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Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream
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Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream
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Almost the exact same storyline. The only main difference is one is about becoming Idols and another is figure skating.
report Recommended by komic
Both anime have the seem feeling. They are both about becoming idols. Also they the same "special effect" when you perform well on the stage.
report Recommended by xjust_mii
Both are about idols
Both have a school for idols (starlight and pretty top)
Both have popular idols they look up to (callings and kanzaki mizuki)
Both know absolutely nothing about idols and the entertainment world before they started their idol career
Both have a certain type of item used for clothes (prism stone and aikatsu cards)
Both have 3 members in the team and the last member who is more experienced in the entertainment field and is often difficult to talk to at first but opens up over time (mion and ran)

almost everything is the same so if u like one of   read more
report Recommended by otaku_4eva
both have main girls that know almost nothing about the idol world
both have already popular idols (boys+crush) helping them when needed
report Recommended by lilly10023
Two newbie idols and a popular idol become best friends at an idol school, and form an idol unit. Similar characters, music, and CG. If you love one, you'll love the other!
report Recommended by The39Clues