Cowboy Bebop, Ergo Proxy Recommendations

Cowboy Bebop
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Cowboy Bebop
Ergo Proxy
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Ergo Proxy
Both are serious, mysterious, mature, intriguing, and well written. Shinichiro Watanabe did the storyboard for them both.
report Recommended by Danish
They both give you this out of this world and Alice in Wonderland feel when you watch them.
report Recommended by UnReal31337
If you liked Ergo Proxy, you'll definitely love Cowboy Bebop. Like Ergo Proxy, Cowboy Bebop combines almost every genre out there, including humor and action mixed with some drama and mystery. The characters are tough, and the only character that even gets close to being annoying is Ed, and even she can be hilarious sometimes.
report Recommended by CinemaZebra
The both have amazing visuals, around the same length, character driven story, both combine very serious episodes with very comedic episodes and futuristic settings.
report Recommended by SerenityInFlames
Both take place far in the future where earth is a wasteland of its former glory, both have advanced technology
report Recommended by Vroknokmen
The similarities grow as Ergo Proxy moves to its second half. The main cast of both shows spend time in close quarters abroad their broken down ships. They're both set in dystopian sci-fi's. Both become episodic in nature though have an overarching plot. Spike and Vincent both want to run from their past, but end up facing it in the end.
report Recommended by MariSan28