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C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
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C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
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Selector Infected WIXOSS
So after letting the show continue for a couple more episodes past the pilot episode i would have to say that these shows are similar. While both animes deal with granting the master desires each anime deals with a different desire. In Selector Infected the show deals with winning battles to grant ones wish. While in C it deals with winning battles to gain money. Along with the chances of getting your desire granted both animes have consequences if you lose to many times. In both the animes it seems that the consequences both have a similar effect. Also, in both animes they have an "avatar" that   read more
report Recommended by scryed21
Every card has a unique character that can speak and battle with the master.
report Recommended by Mallony
Character in a Card that can talk and interact with the main character. If you win you gain money if you lose you can go bankrupt.
report Recommended by DeadlyKizuna
Even though both settings have vast differences, the battle system boils down to characters commanding other characters. The aforementioned battles also take place in alternate realities
report Recommended by StockersAnarchy
Both anime feature battles that take place in an "alternate reality" that only a select few know about. People are required to partake and win battles for prizes and to "stay in the game". In C, if you lose and can no longer stay in the game, it is likely that you will die or something so bad will happen that you'll want to commit suicide. You don't lose your memories related to what happened, which in turn makes it all the more traumatic for losers. In Selector, you lose your memories related to the game. In addition to that, the wish of the selector becomes tainted into   read more
report Recommended by Chdata
Both animes a=have similar elements and a similar feel to them. They are basically about the protagonist fighting with an partner (avatar/asset) that lives in a card for something that they really want in another dimension. Their wins and losses affect the real world and we learn that losses have some terrible consequences. As the stories progress, they become darker.
report Recommended by meowneko999
Wixoss and [C] both share a gamble of wishes and dreams: wishes that needed to come true and dreams that needed to be realized for the winner. Losing the game means the consequences of losing one's wishes and dreams, and more of what one could have hoped or thought for.
report Recommended by GiancarloLS