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These both have the same "aura" when it comes to mysteries . Hyouka is more on club activities while another is more on finding the root.
report Recommended by deathmoon06
Although it isn't a horror anime like Another, Hyouka is an excellent anime for those who like mystery. And while for some people Another was lacking in romance/relationships, Hyouka's characters grow and change throughout it. Maybe I'm grasping at straws here because this is my first recommendation, but I think Hyouka is a better version of Another with deeper characters, less blood, and a better plot.
report Recommended by KasaiSaikuron
Personally, I find that Hyouka and Another have a similar atmosphere, despite the fact one is a horror and the other is a mystery. Both aren't very lively or comical, neither do they rely on fanservice.

-Mysterious atmosphere
-Almost depressive character with a lead role
-Finding answers plays a large part of the storyline

-One is horror, the other is mystery
-One of which has a highly energetic character
-Hyouka has a slightly notable romantic element

If you've watched either of these, I'm pretty sure you'll also like the other due to the similar feel and foundation behind each.
report Recommended by ShiinachiSylande
Mystery/romance; Another is much more bloody, gorey, and creepy than Hyouka, but still a mystery romance nonetheless. Main hetero couple has personality reversal compared to Hyouka, though. Also, there's a lot less romance. But it still takes place at a school.
report Recommended by citadelity