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Zhirose Yesterday, 7:57 PM
We usually use the English vocabulary even when we speak Spanish. I guess I can't translate most of the IT vocabulary I use to Spanish haha. We only translate words that we usually use with non-IT people or words that are similar in both languages, such as:

It would just fill me with more and more questions xD.

That's the funniest part! haha

Also, concentrating on something not related to work, studies or that stuff before sleeping helps me to sleep better :)
I wanted to read Spice and Wolf's LNs.
Are you reading any LN or VN?
Orion_Gospel Sep 19, 12:06 PM
8elw polu na paw sthn sigkapourh. fantastiko meros!
entaksei, sthn ellada polla pragmata 8a eprepe na htan alliws, kai merika an den uphrxan, akoma kalutera

nai kai emena me xalarwnei auto.

ante na doume, thank you!

den mporousa na kanw kai kati re su. egw hmoun allou gia spoudes kai auth akoma agrinio. akoma kai sxesh na kaname, den 8a thn evlepa polu suxna. kai 8a htan 8ema auto gia emena proswpika megalo. me skotwnei h apostash
Ειχα και περιπτωση στην οποια η αλλη απλα επαιζε

etsi mou erxetai na papsw na eimai sunais8hmatikso kai na ginw enas pou den ton noiazei tipota kai apla 8elei na kalopernaei. ama 8eloun na paiksoun merikes, na mhn to kanoun me ta sunais8hmata. as to kanoun me kati allo ;)

auto pou eipes me senario kai elpides, gia allh mia fora, 8elw na to kanw mplouza :D
egw pisteuw me vlepei san filo, oxi omws epeidh me 8ewrei filo ths, alla kuriws epeidh auth exei sxesh. etsi to vlepw egw. gt apo tote pou ksanamilhsame, htan mia periodos pou den eixe tpt. egw den thn h8ela omws wste na kanw kati. kai pote den mou eipe oti den me goustarei pleon. den lew oti tr me 8elei. isws apla h sxesh thn voh8aei sto na empodisei na dhmiourgh8ei kapoio opoiodipote sunais8hma ths gia emena.
to mono pou me kanei na zw me thn elpida, einai auto pantws. oti kapote me h8ele. gt oxi kai pali? tote hmoun oti na nai an8rwpos. apo emfanish na deis fwto palies mou sto fb. 8a pe8aneis me to malli mou xD kai omws auth tote para ta xalia mou, me h8ele :P
nai oloi exoume tetoies tis opoies MONO 8a phdousame :P

nai ontws etsi einai :P alla alh8eia, esu pou eisai kai pio "afosiwmenos" anime fan, dld vlepeis pio polu kai pio polla apo emena, pws kai den mpaineis ka8e mera sto MAL? den vlepeis ka8e mera?

opoios to eipe kalamaki einai hli8ios. m aresei pou exoume kai plousia glwssa tromara mas alla mia accurate leksh gia to "kalamaki" den mporoume na vroume. oxi den to kanoume auto, den exoume polla paidia apo thn 8essalonikh, alla m edwses idea :P
kala ekei einai oti na nai. ase pou ta turia exoun mono thn feta, kai ooooola ta alla einai kitrina turia.

vlepw to NGE twra, ok einai, kai meta skeftomai na paw na dw, kuriws apo endiaferon, to SAO. alla vevaia exw akousei diafora. esu to exeis dei na m peis apopsh? gt mou fainetai endiaferon para tis kritikes. epishs exw sto nou mou to angel beats

duskoleuomai na to kanw auto. kapoia stigmh 8a ginei, alla oxi tr...
Frostbytes Sep 19, 7:34 AM
DI chapters are quite long yep, I remember Marie route chapter 11 wew. Rea epilogue was a bit surprise for a reason

Hmm yeah certainly he was.

Yep seemed everything clicked in that match, fullbacks running and giving assist, Kdb popping up everywhere, Jesus holding off players for Aguero, Stones having a superb display again-Don't let your form down again pls

Haha I see. About governmental jobs its mainly about getting into the likes of legal officers, judiciary and such, mostly along those lines not in corporates.

Ah I see, I used to read quite a few LNs until last year too but well not getting that time now due to more usage of that time for VNs.

