thrown at them. Some girls are brought to emotional/mental insanity or worse. Some girls are extremely malicious or controlling. Both of the main characters are fairly stoic, hate scary things, but aren't affected by them much. Each of the girls in both anime have a color that represents them and that means something about them. Fights between alter-ego/card girls within both anime have heavy psychological effects on the   read more
report Recommended by Chdata
Girls battling with each other, where they have their real life versions of themselves, and an "avatar" counterpart from another world that does the fighting for them. Both shows involve teenage girls cutting at each others throats, which is quite a thing in anime. Notably, the psychological aspects for both shows are really strong, the girls often struggling from some sort of complex and depression is very prevalent. So if you love seeing girls screaming at one another and hugging their own shoulders weeping in agony, watch BRS and WIXOSS.
report Recommended by Lord_Odous
Both have girls experiencing similar dark themes, and both have fighting taking place in an alternate dimension.
report Recommended by suoarski
Both involve crying girls. That was a joke; what I really mean is both involve emotional/psychological torment for a bunch of teenage girls. Which results in crying, hence the joke. Unlike BRS, though, which starts off with some fucked-up yandere shit, WIXOSS takes a couple episodes to get to the a) yandere shit and b) unfortunate consequences. Both BRS and WIXOSS have color-coded characters (and the character design, also--Yomi and Hitoe look almost exactly alike, right down to their green motifs, and have similar roles in the story; Akira and Kagari also bear resemblances to each other), with other characters who fight for them in another   read more
report Recommended by meepingtrippy
Darkness!!! Light!!! the despair over joy both shows can show this really wel. how much you can despair and it also has its light it very fun to watch
report Recommended by Yveske31