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Mirai Nikki (TV)
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both shows talk about assassination and have tactics. both shows have many characters and each has it's own sad story that makes them a killer.
report Recommended by SuperGerbil
If you are into a little bit of "gore" theme and would want to see straight to the point action, then somehow this will entice you to go for this series. Some of you may encountered that "Akame Ga Kill!" is a no good series. Well for some reason: 1. They started of really good but upon reaching the end. They did not anymore follow the manga series. 2. (P.S. - I may be a little bit biased here) Rule of thumb, just don't pick who your favorite characters are you'll see xD Last but not the least if "drama" or simply known as "feel trip" will be an   read more
report Recommended by Xeraeulius
Both have survival type aspects to them with a some romance and betrayal thrown in
report Recommended by Meme_l0rd
It's one of the most similar anime that you could find to Mirai Nikki. It's going in the same line, although the argument is different. Perhaps this anime doesn't have a part as romantic and fictional as Mirai Nikki, in other words, it's more possible or seems more real. Punctuation that I have put in this anime is similar in both because graphics are very good, opening and ending are fantastic despite of they don't have a lot of soundtrack, but the best is the unexpected, that surprises you, especially at the end. In summary, if you like Mirai Nikki, I believe that this anime will like you.
report Recommended by Kinito92
The main character is an innocent boy who just wants to live a normal life, until he's abducted and forced to assassinate people. There, we follow his journey to become a man and kill like a beast.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Cataclysm. Akame ga Kill and The Future Diary both give a cataclysm of a world as a base for two average MCs. In this world, their MCs must fight for their survival by all means in order to secure their wishes. MCs Tatsumi and Yukiteru are both made to participate in a deadly venture being an assassination group and survival game respectively. Though Future Diary gives the victor the ability to become god. AGK is selfless in that the Night Raid wishes to take down the empire for the good of the people. Both have a good tragic atmosphere for an anime involving evolved items on a   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
If you want a very R rated anime with a dark atmosphere, then you'll probably like these two. You will find in both : - A large cast of main characters each with their own motivation and reason to fight - Lots of gore and blood scenes - A steady pace with many fights - Heartbreaking death scenes - A really dark environment with many crazy and sadistic characters
report Recommended by Joachim_mal
Both have a hot yandere that wants the protag for themselves, and both have quite a lot of death.
report Recommended by Furo6448
If you like Akame ga kill anime, you'll find Mirai Nikki nice too.
report Recommended by MrSemT
If you're just looking for some edgy fun, here it is. Extremely fun to watch, despite some flaws in story-telling. And the finale is a bit of a mind-fuck (oh goddamn it now I have PTSD from akame again).
report Recommended by LuckyBastrd