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Visual similarity is the first thing people will tell you when you ask them why x show and y show is similar, because it's what you saw. Such is always the case with fellow all-girls, somewhat yuri anime. Yuruyuri, serialized in comic yurihime, is, of course, highly lesbianated. Teenage male audiences in general will find nothing wrong with this show. And even put aside the visual, Yuruyuri itself has some witty-funny dialogue and deserved to be judged by its content and not just visual. But there are people who will totally convinced by visual alone to watch or skip something, and I can't blame them, it's   read more
report Recommended by lapisdragon
In both shows, a group of girls join a club that has no members and much of the humor is based on how the characters interact with each other. Also, the voice actresses for Yuzuko and Yui play Chinatsu and Yui in Yuru Yuri, respectively.
report Recommended by Firelord76
Cute girls doing random things. And beware - these things are RANDOM. Lots of laugh.
report Recommended by Jottos
Yui is alot like Yui. And Yuzuko is a lot like Kyouko. Also there is the slice of life. All belong to the same club. 3-4-5 girl ensemble. Comedy. Cute character designs. Cute MOE moments.
report Recommended by MoonXArtemis
Both series involves a group of young girls in a club who does random things in their daily lives. Those activities ranges from anything and usually involves humor, drama, and again..randomness. Both series' characters has cute designs that also follows a slice of life format. They are also lighthearted and offers hilarious moments in each episode. Two of the voice actresses also play characters in their perspective series.
report Recommended by Stark700
*the gorakubu voices yuruyushiki characters and yui from yuru yuri is this yui too they are very much similar characters *yuruyurishiki has cute girls who probably want to kiss eachother, yuru yuri has cute girls who definitely want to and sometimes do kiss eachother *true to their roles the character with chinatsu's voice in yuriyushiki can not keep her hands off of yui-chan but i think in yuyushiki this pairing is much more shippable than it is in yuru yuri
report Recommended by helveticaotsu
This are both stories about high school girls having unused club room for they own. Both are comedies with cute characters which you will like from the start. Both series are super cute and funny.
report Recommended by Misiakk
Both Yuru Yuri and Yuyushiki are slice-of-life comedies concentrating on a number of girls. They both involve these girls in a club that does nothing, and it turns mundane situations into jokes. They both also have a number of yuri jokes in them higher than the average slice-of-life anime, yuri jokes being the point of Yuru Yuri actually, though they appear about once an episode in Yuyushiki.
report Recommended by Fujaku
Both are about 14 to 15 year old girls, their school lives, and yuri. Both are very funny, at times heartwarming, and always cute and moe to the max!
report Recommended by Epif
Same type of humor, though YuruYuri's humor is more "everywhere", and focuses on more romantic comedy antics, and Yuyushiki's humor depends on the girls' strange thoughts, and is more trivia-based and shows the fun of being a young high school student. Both anime have a girl named Yui who have similar personalities and even the same voice actress, and also a wild pink-haired girl who likes the Yui, both pink girls voiced by the same VA as well. Yuyushiki's main focus is three girls, but YuruYuri focuses on an entire big group.
report Recommended by YuiChoco
-Both follow a group of cute girls and what sorts of experiences (often funny and moe) they get into. -Both very light-hearted slice-of-life comedies with yuri, though it is very subtle in Yuyushiki unlike Yuru Yuri (hence the "Yuri").
report Recommended by Moedera
Both are mainly for spectacle and humor. Both are of shoujo genre.
report Recommended by jamesjaimegarcia
Okay so we have two light series that anyone can enjoy because they are both just absolute random. They both use comedy in similar ways in the sense that it all fits into its random storyline. The main reason I have recommended these two is that it is about two groups of girls doing random nonsense that makes people laugh. So I believe that if you liked one you should easily enjoy the other.
report Recommended by AngelBeatsYui
group of high school girls join a club that essentially does nothing. mindless cuteness and hilarity ensues. i actually don't think it's possible to like one of these and not the other.
report Recommended by banco
Both are CGDCT SoL with very random comedy and yuri jokes.
report Recommended by Panzer92
While these shows have some Yuri vibes, that's not their main source of appeal. Their main strength is well executed humor which relays on both dialog and visual humor.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Yuri, moe, cute-sy anime. Similar characters and humour.
report Recommended by Jinxiee
Despite the same seiyuu(s) on few characters, Both anime are also similar in terms of : • Characters itself (Kyouko = Yuzuko, Yui = Yui) • Plot. Nothing serious, basically both anime just some "cute girls doing cute things" i guess. Also aren't something that you have to take seriously. • Visuals. It's simple and feels light, good for relaxing and chilling out. Pls don't let Yuyushiki's character design bother you, i was bothered but it's actually no big deal.
report Recommended by absortio
Its very similar to each other where a group of friends are in a school club and does and talks about things in a comedic way.
report Recommended by anaklarangan