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Sola and Air are both tragic love stories riddled in mystery and supernatural abilities. A very short watch so if you prefer more drawn out anime then perhaps this is not going to be your cup of tea. If you enjoyed the way the writers choose to progress the story on an emotional level in one series then you're going to love it in the other. Similarly, if you hated how the director relied on mystery to keep the shallow love story alive in one anime you'll probably hate it in the other.
report Recommended by SY_IS_DEAD_IRL
this show is very similar to air, first in the plot line, that when you go on you find out the rest. and secondly you may like it like i did' this is great stuff :)
report Recommended by bini
As those before me said, these two animes are very similar. Both revolve around the sky and everything about it, both are filled with heart-breaking moments sprinkled with a bit of comedy here and there and both are truly drama masterpieces.
report Recommended by Bondius
Air is so similar to sola it's not funny. I can even compare them and say this character has the same personality as that character between the shows. Both are also about the sky in some way. In sola it's about being able to stand under the sky, and in Air it's about being in the sky. Both shows are very similar, and I highly recommend if you've seen Air you should see sola and if you've seen sola you should see Air.
report Recommended by atlantiza
They're both very sky obessesed lol, in a gd way Its a bit different, but if u liked Air den you will totally like Sola.
report Recommended by Pineapple-
Both Sola and Air are supernatural anime that involve a story from the past that connects to what's going on in the present. Air and Sola both are romance anime that have sad endings, so if that's your type of thing you'll enjoy both of them.
report Recommended by Kuroda_
They're both very sad, and yet beautiful at the same time. They also both have a girl main character that enjoys looking at the sky who is not human. They both revolve around the sky a lot.
report Recommended by TsuruyaSonozaki
They both just have the same atmosphere. They both deal with the sky and although Air seems to have a bit more romance, they both have that ending that just keeps you thinking...
report Recommended by Mauru23
The plot of these two animes show a lot of parallels and the tone is similiar, too. Well, you will see what I mean when you watched both.
report Recommended by Destructor-X
Many many similarities, exactly the same genre, I sincerely recommend this .First of all both have a very deep and symbolic connection with the sky. Then both of them have the same type of female leads, sweet, innocent and lovable. Furthermore these two animes have an arc about the past(like a flashback). Finally a very big part of the plot consists of mythological elements that you should get used to( these elements seem to be part of a much greater mythology that the writers keep hidden from us).
report Recommended by phgmalion
They are both sad stories, featuring a supernatural race, which has been persecuted somewhere down the line. They also both have a fixation on the sky.
report Recommended by mooglebot
the 2 main male leads are kinda similer, each with somthing distinct that stands out. the "air" and atmosphere are the same, and they both involve past lives. they both have fantasy elements to it and it also involves school life
report Recommended by supermegasonic
The first thing anyone would pick up are their similar titles. Air & Sola [Sky] A special boy meets a special girl and helps her overcome a problem, but in the end he neither succeed or fail. The plot will alternate between past and present, so look forward to that. Be prepare to feel sad inside or shed some tears, as both anime are meant to be very sad ones.
report Recommended by Lamii
Both shows use the sky as their central theme. Characters are also somewhat reminiscent of each other when it comes to their roles. Sola has more action while Air is more slice of life.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Both are heart warming tales that make you think about the importance of life and what it means to live. That and that they are both under 20 episodes (Air: 12; Sola:13) but a lot happens that is pointless but needed when you look back at the very end.
report Recommended by AnimePikaRumple