C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, Guilty Crown Recommendations

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
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C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
Guilty Crown
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Guilty Crown
Both the main characters are confused about what they want with their new powers, and they didnt really want it in the first place. Both the main source of power for the main character is a female which they kinda fall in love with, and its their best weapon ( Msyu and Inori). Both main characters are confused whether to follow a leader or find a new way. (Gai and Mikuni)
report Recommended by Crzykido
Well...if you like one, then you'd like the other. Both animes gave the same feeling. Storywise, C is better; but if it's some wicked music you want, then Guilty Crown. Art style is sort of similar, even the main characters look alike. Boy leading his normal life unwillingly gets sucked into something...BIG but he still goes through with it because it could save his country.
report Recommended by cursebreaker
They both give out the same feeling. The main character made like a contract thing will a girl to protect.
report Recommended by kballetbeauty
Both have characters introduced to an unknown world, they have great power, and join a side that they end up fighting.
report Recommended by VelocityWaffles
Similar Art Style, similar Story, Similar Character, main character in both show didn't want use their power to fight, the heroin in both show changed the main character's lfe and protected them, similar shit ending......
report Recommended by SnowLife
Both start with an interesting premise and have great visuals. But imo, both of them fall flat with unmemorable characters and a plot that doesn't seem to understand the rules of story progression that well.
report Recommended by weirdy8
Both of them have similar character and personalities. Msyu=Inori Kimimaro=Shu Mikuni=Gai Q=Mana Both of them has a good story plot and battle scenes as well
report Recommended by Hearts-
Conflict on how the society functions. Both main characters using the special powers they received to help/fix the problem in order for a better future. Mainly both stories follow through the saying, "The right to use my friends as a weapon, that is the sinful crown I shall adorn." Shu Ouma (Gulity Crown)
report Recommended by Onigiri-tea
Both theme is power, Yoga and Shu, both a timid boy, goes through a dramatic turn and becomes more "mature" and more "powerful" and saves the world.
report Recommended by kuroansatsu97