As I said to some other friends, it pretty much depends on whether its approach to philosophy resonates with you or not, and if you can appreciate it, the message. I have seen people giving 10s and 5s alike so it's pretty much a polarized vn I guess.
KaitonPT Sep 19, 6:52 AM
True xD. To be like Gamers I need my Aguri to console me after my screw ups! :P Now that the Gamers topic was kind of brought up, for curiosity sake, name me your top 3 favourite pairings (not necessary being ship-wise) when it comes to interactions of that main cast?
It isn’t, the author of Classroom of the Elite probably based Ayanokouji on Tatsuya, since the similarities with Mahouka are too many to not connect the 2 works. The pace is slow I have to say, but it is not boring per see imo, since many interesting stuff happens in the background.

Yeah, you are my main "intruder" from Greece xD. If it weren´t for the classic USA, your country would probably top my stats when it comes to countries with foreign languages! ^^

Don´t get me wrong, the track fits, it is simply more apropriate a darker version of the song, in order to fit the mood better. It would be kind of a disgrace not having Emiya play in that movie, especially in the climax of the ideological conflict of the character which the song was built.
Talking about Emiya and Kajiura, do you remember that trolling version made by Aron? That was priceless… 5 bucks that Kajiura doesn’t do a better one xD.
You are welcome! ^^

Nevertheless I would like a 2nd season, since at the rate the translation is going, it will take a real long time for the good stuff since they are slow as hell. Still, I appreciate the effort of these guys ofc.
I was almost 2 weeks without coming to MAL (something rare for me) so not being on par with seasonals would only be the natural course, since I didn´t have net strong enough to download stuff. But dont worry, talk all you want about seasonals, since spoilers of that dimension I eat them for breakfast xD.
Nah, knowing myself if I played like that I would have to go all out sooner or later and I can´t afford more time with mobile games.
Yap, and my 2nd conctact was with Kajiura and her other gang xD.

Nice to hear! Enjoy the last route and then get ready for the upcoming popcorn show next season! ^^ If you want to disscuss something DI related feel also free to bring topics to the table.
What I read during Summer? When it comes to VN I finished Dies Irae, SubaHibi, Higurashi Rei and Wagamama High Spec; when it comes to LN, I read the last volume of SukaSuka and two of DxD and when it comes to manga I have read the first five arcs of Higurashi. I guess it was pretty much this when it comes to my non-routine reading stuff. Well, Dies Irae was the cherry on top of the cake since it was the stuff I enjoyed most (gave it a 8 and found a cople of favourite characters to boot), but overall I had a good time with pretty much everything I touched. Ah and SubaHibi was one of the most unique and mixed experiences I had with a franchise. It was painfull, literally, but overall I still enjoyed reading that crazy shit (I wanted to write so much stuff in my comments on my VNDB page, but unfortunatelly I reached the limit on my word count... It never happened with any other entry of mine lol) xD. What about you, what have you been reading of new this Summer?
I guess, I am near 80%.

Tbh I kind of watched most of your first half during dinner and I get what you are saying, since that deffense of yours was really bad and gave so many chances.
Yeah, CSKA didn´t play at a good lvl either through the match, so despite our shitting playing they also lucked out in the end. Heck, the spanish referee kind of screw us hard in that match with his double standards, but even with that stuff, it was not reason enough for that miserable display and I won´t excuse the result, since we also didn´t perform at a lvl worhty of CL. You are right. We didn´t have much occasions, but to be fair CSKA also didn´t have them either despite shooting more. It was a shitty game overall.
Frostbytes Sep 16, 2:40 AM
Hmm I see.

Oh nice, yep that epilogue was really cute(and hilarious too seeing old Ren and young Shirou). Rea's route is the best of all because of Rusalka and Mercurius. Tell me your thoughts once you complete it.

Ah yeah looks Like Juve has weakened a bit, in defense.

Fuck yeah I was really surprised with that, Ederson is a beast and Stones has really stepped up. Just hope these guys continue performing, KdB has been immense these days.

Lol ikr, quite a few in medicine and engineering too but I have hardly seen law students.

Well competitive exams are like after you get your graduation degree, you need to give certain exams and qualify for it to get the governmental jobs mainly, marks hardly matter(maybe a bit in the interviews), so you have to do mainly do those exam-oriented studies, like general knowledge, some basic subjects which students don't even look at during their normal course.

Same here, not much studying but then again I probably used to watch more anime during high school days which has been replaced by VNs now. I have hardly seen anime/manga enthusiasts in my uni let alone VN, good thing I convinced two of my friends to try those mediums(not VN). Japanese classes huh, nice.

