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Both have the adult main character growth led by the children surrounding them. Although Usagi Drop feels more dramatic, while Barakamon is more subtle to send a message to the viewers. Both are excellent slice-of-life anime and with great character development. And the feels.
report Recommended by Rootz
The second I saw this coming out I got so excited because it reminded me so much of Usagi Drop, one of my favorite slice-of-lives. Energetic, eccentric, sort of wild little girls coming along and brightening the lives of stuffy guys away from the city, these stories both share this plot. The art work is also similar, as well as the laid-back, vibe. Both little girls are funny and endearing, and both men are subdued at first but of course fall for the amazing kids personalities.
report Recommended by Kokorokara
A guy stumbles upon taking care of a young girl that he didn't expect to take care of. Though the differences are, Usagi Drop is more dramatic than Barakamon, which is more of a silly little light-hearted comedy.
report Recommended by pinkarray
The main lead characters share an unique bond throughout both series despite their contrasting differences from the beginning. There's an initial development as they learn more about each other and what they enjoy in life. The main male protagonist shares similar personalities and at times can become frustrated at certain events. However, they often take on life as it is with smiles and joy. When it comes down to it, relationship dynamics are a key focus in both series. Recommended for any viewers interested in a charming slice of life.
report Recommended by Stark700
• Both shows have an adult male protagonist who grow through building relationships with children (just one with Usagi) • Both are Slice of Life but with serious undertones - although Usagi is more serious • Both have great artwork, characters and plot • Both are extremely heartwarming
report Recommended by Mushishe
No, I'm not linking these two together because they're both about an adult male taking care of a little girl. Both of these shows make you feel at home and have tons of SOL symbollism that link to morals and themes you would find in real life. Both of these shows tackle family values and realistic character growth. The only difference is that Barakamon is focused on Handa's career (the adult) while Usagi Drop is focused on how Daikichi's life and how he adapts because of Rin.
report Recommended by Mayuka
Relaxing anime with a lesson for our main character, derived from spending time with a child. These shows are cute, funny, and warming. Featuring lovable kids who help grow our main leads. Barakamon has a more comedic feel to it while Usagi Drop is more realistic journey. No doubt if you enjoyed one you will enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Brobie
Both shows feature an adult being close and caring for a kid (in a non-creepy way) and they're both cute. The differences are that in Barakamon there's the element of the main character's calligraphy career and they're on an island like the countryside but in Usagi Drop there's only the one theme of caring for the kid.
report Recommended by colvey23
Both shows have a main character that learns responsibility through their newfound role as surrogate caretaker for a child.
report Recommended by SmallTitan
Definitely touches home more for those that are parents or caregivers. Both are a Slice of Life that deals with the interactions between an adult and a child. After a certain event, the two characters spend a lot of time together and create a lot of heart-warming moments and hilarious scenes. In Usagi Drop the girl gets adopted and has a more serene atmosphere while in Barakamon the girl is a fellow neighbour and is the heart of the series.
report Recommended by papsoshea
Barakamon and Usagi Drop are about an adult with a kid hanging around with him. Barakamon is more about a carefree lifestyle while Usagi Drop is bit more seriousness in it since it is within family relationship. While Usagi Drop contain a lot of character development throughout the series, Barakamon is more towards slice of life anime around the village without any romance. Both anime give out heartwarming feeling while watching them, you will definitely think of one another anime if you're already watching one of them.
report Recommended by blitz_21x
Both is about how children's can change a persons life.But not just that.Really funny,loving,cute, also some parts are really touching.Great animes with a sence of summer that you can't avoid falling in love with them!!
report Recommended by sofia-chan
The main character is an adult who develops alongside a precocious and endearing child with whom he forms a strong, realistic bond. Barakamon is more humorous and Usagi Drop is more heartwarming, but both shows are quite similar and enjoyable to watch.
report Recommended by TastyTurnip
When you just want a good, clean story about a man having to live in harmony with a child that's not his. The two anime also compliment each other by masterfully intervolving normal, daily events into bonding exercises between the adults and the children. Just for your own sake, perhaps consider avoiding the Usagi Drop manga if you're interested in it ~
report Recommended by Protaku
Both have everyday life vibe to it, both are heartwarming and very relaxing. If you feel sad or tired, these two shows will make you forget it.
