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The atmosphere is very similar in both, dark, eerie, yet also some quirkiness at times... and the presence of much blood and gore, very graphic and psychotic... The male protagonist in both also seem similar in that they are just normal students until they are entangled in a "game" of life and death, contemplating murder in order to survive. They both also met very crazed girls who seem to hold no remorse for killing.
report Recommended by retii
Although the plots to Mirai Nikki and Tokyo Ghoul are nowhere near each other, they're pretty similar in all other aspects. It all really comes down to the central idea of anime not being just for kids. Like Tokyo Ghoul, Mirai Nikki delivers in violence, character development, and plot. If you're looking for a bit more twisted romance and less censored violence, then be sure to watch Mirai Nikki. If you want badass characters and character development coming straight out of every orifice of the protagonist, then watch Tokyo Ghoul. Either way, both shows are of my favorite anime and I highly recommend you watch   read more
report Recommended by Castas1801
Both animes involve a lot of gore, and the MC of both animes is a pussy for at least half the show. The MC's supporting character is a Yandere that is madly in love with him in one(Mirai Nikki) While the other one is a Tsundere who i honestly couldn't say if she loves him or not (Tokyo Ghoul)
report Recommended by Thyrage
Both animes feature a beta male who meets a crazed girl that causes them to become more confident and self assured. Both have tons of gore and are psychological thrillers.
report Recommended by Jesshikur
I found that both these anime had a creepy spine tingling feel to them they both deal with a power one being seeing the future and the other becoming a ghoul and that causes them both to have to kill both have male leads who have to kill but hate doing so both leads go from soft to hardcore when it come to protection who they love both are well done and fun series with horrifying moments and heartwarming ones as well
report Recommended by shirogasai12
They both play in on insanity and can be considered gore-y and gruesome. The protagonist was once a sweet cinnamon roll, but then...
report Recommended by xforesttree