I completed subahibi today, it was quite a journey,

Orion_Gospel Sep 15, 7:39 AM
kai egw kapws etsi. 8a h8ela as poume na ma8w gia ena meros tou kosmou, px perioxh h kratos, kai na ma8w ligo gia thn istoria tou, ligo gia thn idia thn xwra (ektos an den milame gia xwra alla gia kati allo) isws akoma kai ti sxesh exei auth h xwra me thn ellada, mias kai zoume sthn ellada. emena auta peri zwon limnwn ktl, mou aresoun epishs polu, alla de 8a h8ela na to eixan toso stena me thn gewgragia. to katenthsan gewgrafia-gewlogia. pou kai ta 2 ta vriskw endiaferon, alla den 8a eprepe na ta "pantrepsoun" etsi opws to ekanan.

einai mpros gkremos kai pisw rema auto to 8ema. to ferry boat den to pairnw panta. mono an parw treno. an parw lewforeio tote apo thn geufra paw. apla protimw to treno gt einai pio fthno, ase p perpataw kai ligo to opoio kai anagkh exw alla kai m aresei, ennoeitai oti ama vrexei ktl pairnw lewforeio.

kapws etsi. e kai an dw oti den me voleuei, 8a fugw. ama htan dld amesh anagkh megalh ta lefta, hdh 8a douleua edw kai polu kairo :)

den uparxei kamia periptwsh na xw8w sto zeugari. den eimai tetoios. anti8etws, sthn arxh otan htan na ta ftiaksoun, kai mou milouse gia auto to 8ema, ths elega na dokimasei kai vlepei. auto vevaia gia emena htan ponos sthn kardia. den fantazesai pso kratiomoun otan hmoun mprosta ths kai ths elega tetoia. alla exw ma8ei na kruvw kala ta sunais8hmata mou :P
pisteuw pws den me vlepei kiolas etsi. isws 1,kati % pi8anothta nai, gt oso na nai, o ios tou erwta, den feugei etsi apla. den apokleiw to gegonos apla na me 8elei ws kavatza. an dld xwrisei me ton allon, automatws na exei emena meta etoimo. to apokleiw men san endexomeno, alla we live in a weird world, so ola einai pi8ana xD
pros to paron, 8a afhsw na kulhsoun ta pragmata opws einai. milame, pername kala, kanoume parea san "filoi", kai apo ekei kai pera, an 8a thn 8elw h oxi, an 8a kanw kati h oxi, o xronos 8a to deiksei. an kai ths exw pei gia auto to 8ema peri filias anamesa sta agoria-koritsia. ths to eixa analusei. ths eixa pei oti mporei na uparksei isws, upo kapoies omws sun8hkes. alla alh8eia twra, esu to les auto filia? kanonikh filia? upo sun8hkes kai orous? egw oxi...
oi upoiloipoi logoi pou pisteuw mporei na odhghsoun se mia "filia":

    -sxesh to 1 atomo
    -den 8eloun na xasoun epafes kai na xalasei h sxesh tous se periptwsh pou xwrisoun
    o enas 8elei ena allo atomo
    -den sumpa8ei kai polu auton/h pou o allos/h allh 8elei. px emena na mhn me sumpa8ei toso polu auth, kai etsi na menoume se aples tupike sxeseis (adunato pragma, gt ka8e mera milame)
    -den mporei na dei erwtika to atomo to opoio goustarei auton/hn (to opoio pisteuw sunepagetai se enan apo tous upoloipous logous)
    -kai telos, kai pio xazo. autos/h pou goustarei to allo atomo, einai mpazo tou kerata. kserw akougetai kapws auto. einai xazo kiolas kai kakws ginetai, alla eite mas aresei eite oxi, dustuxws ginetai kai auto. alliws oloi/es 8a ta eixame me terata :P gia mena enan mikro rolo ton paizei kai h ekswterikh emfanish. xwris omws h emfanish na krataei thn sxesh, alla diafora pio ousiwdh kai shmantika pragmata. toulaxiston etsi 8a eprepe na einai. ola auta PANTA otan milame gia mia kanonikh sovarh (oso ginetai stis hlikies mas) sxesh

