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While the premise of Hige wo Soru does not hint on much similarity and it being a bit more gloomy towards the second half, it gave me a similar cosy feeling of parenthood like I remember from Usagi Drop.
report Recommended by Touyume
In both of these, a young girl is in need of parental figure, and a single man who meets her pretty much at random attempts to fill this role.
report Recommended by abystoma2
For the anime "Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou", I would recommend watching the anime "Usagi Drop". Even though "Hige" gets a bit more serious from about episode 5 on, the basic story is very similar in both cases. A bachelor with a respectable job but no big goals in life is given a young girl by fate more or less unsolicited. In both cases, the men take on the role of a father figure. The father roles are not the same, because "Hige wo Soru" is about the 17-year-old runaway "Sayu", who is about 9 years younger and has completely different care needs   read more
report Recommended by Sesshomaru
Some similarities between these two anime were evident in early episodes. Both revolve around a single guy who lives alone and works a salaried job who with little warning ends up taking a younger girl into his home. In "Usagi Drop" it's a 5-year-old who is technically his aunt despite being 25+ years younger than him. In "Hige wo Soru" it's a 17-year-old runaway, 9 years younger. In both shows his co-workers are supporting characters and we see taking on a child having effects in the workplace, albeit in different ways. The stories take different paths later but the theme of the guy being a   read more
report Recommended by mwalimu
Besides the fact UD has a 6 year old rejected girl and not a 17 year old rejected girl, both are pretty similar. Both are light hearted and revolve around the relationship development of the girl and the man. Both have elements of romance but not towards the girls in their care. If you like Usagi Drop, you'll very likely enjoy this.
report Recommended by ag_
Both shows present a grown man taking care of a younger girl on trouble and someway against his will. On the process, they overwhelm difficulties and learn to understand and enjoy the company each other. Both apeal to a grown audience wich can understand the nuances of relationships and the reactions of society to unusual situatons.
report Recommended by darioren