Another, Tokyo Ghoul Recommendations

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Tokyo Ghoul
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Tokyo Ghoul
Very similar atmosphere. Both contain mystery, horror, and lots of bloodshed. Both contain humanoid monsters.
report Recommended by XanthReborn
The general feel to both is these anime is very similar. If you liked the dark and horror in one of these series, you will probably enjoy the other one two because they are very similar when it comes to this. Both series also contain a character with an eyepatch but that's just a detail. If you like series with horror and a lot of mysterious elements, then you have just found two perfect anime for yourself!
report Recommended by Darkbow
Though Another is a bit more bloody, both series contain mystery, horror and gore ewlements. Moreover, each has its own eyepatch character.
report Recommended by SonicSeedrian124
Both -are horrors -are short -have similar art styles -have a similar athmosphere while watching -have lead characters with eyepatches -have ghosts in them
report Recommended by tamaj
Both Another and Tokyo Ghoul has a supernatural element, questioning the aspect of "humanity" to a certain extent, is gory and has a beautiful beautiful haunting soundtrack. Differences is that Another is mystery/horror whereas TG is more dark fantasy.
report Recommended by millic
I recommend Another, because it has a pretty interesting/creepy story plot. There aren't any fighting scenes, but it's crime/mystery/supernatural based. The main characters develop their personality through the anime and I can say it's really worth to watch.
report Recommended by April4sugar