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Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star
They are both set in space and both deal with crime and adventure. Also the animation style is similar.
report Recommended by June
Space cowboys anyone? Although at heart these two anime are completely different, they both have themes involving space, bounty hunting and drifting along in life.
report Recommended by Twitchy_Fingah
Fun to watch, adventurous space headhunters anime . Can't beat Cowboy Bebop , but very entertaining =P
report Recommended by Ahojcookie
I feel as if these two anime are very simular. Mainly because its about the world in the future. Spaceships etc. The other reason would partically be because there both quite serious anime while having mild humour bits through the series. The main character in both series also have very simular personalitys being very good fighters while having a rather laid-back attituted. If you liked either of these animes i'd recommend watching the other. -Dwayne :)
report Recommended by SephirothDL
Both are in a sense space vigilantees who refuse to coform by the world's standards; but instead find their own way. Both shows also offer the establishment of comfortable life on other planets. Infact, I have never met anyone that saw Cowboy Bebop that didn't like Outlaw Star or vice-versa.
report Recommended by Rhythm-Wily
Both share the genre of sci-fi. The comedic appeals are evident in both shows and the characters make the plot and action all lively.
report Recommended by Vizard
Both of these anime are set in a sci-fi universe and they each have an adventurous feel to them. Although, Cowboy Bebop has a slightly more gritty flavor to it than Outlaw Star does. The two series each have their own memorable characters and in the end most people that enjoy one would probably like the other.
report Recommended by Darth_Bucko
They both have a similar cast of characters such as Gene and Spike being the main characters, Jim and Aisha forming a mixture of Ed while Suzuka resembles the personality of Faye. Their mech action is alot alike whether it be the characters are using guns and swords or fighting in spacecrafts. They both originally aired in 1998. And the two of these shows are seinen, targeted towards the older viewers.
report Recommended by SunoharaMaster90
like gun blazing bounty hunters in space? Not many old school animes can hold a candle to something like cowboy bebop but this is very similar and surprisingly very very good as well.
report Recommended by myahon
A grand mix of the freelancer attitude, the sense of adventure, the comedy and shear awe of space travel.
report Recommended by Randomer002
same themes (bounty hunters,space).both are about a crew traveling in outer space.the 2 are named after the spaceships.both have one hacker in their crew.
report Recommended by chibi_sama
Both series focus on a man who is wondering in space,looking for some quick money ,and kicking some butt.Cowboy bebop is more stylish and Outlaw star is more funny both are tottaly worth seeing
report Recommended by Katzen
Both cover a similar topic of a lone bounty-hunter with a small crew iin space, trying to make a buck where ever they can. Both start out this just one episode stories, but soon spread into the main story arc.
report Recommended by qwerty456789
Both have stellar bounty hunters, explosive battles, and femme fatales.
report Recommended by um_esper
Both are about space bounty hunters dealing with space pirates and criminals. Both are very exciting and have great characters. Most people probably already know this but I have to throw it out there. They are both great series.
report Recommended by DBZ4ever
Both have a ship...hunt intro/outro...outlaw star is like the offspring of cowboybebop
report Recommended by Progenitor
Bounty Hunters, Bounty Hunters, Bounty Hunters! in the future of course!
report Recommended by yokomeso
Both involves bounty hunting to make ends needs and drifting from planet to planet doing odd jobs here and there to get by. Plus, both ships are old and run downed heaps of scrap.
report Recommended by Jmac
Of course the main similarity is that it's in space :P It also tells a similar story of Outlaws that have a strict moral code. There is a lot of action like Bebop and the storytelling is very similar.
report Recommended by serowenczak
A 'space cowboy' show. Albeit not nearly as mature or profound, Outlaw Star excels in its mastery of numerous genres, switching from comedy to psychological to action within minutes, yet with a skill and flow that few series can match.
report Recommended by WhaleWright
Both involve an eclectic cast of characters traversing the galaxy and having misadventures. Both are episodic in structure.
report Recommended by imbecilic
If you're looking for a space adventure with crime and action, then Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star should definitely be something worth taking notice of. For these two series, they both have science fiction themes dealing with criminals in an adventure like setting. The atmosphere of the shows has intensity and bits of emotions at various points. The style of both series also gives off a similar mood. There's also bits of comedy and humorous dialogue that ensure entertainment. For the main characters, they are both laid back, straight forward, and takes charge on various situations. With a crew of characters, Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star offers   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Both Anime Series are about a group of bounty hunter flying around in space and doing their thing. Of course Outlaw star is not as good as Bebop but if you want something similar to bebop then check out Outlaw star
report Recommended by SnowLife
Both Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop involve a crew and their spaceship Both Main Characters are Good at handling situations Both stories involve the crew of the ship and several mini-adventures as they travel The stories are different, but the level of satisfaction is very good from both Both animes have Major swag
report Recommended by thereisonlyone
Outlaw Star is sometimes compared to Cowboy Bebop - they are really very similar. This is what would be Cowboy Bebop with drama removed...
report Recommended by Akagi-kun
The space adventure is the main theme of these anime. Also both have include a bit of comedy and drama component.