ennoeitai 8a sou steilw fb an xreiastw egkaira thn sumvoulh sou, se opoio 8ema ;) kai esu to idio fusika, mhn perimenoume to MAL, gt mia den mpaineis esu mia egw. enw fb ka8e mera me tis wres eimai mesa

loipon, auto sthn 1h fwto einai souvlaki. eite xoirino eite kotopoulo eite oti allo. wraia? einai souvlaki. giati? giati to kreas to vazoun mesa se mia mikrh souvla. kati san ton a8anasio diako skepsou :P

to allo einai pita, h alliws pitoguro pou leme. pita kai vazeis mesa souvlaki pou legame prin (dld to kreas xwris to ksulaki) h oooooti allo 8eleis.
shmeiwsh: to souvlaki einai la8os na to leme kalamaki. kalamaki einai auto pou pinoume.
elpizw na to kseka8arisw auto to 8ema, gt h ellada einai dixasmenh panw se auto xD vevaia, an hsoun apo thn 8essalonikh, isws eixame akoma megalutero 8ema.

yep! kai prin liges meres teleiwsa ena manga! ksana arxizw file siga siga na mpainw pali sto trupaki :D

edit: ksexasa na sou pw prin oti o tropos pou ta eftiaksan htan ligo kapws. ti ennow?
ennow oti, autos re paidi mou thn h8ele auth thn kopela. ok. kai ekane apo edw kai apo ekei kinhseis ktl. auth sthn arxh den h8ele tpt. me ton kairo omws siga siga, exw thn entupwsh pws gluka8hke apo to oti thn flertare enas (8ewrw etsi egine, alla de sto lew me 100% sigouria) kai apofasise na dwsei mia eukairia. sthn arxh 8umamai elege (auth) oti den ta eixan, alla oute enai kai filoi. kai twra vevaia den einai etsi ta pragmata, exoun kanonikh sxesh. epishs pisteuw h8ele auth h idia na kanei auton na thn 8elei. tr to giati? an isxuei auto ontws, den kserw. gunaikes file mou.. gunaikes...ante vgale akrh mazi tous xD
kai afou diavases kai thn teleutaia paragrafo me to edit, anypomonw gia thn apanthsh sou :)
KaitonPT Sep 13, 1:07 PM
That explains why this topic always felt off like we weren’t on the same page xD. Regarding Mahouka expect a MC like Ayanokouji (with more emphasis on the OP front) and lots of worldbuilding.

I broke it in 4 parts. And I do it in order to imput links on it (on a corner), since I am lazy and want a shortcut to my flagcounter stuff right at the top xD.

It is almost a tradition and we will probably get another in HF xD. As for me, I am all up for new versions, when they are not made solely for the sake of being another one and they kind of fit the scenes which they were made for. Tbh the original wouldn´t match with the movie in terms of mood since it is too hype beat-wise and this new remix (especially the last part of it, which connects to another track of the movie) was specifically made for a certain scene, which requires a different feel on the song.
For me faithfulness to the source is much more than that, especially when it comes to something I really like. Having the same atmosphere, getting the stronger points/aspects right in the adaptation, conveying the message clearly and providing a simillar emotional impact (these last 2 aspects when present) are requisites of mine that take precedence over anything else - and all of this comes down to directing and how the director plans and handles the adaptation. Not omitting any of the major events is not enough for me to consider something a good adaptation, especially when they don´t get the important stuff right like it was the case of Ufo´s UBW. I can take liberties with some content skipped, a bit of rushing or things changed/added (if done well and it adds to the adaptation) if what really matters is preseved and the adaptation still gives me the same feel of the original (something that didn´t happen to me in UBW. Also, a bit of a correction since UBW is not my favourite story from all sorts of media I experienced. It is only my favourite route within my favourite franchise). That is why stuff like Oregairu (something really rushed from a LN PoV) is a good adaptation in my eyes since they respect these aspects that I mentioned. And since you brought out Koe no Katachi to the table, in my view it was a good adaptation for a 2 hour movie, since besides providing a decent coverage while landing all the important stuff on the manga (managing even to improve the message of the story and bringing out a better ending - it also improved some other peeves I had with the original source), it was also from an anime only PoV a heartfelt story that didn´t feel that rushed. It has its faults when it comes to being faithfull to the events and characterization missed (on secondaries), but in terms of charm and feel provided it was really spot on to me since what mattered was preserved. This is ofc my opinion since I really liked the directing of the movie and it even exceded my expectations for the movie format, but to each their own and I respect that, since the majority of source readers prefer to focus on what was skipped when it comes to the appraisal of the movie as an adaptation.

