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The stories focus around characters from a village that has a deep dark secret, not to mention members of the village have special powers. The art style is similar and has a Gothic art scheme going.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
When I began watching Shinsekai Yori I thought: "Hey. It's another version of Kamisama Dolls!" Here are simmilarities: - Isolated vilage - Children gaining supernatural power - Allure of big secret and bloody story in the past - Big tension - A lot of mystery But the difference is that Kamisama Dolls has more comedy moments and isn't easy to watch because story is falling into pieces and is becoming less interesting in the end. IMO, Shinsekai yori has more opportunities to succeed: more episodes and faster narration style.
report Recommended by BEPA
Towns dark secrets; both also have a sort of supernatural power and telekinetic abilities as a theme.
report Recommended by Valkyrie_Wings
Kamisama Dolls and Shinsekai Yori share a very similar setting, each are placed in remote secluded villages in the far future with children who gain supernatural abilities. Each show gives you a similar atmosphere and feeling while watching it. Kamisama Dolls can have it's lull's and relaxed moments whereas Shinsekai Yori is much more drama focused and constantly progressing the story forward. If you enjoyed the characters and setting in either show I'd recommend checking out the other.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Secluded villages with a hidden power, and a dark secret. Right from the start, Shinekai yori has given off the same vibe that Kamisama Dolls had. Can't quite put a finger on it, but they really do just give off the same vibe, feel, and atmosphere.
report Recommended by ruudes
Both have a very pleasant look at first , but as it continues it has a very eerie feel to it. Also both have. Villages that seem to be hiding secrets such as psychic powers, evolved and dangerous creatures, children with powers, different clans within the village , dangerious ceremonies , evil elders , and banishment and diss appearances. Yori has more of a creepy feel to it rather than kamisama. And being that kamisama has funny moments , Yori has this replaced with "less eerie" scenes.
report Recommended by Red_Star
Both series features a similar feeling involving children with supernatural powers. It also involves isolated villages as well as a bloody history of the past involving the main characters of the series. There is also romance, some comedy, drama, action, and a kickass soundtrack to go in the mix for both series. Behind the scenes, there is a dark past of the series that gives off a similar atmopshere.
report Recommended by Stark700
For the lack of better words, Shinsekai is an improved version of Kamisama Dolls, a series which had trouble coming to terms with the climax of its mysteries. The societies depicted in both series disallow people from perplexing the status quo, and manipulation hence occurs on a supernatural level to try and suppress individual thoughts or discrimination towards conformity. There's also a motion for both series to include another race of creatures, though Kamisama Dolls literally treats them like the inanimate 'dolls' they are while Shinsekai brings in an entirely different story along with it. Lastly, there's also a similar cast, exemplified by their ages   read more
report Recommended by Stellio
Both series show a village with a teaching towards those who possess certain power and those related to it, with certain limitations, prohibitions, rules in their village. These powers are confused by divinity, since their power is due to what their heart feels, and by using it bad, can bring many consequences, in other words tragedies. Although Shinsekai yori may have a darker side than Kamisama Dolls.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87