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Both of them are themed around Jazz and Blues. Both animes display alot of martial arts and gunplay. Definetily check out Baccano! if you loves Cowboy Bebop!
report Recommended by Sandgolem
The style is very similar. It has a very jazzy feel to it that fits with the show like it did with Cowboy Bebop. The characters are so loveable and unique and so different from one another like the people on Bebop. Not to mention the soundtracks have a similar feel to them.
report Recommended by NoProof91
Baccano! is a strangely underappreciated show that has a huge cast of good characters, a compelling plot drawn from the ample source material, a soundtrack that complements the show well, action, comedy, drama, intrigue... If you appreciated what Cowboy Bebop had to offer then you'll find a lot to like in Baccano!. It's a show with definite rewatch value.
report Recommended by dogtato
Bebop and Baccano! are all about style. It’s the thirties: tommy guns, stars from black-and-white movies and jazz. Bebop is more like blues with its sadness and noir films features. Baccano! is a jazz like it was in really beginning, totally improvisation. You don’t know what will happen next. Great cocktail from retro, detective stories, comedy, cruelty and heartbreaks. Both these series was inspired by films like “The Godfather”, “The Untouchables” and so on. You’ll find crime families and gangland killing, fire-fights and pursuits, maniacs and comedy characters in Bebop and Baccano! Soundtrack is also magnificent, when I watched Baccano! it was like I’ve met a   read more
report Recommended by Iahel
Heavily themed with jazzy music and gritty violence... gracefully done with pinache.
report Recommended by AC-CESS
Funky, badass, amazing anime with great action, animation, and music. Both have possibly the greatest characters cast ever seen. In both series you’ll find awesome fight scenes (both martial arts fights & gunfights), mafia, an immortal shota boy (Czes in Baccano, Wen in CB), and comedy despite the violence and mature contents. Both are anime that you can rewatch again and again without getting tired of them.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
the feel of these anime's is failry similar, they both are "western" anime and there is also a similarity in the music styles, they both also have extraordinary dubs i would go as far as to recommend the dub over the sub because it actually sounds more natural but both are great animes and should be given watch
report Recommended by Maazter
Both Baccano! and Cowboy Bebop have excellent visuals, jazz on the soundtrack, high-intensity fight sequences, and likable characters.
report Recommended by formosan
Same kind of show : you'll find the best OST in both (jazzy, really cool), same spirit/atmosphere with really great characters/action you will enjoy all the show without any moment of boring !! I guarantee you'll not be disappointed !! 2 must-see.
report Recommended by 00pinkmoon00
Both shows have the same tone and similar style, both have great action scenes and cool characters.
report Recommended by Gabornsmith
Both have intense combat sequences that aren't just limited to hand-to-hand. While Cowboy Bebop's actual plot isn't thoroughly developed. Baccano's is highly incomprehensible until the very end. Both have great, memorable characters, dubs that fit the era, music that fits the scenes, and an enjoyment factor that skyrockets!
report Recommended by Otaking09
Cowboy Bebop and Baccano! have a jazz filled soundtrack, slick, fluid, and detailed animation, and are bitter sweet series.
report Recommended by Powder579
As an anime viewer, you might be lucky enough to eventually stumble upon unforgettably great anime at one point or another. I'm here to tell you of two such anime: Baccano!, a tale of immortals and the mafia gang, and Cowboy Bebop, the journey of a former syndicate-turned-bounty-hunter. Baccano! and Cowboy Bebop share the same atmosphere, fluid animation and clever dialogue. They are western-styled and contain lots of references to western cultures. Furthermore, the two are immensely entertaining and enjoyable anime that will keep your attention the whole journey through and leave you breathless. While Baccano! is more of a different-plots-intricately-woven-into-a-great-story kind of anime   read more
report Recommended by hinahinaxxchoco
Both have an americian cast of characters, are full of action, particualrly involving gangsters and just a general sense of coolness about them that sets them apart from other anime
report Recommended by MasterAlchemist
Jazz, Style, Class, Crime, Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Wacky characters, Psychotic characters, Mysterious characters, Smooth characters, Hand to Hand Combat, Shootouts, Oldschool feel Cowboy Bebop and Baccano! are the kings of cool when it comes to anime. They both feel more like movies than actually animes and even though, each one does it differently, they both use multiple stories to tell one big story, giving you pieces of the puzzle until the end when it all comes together They both also make great additions to what I like to call the "Jazzy Crime Anime" trilogy which includes Cowboy Bebop, Baccano!, and Lupin The 3rd. They both certainly have   read more
report Recommended by SolidPayne
Both of them heavily influenced on American culture and have the vintage/retro style. Especially choice of soundtracks are very similiar, jazz and blues mostly. They both have smooth/charismatic characters like in Quentin Tarantino movies with their witty and badass dialogues.
