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The similarities between Usagi Drop and Sweetness and Lighnting are apparent from the get-go. Average-looking man have a pretty blonde daughter around pre-school age that he does not particularly know how to care for. The difference is that in Usagi Drop, Daichi adopts his grandfather's daughter, but in Sweetness and Lightning, the father is recently widowed.
report Recommended by Amerowolf
Both are about a single male character having to raise a young girl by themselves and the struggle they must go through.
report Recommended by komic
Looking for an Anime that has grown ups taking care a small child? Then, guess what?! These two Anime(s) are just for you!
report Recommended by shootdatpancake
Two slow-paced, soothing animes about the bond between father and daughter. Both consist of a succession of small events that strengthen the connection between a small girl and her guardian, without anything physical involved. They both have the a peaceful atmosphere and gradual character development. Usagi drop is about a pair unrelated by blood which take their relationship from zero, while Amaama to Inazuma is about a freshly widowed father who loves her daughter deeply and wants to fill the gap left by the mother.
report Recommended by Ekanoida
Calm slice of life of an adult male characters learning to take the role of a single parent for kids who are quite mature and well-behaved for their age.
report Recommended by aifukola
Both main characters are single, working men who are raising a cute daughter. Music style and atmosphere are very similar.
report Recommended by Blumenkranzzz
Both about raising small children, and tell the tale of the relationship between a father and daughter.
report Recommended by Yuki_Ookami
Adorable series about carer-child relationships. Not sexualised, not exploitative, and not abusive. Just two cute shows about the trials and tribulations of a single father in modern Japan. Usagi Drop used a more washed out colour palette and is softer in tone and actions; Amaama to Inazuma is more lively, with a distinct spring in the characters' movements.
report Recommended by Lemon
Both are about men taking care of children (Usagi~ his kid aunt relative in the anime/Amaama~ his daughter) and all the quirks that come with being a single parent including making drastic self sacrifices for the betterment of the home
report Recommended by RedPlaty
Sweet, innocent, and adorable. They share a similar storyline about an adult taking care of a child and how their life change after it. Both of them are slice of life that have their happy and sad times, and it’s suitable for everyone's taste.
report Recommended by Danah
In both shows a man takes care of a child and grows with his new tasks and experiences. Both kids are blond and energetic. The shows have a similar vibe to them and tell us heartwarming stories of the proganosists lives.
report Recommended by HarryMacDowel
Dad and daugther roles lifestyle
report Recommended by fran_omelette
These shows focus on hardships and challenges single parents encounter. In both shows father figures, are hard workers who try their best when taking care of their girls. Small girls in these shows are incredibly cute and well behaved. Main difference between these shows is the fact that Amaama to Inazuma is focused on food while Usagi Drop is mostly focused on everyday life.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Hardship of men raising a child without mother.
report Recommended by chiyo-german
Being a single man and having to learn to raise a young child is hard! Both Usagi Drop and Amaama to Inazuma shows that. Similarities: -Both shows a man who suddenly has to learn how to raise a kid on his own -Both slice of life
report Recommended by Denisecvo
The two shows feature a father, or father figure, learning the ropes of taking care of a young daughter. Slice of life and humor make both of these shows a good watch, especially Usagi Drop. If you just finished watching Amaama to Inazuma, you'll definitely like Usagi Drop.
report Recommended by Hamaneko
Same vibe. A man in his late 20's alone takes care of little blonde girl. Both are hearthwarming, cute and restore faith in humanity.
report Recommended by Piromysl
Both have a single male who is basically raising a little girl on his own and not really know much of what to do, and somewhat relying on and outside help. In "Amaama to Inazuma" the outside is learning to cook proper meals In "Usagi drop" it's basically help with everything... Each are heartwarming and if you're a guy like me who looks forward to having a daughter one day, you may like both.
report Recommended by doge_desu_sugoi
Both are feel-good anime. Both have a single dad who tries their best to raise their kid. Given that they both are cute and humorous, I think that it'll undoubtedly put a smile on your face when watching.
report Recommended by Flashii
A man taking care of this cute kid. It's beautifull to see how the characters change over time, how they manage to raise a kid and improve their parenting skills by doing so. Not only this, but the kids are pretty cute and good in creating funny scenes. They even got me thinking of having a little one of my own someday. So if you like cute kids and funny situations, but you also appreciate the realistic aspects, then this is something for you!
report Recommended by Y_TZ
The differences between Usagi Drop and Amaama to Inazuma are immediately noticeable. Both are paced slowly and offer the perspective of a single average looking male beginning to raise a daughter without knowing how to. In Amaama to Inazuma the father is newly widowed, and in Usagi Drop the daughter is inherited. You may find Amaama to Inazuma a bit more lighthearted than Usagi Drop.
report Recommended by Lono
Both series are about a kid daily life Both theme are about father and daughter relationship. Both are pretty funny anime
report Recommended by F-Tozen