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Top wo Nerae 2! Diebuster
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Top wo Nerae 2! Diebuster
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Both have ridiculous, over the top fights with the same epic feel. They're also both made from the same company.
report Recommended by Excelsior
Both are pieces of work from GAINAX, have similar art styles (though TTGL's style is a little less polished), and share similar themes. They both deal with humankind's external struggle with a mysterious, alien enemy as well as the internal struggles of the characters as they develop and deal with confidence and identity issues.
report Recommended by Brian333
Both can guarantee you astonishing mecha action. With very similar art styles, you can expect crazy fluid animation. Diebuster is much shorter than Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, but both are stories of epic proportions.
report Recommended by pavyisku
Gurren Lagann and Top wo Nerae 2 were in essence tributes to the mecha genre as it progressed, blending classic over-the-top courage and passion with modern, realistic characters. If you liked either Diebuster or Gurren Lagann, you'll want the see the successor/predecessor for a lot of the same intense action, epic moments, and great characters.
report Recommended by qtip
both are over the top crazy fun Mecha animes both animated by Gainex,Diebuster 2(AKA: Top wo Nerae!) is the sequel to the 80's classic Gunbuster(AKA: Top wo Nerae),however,unlike the first gunbuster anime which the animation and story style was similar to evangelion which a main female lead grew from a crybaby to a strong woman, the sequel Diebuster however,pays more homage to FLCL(Fooly Cooly) and is very similar to Gurren Lagann in style and humor,Nono(Diebuster),Nia(Gurren),and Yoko(Gurren) are very similar to some of the female cast in Fooly Cooly
report Recommended by ChronoBallX
Gurren Lagann are inspired in Diebuster. Both are super robots animes produced by Gainax with epic moments. Story are alike, both deal with humanity trying survive against beasts/monsters.
report Recommended by bereta002
You can see clear similarities between the two series. You can see resemblance between the mech in Diebuster and those in TTGL; especially in the later parts of both series. Massive flashy fights and speeches are recurrent in both. Both series have themes about saving humanity. The whole feel of Diebuster reminded me of TTGL (and vice versa); HARD WORK AND GUTS! Both series have gone for the 'epic' route, and I must say they achieved them very well. Although TTGL is similar to Diebuster, that isn't to be said the same of Gunbuster. It is best if you also watch Gunbuster before Diebuster for absolute   read more
report Recommended by Yukushi
This 6 episode OVA contains many of the same themes that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann built and expanded upon. Like in TTGL, the mechs feature a very heavy fantasy feel vs. straight up science fiction, though not to the same extent. And it shares the same core message of reaching for the top and saving the universe by believing yourself. This was Nia's voice actor Yukari Fukui's first starring role, as one of the 2 protagonists, Nono.
report Recommended by lvlln
- Have the same goofy animation style. - Have the same dumb mecha designs. - Shounen willpower trumps all. - Completely devoid of any semblance of logic or rules. - Girls are there for T&A (lots of fanservice). - Nia (TTGL) is a clone of Nono (Diebuster). Diebuster is basically a pilot for TTGL. Their similarities in brainless style (and style over substance) and inability to take anything seriously is uncanny.
report Recommended by DraconisMarch
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann could be a direct sequel to this that dates ten thousand or millions of years later after the events of Diebuster. Kamina's poses and speeches are eerily similar to the protagonist of this show. Diebuster gives us the origin of the anti-spirals.
report Recommended by DarkwindJR
Both are over-the-top mecha similar art style Basically not matter how insane the enemy is you have be more badass then them!!! crazy fights and expect the unexpected XD
report Recommended by bloodiemonster
Over-the-top extravagent Mecha action. Giant super robots, and a fight against a foe that isn't what it seems to be. Made by the same company, Gainax, and TTGL clearly takes a lot of influence from Diebuster and its predecessor, Gunbuster.
report Recommended by TalismanG1
Diebuster is essentially the prototype for the latter half of Gurren Lagann - Over the top space battles, massive destruction on a cosmic scale, robots that are bigger than can truly be comprehended, that sort of thing.
report Recommended by cruxis107
Both anime have over-the-top fights, great animation, and are animated by the same studio. Gurren Lagann could be considered Diebuster's spiritual successor. However, I'd recommend watching Gunbuster prior to Diebuster in order to understand the plot better.
report Recommended by SergeantDude
Simply put, if Diebuster wasn't a thing, TTGL probably wouldn't be a thing. While not as straightforward and simple as TTGL, Diebuster can be refreshing in how much it challenges you to pay attention and rewards you with over the top planet splitting ridiculousness. It's a loose sequel to Gunbuster so watch that first but it isn't entirely necessary IMO. Both are underrated gems that Gainax has to offer.
report Recommended by ManicStylo
Over the top awesomeness is something these two shows share. Quite a few moments in both that make you say "hell yeah!"
report Recommended by Xalren
Diebuster is the very basis for TTGL. Featuring similar atmosphere and the predecessor of spiral power. If you love TTGL as I do, you'll adore Diebuster!
report Recommended by Bergulum
Diebuster is quite literally the spiritual predecessor of Gurren Lagann especially in terms of its aesthetic and tendency towards fanservice. If you love Gurren Lagann and you haven't seen Diebuster, you are uncultured and I do not want to associate with you. I spit on you. Ptoo
report Recommended by young_kappa