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Yuru Yuri
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Cute girl doing cute things. In new game case, cute girl making a games, plus yuri and fan service
report Recommended by CrazyFrogz
Slice of life, comedy and hints of shoujo-ai. These two have the same "anime air".
report Recommended by cBotan
Both series are essentially cute girls doing cute things. They are slice of life animes, both about an only girls group of friends. There's definite yuri/shoujo ai vibes in both and I enjoy the humour. While the setting in "Yuru Yuri" is a school club, in "New Game" the girls work together as a team of game devs. An interesting addition in "New Game" is the game developer aspect if that is something that interests you. If you want something light to watch circling around the friendships and relationships of the cast I recommend checking both out!
report Recommended by GeeGeeDandere
♪Both is about a new girl that enter in a new thing (in YuruYuri, Chinatsu enter in the Nanamori Chu Goraku Bu - In New Game Aoba enter in Eagle Jump) ❤Both are about cute girls doing cute things ✿Both have a bit of yuri ★It is relaxing to see these animes
report Recommended by dmumt
Bright, funny, colorful slice of life--New Game! also has clear yuri undertones while Yuru Yuri...yeah.
report Recommended by Fuerzo
Made by the same studio, both Yuru Yuri and New Game are lighthearted slice of life anime. They both feature a group of girls who interact with each other, leading to comedic situations. If you enjoy watching lighthearted anime where cute girls do cute things, you'll probably like both series.
report Recommended by Sande
Both series were adapted by studio Doga Kobo. They both are typical CGDCT kind of anime with a bit of yuri fanservice thrown into the mix. The main focus is on the daily shenanigans of the main heroines.
report Recommended by Luchael