report Recommended by EpicSaxGuy
Both have the same jazzy, easy come, easy go attitude and a very lovable and energetic cast composed of gangsters, gunslingers, and silver-tongued thieves.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Both anime have great jazz soundtracks. Jazz music is almost exclusively used in both anime. The openings of both anime is really popular precisely because of their upbeat, jazzy music. Also, both anime have a lot of melee combat.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
1: AWESOME FIGHT SCENES! 2: Both have really good character development 3: Jazzy feeling (best way I can describe it)
report Recommended by blake11120
If you liked the jazzy element to Cowboy Bebop, you'll definitely like this!
report Recommended by TechnoTrout
Both contain an outstanding jazz/blues style soundtrack, and also contain a decent amount of action involving both guns and fists. They also have a cast of unique and compelling characters that all get at least a little development (though the main character cast of Baccano! is much bigger, despite being shorter). Both also have excellent English dubs, a possible persuasion for those who may predominantly prefer subs.
report Recommended by Kilnerbanker
They have similar music styles throughout the shows, both having one of the best opening songs I've ever heard. Both have a lot of violence and shooting. They both have awesome characters as well. They both have multiple stories being shown that tangle up for the final outcome. Also they both have something about organized crimes.
report Recommended by nayenel
They are both rule of cool shows, with Baccano being more over the top and having supernatural aspects to it. In terms of story Baccano is far more impressive by having multiple random events being interwoven and connecting with each other by the 13th episode. Bebop is episodic so it tells a different story in each episode. In terms of Art and Animation. Baccano looks more realistic and it is more detailed than Bebop, but Bebop is prettier to look at and it has a more original art style. Bebop also inches ahead in terms of animation by being more fluid while being a much older and   read more
report Recommended by sullynathan
Baccano! and Cowboy Bebop have a very similar cool and jazzy atmosphere. The music and intros of both shows are also similar; both intros are swingy jazz tunes. Both these shows are specifically great for western audiences, and they both have superb English dubs.
report Recommended by Phenomanan
Just like Bebop, Baccano's fight scenes are primarily with guns and hand to hand combat. Baccano provides likable characters and great character development. It has the same Jazz music that lends itself magnificently to the atmosphere of the series, and gives the viewer what Bebop did not for the majority of the series, a plot. Albeit the plot is almost impossible to understand until you progress into the series, it is expanded upon gradually throughout each episode.
report Recommended by anj100
Both have jazz and music like that but also center around gun fighting and martial arts
report Recommended by Arquarion
If you are a fan of "Baccano!" then you know what good story telling is. You understand pacing, timing, character development, and solid endings. "Cowboy Bebop" also embodies the qualities that make up a masterpiece, and "Baccano!" is a masterpiece in it's own right.
report Recommended by schmidtj13
Similarities- *Both have their soundtrack centered around jazz and the blues. *Both have mesmerizing action scenes based around martial arts. *Both have characters who are more than they simply seem to be. *Both have similar themes about life and how to go about it. Ultimately, Baccano!'s storyline feels a bit like an episode from Cowboy Bebop. It's just Baccano!'s complexity and overall charm would be impossible to grasp in one single episode.
report Recommended by Misconception
Both have a good jazz soundtrack, they both have amazing fight scenes and they both have unbelevibale dubs.
report Recommended by Daedalus12