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Both shows have a continuous, non-episodic structure and are about closed societies whose residents are mostly kept from the real world. The main characters learn in time the horrifying secrets of their beloved home place and try to rebel against it. Both stories start with young heroes that grow older as the show progresses and show an open approach towards same sex romances.
report Recommended by gknight
Both take place in the future where everything seems happy but there are deep dark secrets and mysteries within society.
report Recommended by Hikarusuke
If you like the story about utopian world and secret nature of it, this anime is definitly worth a chance.
report Recommended by tsubakix
these both deal with friends who grow up in a what seems to be "perfect society" but later discover the dark secrets that the society runs on and they try to do something about it, also both have a bit of shounen ai but shinsekai yori is more bisexual
report Recommended by Bae-chan
- Canon LBGT couples - The way all the characters act are a little strange (unclear if result of questionable writing or they're intended to appear different from us, weird to a similar degree in both shows though) - Post-apocalyptic world/setting - Mysterious organisations and a questionable pre-apocalyse past - Lots of drama, lot of action
report Recommended by Lemon
Both are adaptations of novels telling a continuous story about a future utopia, which mystery is slowly revealed. Both use time skips and both don't shy away from same sex relationships. Unfortunately while Shinsekai yori is a masterpiece, No. 6 fails at providing meaningful conclusion.
report Recommended by awerture
No6 and Shisekai no yori. Both are set in a post-apocalyptic world, where there was an evolution through that survival. They live in a place that seems to be perfect, but it hides a secret behind the lifestyle that they force you to follow, for fear of thinking differently. People show strange symptoms, which are due to an exposure of several factors. The protagonists are getting to know the truth of this twisted world, trying to make sense of it and fighting against the system. Both series have their own style, merging fantasy with science fiction.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Similar in the way that they both seem to take place in a perfect world but when the protagoinst 'slips up' they are shunned, treated cruelly and learn the truth of their old way of life. Shinseki Yori also shows the cruelty of humanity but do it in a different (but kinda similar cos of the suffering aspect) way to No. 6
report Recommended by BellieAdellie
While both anime share a covertly ominous air, Shinsekai Yori ultimately delivers a grand story of far greater quality. Shinsekai Yori offers quite a bit of world building and is more story driven, thus offering little in terms of character development. It is quite atmospheric and has a great soundtrack. No.6 however is more down-to-earth and succeeds in communicating the emotions of the characters in much greater depth, compensating for the lack of depth in it's story. Both shows however take place in a dystopian backdrop, Shinsekai Yori being bleak and grand while No.6 is more heart-warming and can be related to more easily. No.6   read more
report Recommended by SoundOfLight
When I first started watching No. 6 I immediately got the Shinsekai Yori vibe. They both take place in a future where people are oblivious to things that are really happening. The reasoning for the future society both has to do with human destroying the world in the past. In both anime, the people living in the society are ranked and eliminated based on intelligence. The motherboard in No. 6 reminded me of the library in Shinsekai Yori. The parasitic wasps in No. 6 is similar to the tainted cat in Shinsekai Yori.
report Recommended by brokenraccoon