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Jul 10, 2013
“There is one key to protecting the throne. And that is not to misjudge the ambition of the young.”
This is a political strategic mind-battle manga dappled with intrigue, violence and provoking messages to the reader. It doesn’t mean this series is something overwhelming and stilted, though. The scope is indeed epic: from one’s dignity and pride to ideological inconsistencies and the world peace, - however downright realistic.
Just the right size and pace. No dragging on the plot development. Once the tempo is set in the beginning, it proceeds till the very end. Smooth storyline makes it really easy to read and comprehend.
Art is simply amazing.
The read more
Jun 19, 2013
This series undoubtedly deserves the place among top ten manga titles, which it currently has on MAL.
Though the film is failry good, it does not cover even half of what is depicted in manga. There are a lot of post-apocaliptic series about humankind trying to make ends meet in severe conditions of wreched world. But they are not as deep and moving as this one. Of course, you should keep in mind that bringing up a topic of world's balance, of our race's place in it, is Miyazaki's forte, be it manga or animation.
This series not an easy read, it has a lot of ideological read more
Apr 9, 2011
Don't underestimate old manga!
I myself avoided it, because it seemed so old fashioned and out-of-date.
First several chapters, if you are not accustomed to the old style, you'll feel almost disgusted. Save your dissatisfaction for the later to be completely swept away. I don't remember the point when I got hooked on this manga. Tell you one thing. After reading it I reread it two months later. Even with more pleasure.
One of the strongest points of this series is a very composed and consistent development of characters.
Story----> 10:
May seem quite ordinary due to the pattern setting, of a girl falling for her savior. However this manga read more
Aug 6, 2010
Quite a dreadful attempt to imitate Kuroshitsuji art, theme and whole mood.
The story is 'sucked out of the finger'. The characters are quite 'one-sided' and lack any kind of logic in their actions and thoughts. If a person intends just to watch something amusing, why would he or she bother getting worked up over the worries of his amusement object?! That's the major irritating point, which completely turned me off. If one of the main characters is badass, let him be badass till the end.
Even if it's shoujo.
After 5 chapter it is already clear who will fall in love with who, what obstacles they will read more
Apr 10, 2009
That's a very strange series, I even can't name it a story or else... The art is nasty, the arrangement is unusual! The boy is an average gamer and the girl tries to be too. They should be boring. But they are not!!!
I really was moved by this simple plot and the characters.
Apr 10, 2009
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The stories are very bright, I liked the art a lot. Aside from that, though it's a common shoujo, I never thought of it as something ordinary. People we fall in love with may be younger or unapproacable for us, but we would still like them. And make some effort. That's a reassuring thought.
Mar 24, 2009
A considerable half of shoujo is about a playboy, who falls in love with some girl and stops being a playboy. The girl is so fragile, helpless, akward and so on, o that he has to protect and reassure her. But not here. Meet a reserved and well-composed Yumi Sakashita.
If he thinks that he can get any girl, he finds out that not in this case. But even if he finally manages to, he is the pet, not a even-ranked boyfriend.
The story tells us about the fussiness, that a playboy would feel if everything went just the way round to the situation we are accustomed read more