report Recommended by Valkata
-Both have adorable kawaii little kids. -Boosts your mood when you are down or neutral. -Both make you feel warm in the inside. xD -You won't stop smiling until the very end. -One of the best slice-of-life anime out there. If you're a slice-of-life kind of individual, then don't miss these gems.
report Recommended by KenjiSenpai
Both male characters play a substitute role of parent with a child who wants nothing more than to be happy. Both influence each other and are influenced by those around them and show how simply is to get happiness.
report Recommended by fawkes05
Both Anime have a really relaxed story telling about a more adult character. The plot is completely different but both anime have this magical "relaxed" feeling while you are watching the episodes piece by piece. It's the perfect Anime after a stressfull day. (Also the humour from both shows are just hilarious)
report Recommended by rexarma
Both are slice-of-life-ish but not necessarily episodic, both involve MCs who are a tad short of middle age and in career ruts, both show MCs making positive strides in their respective social developments, both involve really fun realistic child characters, both are short sweet shows, and both involve pretty artwork and very little "action". Barakamon isn't about parenting which is one of Usagi Drop's things, but there are tons of similarities nonetheless. I personally preferred Barakamon to Usagi Drop as the former showed a bit more character development but the difference isn't massive. Good shows both and worth a try even for people who normally don't care   read more
report Recommended by feodore
Both are slice of life animes that involve adult to child relationships. Both animes involve protagonists that are suddenly thrown into unfamiliar social environments but but adapt to their situations and build character from their experiences. They are both refreshingly realistic in the way the characters interact with one another and how they handle change. Usagi Drop is more realistic than Barakamon in the relationship between its characters, but the latter compensates with the synergy formed by the personality gap between its characters.
report Recommended by AznRoyal
Both Barakamon and Usagi drop are feel-good slice of life shows with a story or theme centered around children and their impact on an adults life (with this being slightly more prominent in Usagi Drop, with neither of the two possessing any "fantastical" or out of the ordinary (in regards to real life) aspects. Either show is likely to leave you feeling warm inside by the end of it's run.
report Recommended by Vase
Both are lovely slice-of-life anime with a focus on the relationship between children and adults. Humorous and sweet.
report Recommended by helencs
Both anime have a lighthearted, playfull air with occasionally some deeper elements. The comedy itself is similar in both anime and serves as a nice extra without being relied upon. The story in both anime focuses on the lives of a still kind of young, single man, looking for his place in the world. A small girl plays an important role in both of their searches.
report Recommended by Moon_Moon80
both of these stories start with meeting a child these children lead them to different events in their lifestyle which they are similar, but both of them are very interesting on their own i realllyy recommend watching either one
report Recommended by _Salsa
A sweet young girl, suddenly enters the life of a solitary working man, and changes the way he perceives things in a delightful way.
report Recommended by darkabolisher
both deal with a friendship between an adult man and an unusual young girl near-flawlessly and are refreshingly free of awkward tropes. Usagi Drop is more focused on the struggle of a new parent, while Barakamon focuses more on the friendship involved, but in both cases it is handled very sensitively and leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling.
report Recommended by catsighs
If you like children, you will definitely enjoy both. They both are set where a male adult is living with children surround them. The characters are all lovable and enjoyable to watch. However, Usagi drop has a dramatic setting in which Daikichi needs to adapt his "new" way of living with Rin while Barakamon has a "Slice of life/Comedy" tone to it. If you have time, you check out both!
report Recommended by FPOWERF
Character development of the MC through the presence of a younger child Barakamon has a subtle change while Usagi Drop is a bit on the serious note.
report Recommended by Komal_Patel
In both Anime does the main character have, to a certain degree, a father role to the child he's taking care of. Both anime are slice of life And both anime are on a more slower pace making them easy relaxing shows for the most part.
report Recommended by eham757
Barakamon and Usagi Drop have 'father figures' as their central characters and show these characters' grow when they take on responsibility and interact with the children who look up to them.
report Recommended by bhijml
both had adult protagonist and had children too take care but usagi drop more dramatic and barakamon more comedy.
report Recommended by Fortescue
Both anime are similar in story and character where both anime tells the story about a male adult take care of girl. The girl isn't similar but the similar things is how the MC get troubled with every thing concerning the girls. It's fun and it's a good anime to watch when you're tired and need some entertainment.
report Recommended by WinXF
Is so beatiful, how the relation into the person of anime, kid with u ("father"), make you want one son.
report Recommended by R_Ramos