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definitely No.6 and Banana Fish fall under the same ... "vibe" ? Aura ? both have realistic gloomy worlds that you end up being grateful that you aren't living in one or the like, and praying for the well being of those stuck in such toxic environments both have relationships between the protagonists that makes you jealous and looking for your own "soulmate" irl. Cause FIGHT ME over this if you want! but I don't think there was ever a couple/partners more in love with each other than in those two shows! to the point where I find myself finding it difficult to call them   read more
report Recommended by AnikiXvi
Anime that feature the dark side of society. Lots of action and lots of tragedy. Both have a "protagonists against the world" kind of vibe. In both anime the main characters meet by chance and spend time together, eventually falling in love with each other. Their relationship is never really mentioned or the main focus of the story, but it's clearly there as they face hardship and sorrow.
report Recommended by MaahHeim
It is similar in a way the relationship is built between two main characters. Basically you can't tell if it is bromance or romance. Two totally opposite guys, one in a harsh world he doesn't understand. But it is better to watch No.6 first and then Banana fish. Because BF has much bigger impact ever watching and it is hard to start the next anime because tears are blurring the sight.
report Recommended by serina7
An action-y, kind of grim and tragic story with two characters who are from opposite sides of the tracks. Very intense. The titular drug adds a slight sci-fi element (imo). The relationship between Eiji and Ash reminds me a bit of the dynamic between Nezumi and Shion (innocent one and jaded one). Less arguing, though.
report Recommended by MaxDelirium
Pure friendship between men is difficult to understand. But You're able to do it after know the point just once. No.6 author influenced by Banana Fish. For that reason, Both two characters relationship and position are same. Ash is similar to Nezumi. Eiji is similar to Shion. They really take care of them. Just like brothers. Banana Fish is more emphasized. Ash's heart itself is Eiji. Without Eiji, Ash can't alive. That's how much he loves Eiji. In the same way as this show, No.6 also have humanly characters. Shion likes Nezumi. Nezumi likes Shion. Love and Like are a little different. Probably Both author clarify what them. Truly splendid. Apart   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
-Ambiguous Queer Romance -Tragic Protagonist that has been thwarted by the system -Action -A little heart wrenching -Complex relationships that can't be defined -Romance elements that aren't part of the overall plot
report Recommended by weeaboogers
-Both of it's two main characters fall for each other -Shion is an inexperienced but kind person just like Eiji who both sacrifice leaving their loving homes to help either of their partners while both learning to be strong and survive in the world. -Nezumi (rat) has experienced trauma at a young age, being taken away by family, has killed people and rebelled against a certain group of people who has done terrible things to him in the past just like Ash -Both handles mature topics like murder or prostitution.
report Recommended by Snowysknows
The relationship between the two main characters in No.6 and Banana Fish bears a lot of similarities. In both animes one of the boys is the wild one who learned how to survive "in the real world" while the other lived a shielded life and is only now getting to now the gruesome part of the world (be it the outside of a pseudo-utopian city or the insides of the american mafia). But despise the main similarity being the main relationship of each show, in both of them there is a deeper plot that connect the protagonists to a conspiracy. They are both great. If you   read more
report Recommended by alicealias
The main characters (Nezumi and Shion) have a similar dynamic to Ash and Eiji: one streetwise and hardened character, and one wide-eyed naive character, who are drawn to each other partially by how opposite they are. Additionally, both also feature lots of mystery, conspiracy, and corruption!
report Recommended by rubysuplex
If you're captivated by Nezumi and Shion's contrasting personalities, I recommend that you watch Banana Fish. Like Shion, Eiji, one of the main characters in Banana Fish, has a very optimistic perception of life. They were both fortunate enough to grow up in a safe environment. Because of this, Eiji and Shion are a bit naive about the danger surrounding them. However, they later learn how unfair the world can treat good people and want to do everything in their power to stop their partner from experiencing any further danger. On the other hand, Ash, the other lead character in Banana Fish, and Nezumi both   read more
report Recommended by kamuchan
Do you like snarky, damaged/abused boys with a Heart of Gold? Do you like those characters having a fun dynamic with an innocent but well-meaning friend? Slight homoerotic undertones? Lot's of angst?! Then you should definitely check out No.6 or Banana Fish. The character dynamics and the stories these two series tell are fantastically angsty, dark, and beautifully explore different themes and ideas such as gangs, tyrants in positions of power, and vengeance.
report Recommended by MeganeBaka
bananafish and no.6 are basically the same show with different plots. very similar characters, ideas, and storylines. bananafish is a better more developed show in my opinion; but the two main characters have very similar personalities to the main characters of no. 6.
report Recommended by neomiroo
It's focused around the to maincharacters who have a relationship like ash and eiji. Banana Fish is better, but this is also really good (:
report Recommended by emogenshinaddict
if you watched banana fish for the crime-thriller elements of it, no. 6 might not be what you're looking for. but if you watched banana fish for the subtle shounen-ai aspects of it, no. 6 is the show for you. no. 6 takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, it does have some aspects of a thriller, but i watched it purely to see the relationship between the two main characters blossom.
report Recommended by Cherise_C
both shows are similar in terms of the 2 protagonist which are from 2 drastically different worlds. one is forced to 'see' or get to know about the other 'world' or living condition that they lived in. so to put in simple, one is put into a different and new environment. if you watched or liked no.6, please give banana fish a try.
report Recommended by arianamavis
similar character archetypes and they both involve two people coming together to take down a system or government that is corrupt. also both VERY sad...
report Recommended by ldl6
1.both have a gay love story playing in the bg tho not as the main theme. 2.both are action packed. 3.both anime have open endings.
report Recommended by lilith192
the endings feel somewhat the same and both of them are like a war against past mistakes of others or against government or heirarchy
report Recommended by eileenbaker