Unfortunatelly we probably won´t see some of that potential being confirmed within this season. Hope that at least the ending of this arc is somewhat good (and the anime is sucessfull on Japan) because these last 2 episodes were also a bit underwhelming and nothing much happened.
I still haven´t seen the last 2 episode of Apo since I am behind on some of my seasonals. But from what you tell me, it seems that the content dissapointed. RIP Apo! :P
Oh no, I think I told you before but I called it quits to F/GO.
She is a great VA, but personally I love her singing voice even more, since it was the first contact I had with her.

Nice to hear! Are you enjoying Dies Irae so far?
You are right, I admit it! :P But in my defense at the time nothing of what I wanted to really read was available, so only recent stuff like this could have brought me sooner xD. Either way, I am atm back on the road with the VNs, especially now that I already caught up with some of my LNs.
Yeah, it felt great these last days and I really had an enjoyable time there.
I see. Nice to hear that you also had a decent time with your holidays outside home! And I agree I also feel the same regarding my home environment on Lisbon! :)

With our current form it will be probably be a 3-way battle for the last qualification spot. Eitherway RIP to both of us in our opening games in CL! :(

I am not questioning Taichi´s motivations about trying to emulate Suo´s play-style. I am simply not liking the implications that his new "game on" atitude while using some of Suo´s mannerisms will have outside the game, since without proper focus on Taichi, it is pretty hard to get him atm and this could be some sort of foreshadowing to some future events with his upcoming match-up against Harada. Anyway, I hope you are right and I am simply reading too much on this stuff xD.
assassin_ace Sep 12, 11:38 PM
Yeah I think the last episode was phenomenal. Like we said, episode 6 was just very rushed but I guess it somewhat justifies the events of episode 7. I knew that the Starks would kill Little Finger eventually. Everything plot line conflict that wasn't the Night King felt insignificant and needed to end this season. I loved how Sansa just turned on him and Arya was just like "B*tch, we got you now." He tried to highroad out of there but unfortunately fast travel doesn't work with enemies nearby xD. It was cool to see Sam and Bran scene. Sam wanted knowledge and now he's got google in a chair right there. As for the boat sex, people are speculating that Tyrion looks like that because he may have betrayed Danny. We didn't see the full Tyrion/Cersei meeting so people think he may have planned something behind Danny's back, like you said. I dunno, it's a plausible theory, but there isn't really evidence for it. Something is definitely up though. That shot of him did look concerning. Jaime also finally got his ass outta there haha. 6 more episodes to conclude the series but it's such a long wait!

I finally pickup Danganronpa 2 again. I've finished chapter 5 and now I just have to see chapter 6, which I guess reveals a lot. I absolutely love Nagito's plan. The way he predicted how his classmates would act based on the previous cases/trials and how he relied on his luck to essentially force his target, whom he didn't know, to kill him. It was just genius. My favorite trial for sure. I guess it kind of sucks how I already now that all of that was virtual/Chiaki is dead and all that other stuff I saw in the anime. It would have been a good surprise, but I did feel like reaching that ending was something I looked forward too. I love all of the characters so knowing that they all survive (except Chiaki RIP) brought a little warmth to my heart haha. I'd love to discuss the conclusion and epilogue when I finish it!

Yeah, the last two episodes weren't as good, especially that pool one. I don't really know how to explain, but it didn't seem within the integrity of the show. It's something I'd expect to see in some other school slice of life, but not this one. This survival island idea sounds really cool and I think they can do a lot of good development with it. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

I really encourage you to finish it. I sort of know how you feel, not wanting to finish it and all, but I felt very satisfied finishing it off. All the strings came together and the package that is monogatari was wrapped up very nicely. As for reviewing, I think you really only need to know what happened in the previous Owari. Hope you enjoy it!

My summer was pretty good! The weather was very nice here and I got to chill without my school responsibilities lingering in the back of my head. I went camping a couple times and did some volunteer work. I just started my fourth year this last Monday. Part of me is looking forward to being productive and getting back in the rhythm, but the other part is not looking forward to the stress and deadlines. But such is life. How about you? How is your summer and when do you go back to school?

