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Both Usagi and Issuukan have a soft and light feel along with a little melancholy. If you watched one and would like something that also revolves around daily life (simple things), and two people coming together and interacting, and light soft feel with a little sad then I would recommend these as being similar. The differences: In Usagi the main girl and guy are very different ages and in a guardianship relationship, The story mostly takes place at home. In Isshuukan the story mostly takes at school and the girl and guy are peers.
report Recommended by BreathOfFire3
They have similar artwork, setting, and style when depicting the connections characters built off from both series. There is a sense of incontinence that portrays slice of life to a realistic degree. Both series' main male characters are also caring and protective with others. And although both series has a different premise, the friendship and their identities makes them a promising aspect. I recommend both series for anyone looking for a classic slice of life.
report Recommended by Stark700
while the story is different the atmosphere in both is the same, also the animation is similar cute and refreshing
report Recommended by lkhalid
Both of these animes should go hand in hand for many similarities. -Both have very similar art styles despite having a different animators. When I see one of the shows, I can't help but think of the other. -The tone setting is also similar. Yes its a slice of life anime and a very realistic one at that (save the memory lost from Isshuukan friends) but it touches a iffy topic that makes the heroine shunned by between families (Usagi Drop) or from making friends (Isshuukan friends). -In terms of characters, we have the similar scenario where the male lead is the only one to initiate a connection   read more
report Recommended by Akio-kun
The similar art style is strong in this one. They are both really light slice-of-life that give you warm fuzzys. Usagi Drop doesn't have a romantic aspect since it's focused on a father-daughter relationship (I exclude the manga) and Isshuukan Friends is more focused on friend relationship. It have also some romantic aspect. The characters are all very likable, a bit difficult to identify as them, but I don't see that as a flaw.
report Recommended by minouneetzoe
Both Usagi Drop and Isshukan Friends have the essence of innocence. They both share the feeling of lightheartedness. They also can make you feel warm while watching over them. Both have a cute female lead. If the reason you watch one of them is because of the cuteness, chances are you will feel the same toward the other.
report Recommended by Tatupu
- Same style of artwork - Both have realistic characters - Both have plot lines that flow smoothly The only major difference is the themes (even so, they're still related to people): Usagi Drop centers around the family, while Isshuukan centers around friendships.
report Recommended by -Remix-
a nice cozy slow paced anime with a similar art style that is just extremely warm
report Recommended by _Salsa