The iDOLM@STER, Love Live! School Idol Project Recommendations

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Love Live! School Idol Project
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Love Live! School Idol Project
Both stories deal with a group of up-and-coming idols.
report Recommended by Yepa
Both are about idol groups.
report Recommended by PerlaNemesis
Both animes are about a group of girls trying to take the stage to become top idols.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Love Live is essentially Idolmaster without the Producer and with an all schoolgirl cast. But if you enjoyed Love Live you may like Idolmaster
report Recommended by ACBlackJ0ck
In both series, there is a group of girls who are interested in the music industry. Together, they unify as a group to perfect their talent and show their skills to others to see. Both series also has a theme of friendship that also follows the girls' every day lives. Both series has comedy, drama, and of course music. Both series generally has a lighthearted background.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both animes containing cute girls aiming for becoming top idols, reaching toward their dreams is their tasks, nice songs illustrating beautiful friendship among the girls.
report Recommended by ninachandesu
Like Love Live!, The iDOLM@STER, is a fun and surprisingly moving idol anime filled with diverse and endearing characters and bombastic and catchy music numbers.
report Recommended by Rob-the-Bob
Being an "Idol" can be difficult to master the dances and singing. Though, one thing they need to do is this, "Practice makes Perfect." The story is about a group of girls who wanted to become Idol's themselves and gaining attention from the people around them. It's start off as beginners as they need to know the steps of becoming an Idol, until they master it, and perform miraculously in front of the crowd. Love Live! takes place in a school where the main characters formed an idol of themselves to prevent the school from shutting down. The Idolmaster is a slice of life show   read more
report Recommended by omega_d94
These two anime are similar to each other because they are both about school idols. They both have a huge cast of unique characters. Some characters in Idolmaster are similar to some Love Live characters. There's dancing and singing scenes in both anime. If you liked one series you will probably like the other.
report Recommended by Fecal-Jesus
- Both series is about idols. - Have a good musical presentation. - Idolmaster is more on a bit of drama - Love Live is much cheerful kind.
report Recommended by julan10
-Both anime include idol groups -Interesting and lovable characters -In Love Live the girls form the group to save their school whilst in Idolmaster it goes into the routine of idols trying to get into the pro scene. If you have seen one you would love the other and if you haven't seen either it wouldn't hurt to watch both.
report Recommended by flylittlebirdie
They both revolve around idols, but whereas Love Live is about school idols, iDOLM@STER deals with professional idols. The girls' career motives are slightly different, but the constant themes of friendship and self-improvement are constant throughout the run of both anime. Oh and there is also waifu bait but this is good haha.
report Recommended by Protaku
The iDOLM@STER is about become a top idol, same as Love Live! School Idol Project. Both has to become top idol because of certain "conditions". Unlike The iDOLM@STER, Love Live! School Idol Project didn't use Producer, but they start over by themself.
report Recommended by Plutia
Same idol anime but different type of idol storyline
report Recommended by mr_neet_1217
The main thing that these two shows share is that they are about idols who have to deal with some tremendous task in front of them. Obviously, with both shows being about idols, they are both heavily centered around music. Additionally, both shows try to appeal to a much broader audience by using a slice-of-life approach instead of just simply singing & dancing the entire time. The main difference between the two shows, however, is the artwork (since Love Live! arguably has more "moe" appeal) and that in Love Live! the relationships among the main characters are much more fleshed out. But nonetheless, if you   read more
report Recommended by -Remix-
It's a idol anime :D
report Recommended by Nahgisa