Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi Recommendations

Ayashi no Ceres
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Ayashi no Ceres
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Fushigi Yuugi
The story line of an average school girl being dragged into a much more fantasy like world or situation is similar to that in fushigi yuugi. This is also a reverse harem anime, much like fushigi yuugi. The romance in this and the love triangle and obstacles are also similar in the two shows.
report Recommended by Kelseyr04
Both were beautifully done by Yu Watase and also have very unique stories in both of the series. Lots of fantasy with a mixture of romance in each of the stories. Enjoy!
report Recommended by darkwhisper
Even without remembering that Yuu Watase was the same magnaka for both series, I was already picking out similarities between these two animes within the first two episodes. The way romance is approached, art style and high dramatic appeal is pretty much identical. If you liked one, you'll probably like the other.
report Recommended by Breezie-D
They're both created by Yuu Watase so the characters look very much alike and the mood of the series have a similar feel. They also both have this "you and me agains the world" theme and they each have their share of tragic, tearjerking moments. If you also like the track Wakatteita Hazu from FY, then you gotta check Scarlet from AnC. They both have a sad yet beautiful melody.
report Recommended by Ayamari
Yuu Watase has made both of them so they both have a love triangle, lots of drama and romance, and such :)
report Recommended by xxNanaki
They have a similar story line and were both written by Yuu Watase.
report Recommended by Golexi
Both anime's are created by anime aclaimed author Watase, Yuu. The graphics and designs of characters are pretty similar. A story of risking one's life for the protection of another...Endless mysteries, magical powers, and intense romance.
report Recommended by yUuRi_03
Same author, same art style. While watching one you'll get the feel of the other. Both are made up of romance and fantasy. The only difference is that Ayashi no Ceres has a more serious atmosphere while Fushigi Yuugi has some comedy thrown in the mix.
report Recommended by MiraelWhite
Anime by the same mangaka (Watase Yuu). It's less dark but still great. And there will definetely be the right Suzaku Warrior for you.
report Recommended by patronka
They are both Yuu Watase's works, so they have similar love triangle, drama, romance and adventure elements.
report Recommended by sanemita
Same author. Great love story with tear jerker moments. Beautiful characters and love story. A girl has to deal with her unwanted fate at the age of 16. It's also a coming of age story filled with love and sadness.
report Recommended by Bella-desu
Written by same author Watase, Yuu, this anime has similar ring to it. Plot is as amazing as the Mysterious Play.. A must watch for Fushigi Yuugi fans... :)
report Recommended by indienne