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Both involve a deadly virus that seems to be used by the government in both series to rule undemocratically. They both feature government corruption, rebel groups and take place in a futuristic setting. Yuki Kaji voices both Shion (No.6) and Shu (Guilty Crown). Both aired on noitaminA, and both have many flaws which have lead to both being called the worst of noitaminA.
report Recommended by webkid94
Both series centre around mysterious epidemics, government conspiracies, and ragtag groups of rebels trying to reveal the truth and take action against the controlling and harmful governments. Guilty Crown has a lot more action than No.6, but otherwise they have a lot of aspects in common and a very similar vibe.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
both take place in future. both are Sci-Fi and action. both have songs in between. both have war . both characters go to future academy. both have some virus or insects which are threat to humanity.
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Well, the virus theme definitely sounds familiar here, doesn't it? Anyways, I found both series somewhat resembling each other involving the ""ideal" and perfect city" and the dystopian-like themes. The beginning episodes are also similar involving recusing the protagonist and going through hardships later on.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime is about some deadly virus used by the government, similar art & character, No.6 had a pretty rush ending but is still a million times better than Guilty Crown's.
report Recommended by SnowLife
Both plots feature dystopias in which society, following an apocalyptic event and threatened by an epidemic, resorts to isolating and discriminating against those who are infected. The heroes of each anime, Sion in "No. 6" and Shu in "Guilty Crown," are both entangled in attempts to overthrow the governing system and ultimately faced with morally conflicting decisions in spite of their initially timid natures. Althought character dynamics between the two shows may differ as "No. 6" focuses on the relationship between two male protagonists while "Guilty Crown" includes a male and female lead as well as several side relationships, the two are nonetheless mutually appealing for   read more
report Recommended by FedeBankai
Both main characters are anti-heroes roped into saving they're distopic country/city both Try to find a cure for a disease cause by the government. They also have they're lovers being used to revive someone of the past that was a huge part of the government project
report Recommended by Batifyy
The first episode is almost identical up until a point. Aside from that, both feature a mysterious character with a beautiful singing voice, a clueless 'city-dweller', and a close friend to the clueless city dweller. Their voices even sound similar! Differences are that Guilty Crown is definitely more fanservice-y and the character designs are much more whimsical.
report Recommended by thirstyforlemon