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Guilty Crown
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A boy with a sad past, meets a girl who is a member of a rebel group, whose members seek the restoration of the actual corrupted and evil society/government. The boy joins the rebellion, starting a revolution against powerful villains. Akame ga Kill!'s "imperial arms" are like Guilty Crown's "voids".
report Recommended by Disillusion
Akame ga Kill! And Guilty Crown both involve a male protagonist who is dragged into a group of terrorists, more or less against his will. These terrorists are not ones who kill innocent people, rather they fight against corruption. Arguably, the terrorists in each series are the "good guys."
report Recommended by Sonic0
Both series involve rebellion, have great music to go along with the action, has a hero joining a rebellion team though being unsure about what he is doing, and both involve weapons that have unique abilities.
report Recommended by Yoshikooo
- Evil Government thats taken over the Country - Boy meets strange girl who introduces him to some type of Rebel/Resistance group that are wanted by the leaders of said Government - Twisted character in the Government side with no sense of mercy or kindness who just kills whoever they want
report Recommended by Eyesofbliss
Same plot base: A young boy is recruited into a rebel organization, who are fighting to save the world from the corrupted government. In both cases the rebel orgnanization is depicted as bad. Both are good, and an enjoyable watch. One is a Mecha (Guilty Crown), the other isn’t (Akame ga Kill!).
report Recommended by Mayoisuki
- Both Many Drama scene - Both has romance spice - Both male leads is sword master
report Recommended by Syureria