report Recommended by nokrizz
-Both series take place in the future in outer space -Both feature a male main protagonist -Both series have a ship and a crew -Both series have a good mix of humor and serious moments
report Recommended by ironcladgranite
Similar plot devices, similar stories of main characters riding a well tuned state of the art spaceship. Even though because of the similarity you will think that Outlaw Star is a copy of Cowboy Bebop, it's more light hearted and it will surely grow on you. I definitely recommend it and I definitely think that you will become a fan of Outlaw Star if you are already a fan of Cowboy Bebop.
report Recommended by SeekingWaylander
both main characters are bounty hunters and make money by collecting bounties and doing jobs
report Recommended by Seanster1992
Same kind of space adventures by a somewhat dysfunctional crew of outlaws.
report Recommended by misterferrari
Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star are both space westerns featuring a crew containing bounty hunters that attempt to make a living off their jobs. In both anime, the crews' attempt to "make it big" through high paying bounties or jobs is often foiled. Both are episodic anime that concentrate more on individual stories, while the overall plot is an undercurrent that compliments the series rather than dominating it. Cowboy Bebop's individual stories tend to be deep or compelling, while Outlaw Star's individual stories focus more on comedy instead, but Outlaw Star does not lack in emotion and Cowboy Bebop does not lack in comedy.
report Recommended by Zadion
They are both sci-fi anime where their protagonists are both bounty hunters who engage themselves in space adventures with lots of action and drama. Outlaw star is not a masterpiece like cowboy bebop but it's certainly good and you will enjoy it.
report Recommended by vedatsvet
Both have that 90s atmosphere of anime, and both deal with a group traveling space doing various tasks. It's like a weird but quirky fantasy/space slice of life kind of? Both deal with group of characters/friends traveling space doing spontaneous but adventurous things.
report Recommended by anonypc
Both stories center around a crew of bounty hunters travelling the stars on a spaceship, and have many similar elements to how their plot develop... as well as similar antagonists. The major differences between the two shows is that the characters in Outlaw Star tend to be more goofy and cartoony, while in Cowboy Bebop, they generally remain serious and realistic.
report Recommended by vigorousjammer
In both of these shows, the main characters always end up getting themselves into unfortunate happenings out of sheer bad luck, in the process of trying to do certain things so they can make a living/earn money to fuel their needs of being rich/needing to live.
report Recommended by BikeGoneRampant
These anime have many similarities. Both have main characters who are bounty hunters, both take place in the future and involve space travel, both have a group of friends that travel with them, both anime are named after the spaceship's the MC pilot. They are great anime and I highly suggest both!
report Recommended by Tacco-sama
These two anime share similar tones of action and mystery when it comes to adventuring in space with a crew for the sake of finding answers. Their main stories don't evolve until near the end as there are a lot of side plots along the way that are meant to expand on the world you've been thrown into.
report Recommended by SummerMambo
There are many similarities between these shows: - Spike and Gene Starwind are space bounty hunters. In Bebop, they are called "Cowboys", and ''Outlaws'', in Outlaw Star. - Faye Valentine and Melfina don't remember their pasts. - Both have similar animation style. - Both were released in 1998. - Seinen animes, although they have comedy sometimes. - Both were produced by Sunrise. - Both are episodic.
report Recommended by Orlando_Artur
They both cower space adventures, love, strange aliens and goofy jokes.
report Recommended by janchux
Similar general tone, sci-fi adventure with ragtag team of characters. Made by same studio.
report Recommended by CunningKruger
Strong cast, space themed, great battle scenes and music.
report Recommended by atarostarling
Both are mostly episodic stories about a crew of people living on a spaceship who every now and then travel to different planets and space stations.
report Recommended by StephanieRoberts
Better than Black Lagoon, Trigun and Baccano........Outlaw star actually has a very similar vibe to Cowboy Bebop. It's not as good, but honestly this is the only show that actually comes close. Trigun has this very immature feeling to it and the main characters problem with morality is quite tedious/cliched/annoying/overly-obsessive. Black Lagoon is for edgy 13 year olds and Bacanno is for edgy 15 year olds. Lagoon has some seriously cringe melodrama throughout and Baccano is just a massive pretentious ruckus which compensates for a lack of good storytelling and characterisation, by constantly switching between time periods and characters to keep you from falling asleep.   read more
report Recommended by LIND-L-TAILOR
Same company put these two Space westerns out the same year, Outlaw Star coming just a little before Bebop. Not as well polished but an entertaining and exciting journey for anyone lucky enough to find this sentimental gem. It is worth a watch no doubt.
report Recommended by Colotaku
Episodic, flamboyant and great fun. Outlaw Star offers us a diverse environment of charismatic characters who face various enemies during their journey. With a badass protagonist, able to remind us of the beloved Spike Spiegel. Very good adventures, bombastic and with great chances that you will remember it as a good series.
report Recommended by EdwardBxR
character-based anime where with each episode you get to know more about the characters. in both shows a good amount of action takes place in space, both of the main characters have a special weapon, caster in OS , psychogun in Cobra, in both shows main characters have a trusty sidekick, in both shows there is a plot involving a search for a mysterious artifact,
report Recommended by SANSUIsan
Both were made by sunrise, are about bounty hunters in space and were released in 1998.
report Recommended by PleaseIgnoreThis