Zhirose Sep 8, 9:06 PM
Some are, other are not :p
Here the prices aren't that good compared to other South American countries. People usually go to Chile to buy stuff. It's cheaper to go to Chile and buy a lot of stuff, even paying the flights and the hotel, rather than buying the same stuff here. It's ridiculous considering that we haven't any low cost airline (they well come in a few years), so the flights are expensive as hell.

Probably for people no related to IT, it could be difficult to understand certain technical words. However, IT is very easy to read in English, because there aren't any words for intermediate or advanced speakers. With a basis of the language, every IT book is perfectly readable if the reader known IT vocabulary. About the specific words of the field, they usually are not translated, so we say them in the same way in both Spanish and English.

Not poems. I like metaphors a lot, but I don't find poems interesting. I rarely read literature :p I'm more interested in philosophy, but that's hard to read even in Spanish xD I don't know so much about the field, but I want to read and know more :3
About literature, I just want to try a few novels or light novels and see whether I want to read more o don't :p
What about you?
Frostbytes Sep 8, 7:57 AM
Yeah I know what you mean, Ever17 itself is a great example of that, although it has some similar content but the way it uses the VN medium is probably unmatchable in its own way, still today. IT's also probably the most buildup-heavy payoff VN. DI also does a good job in that regard, oh you have read Other Stories too now huh, nice, I liked Beatrice quite a bit there. Marie's route should be better than the prev two.

Hmm let's see I guess.

Nacho doesn't quite fit into our system I guess. And now Kompany isn't available either against Pool in tomorrow's match, I am genuinely scared.

Edit-looks like that went really well for us, lol https://i.redd.it/b2erzeuu1vkz.png

Prob since you don't meet many law students here? lol. One of the many reasons I liked umineko are those Devil's proof, Hempel's raven, etc.....

I am doing alright I guess, honestly my focus is on competitive exams for administration/govt. jobs or even litigation so don't care too much about academic results in sems, try to get to the law papers thoroughly only with legal drafting knowledge, etc.

What about you btw, I already know what you are doing from your profile, how is uni life?

Orion_Gospel Sep 8, 7:33 AM
nai se auto peri limnwn zwwn p eipes ktl 8a sumfwnhsw ligo, alla san genikes gnwseis m aresoun. to oti eprepe anagkasthka na ta ma8oume, ekei eixa 8ema ligo.

einai nai, alla den einai perissotera. skepsou. an ginei etsi glitwnw ta ekshs:

1) enikoio (kai koinoxrhsta, alla pes auta einai ashmanth leptomereia)
2) logariasmous (internet, nero, deh)
3) eishthria gia to phgaine-ela sth sxolh
4) lefta genika gia emena. na parw faghta as poume h oti allo.

automatws feugoun auta ta eksoda. ta opoia an ta valeis ola auta katw, vgainoun polla. kai gia thn venzinh, poso peripou 8a mou phgaine thn evdomada? agrinio-antirio (pou ennoeitai den ti8etai 8ema parking sto antirrio :P)
na tonisw oti uparxei kai to allo. epeidh ta ktel sto agrinio einai ligo eksw apo thn polh, mporw sthn kltrh periptwsh na phgainw me to autokinhto mexri ekei kai ustera me ta ktel antirio. to eishthrio k pera dw8e einai 4 kai kari h 5 kai kati den 8umamai. kapou toso edina apo antirio gia agrinio h to anapodo.

oute kai egw idiaitera. kai oxi apo xrhmata den exw amesa anagkh or something. to exw dei alliws to 8ema. 8elw siga siga na douleuw gia emena ktl. ksereis...einai kuriws psuxologikhs fusews to 8ema. e, kai liges meres p kai p gia liges wres siga den 8a eixa 8ema an evgaza ikanopoihtika lefta. sto katw katw ama mporw na sunduazw kai douleia kai voltes to apogeuma- vradu, to teleio 8a htan gia emena. 8a deiksei omws

akouna deis ti paizei tr. egw proswpika (8a h8ela na milhsoume gia auto to 8ema an 8es) DEN pisteuw sthn pragmatikh kai platwnikh filia anamesa sta 2 fulla (genetika fula, gt stis meres ams exoume kai tous "uparxoun parapanw apo 2 fula" :P )
kai pou les, auth 8a er8ei patra gia spoudes fetos. einai pl kalh kopela. sumpa8htikh glukia. to agaphmeno m eidos kopelas. kai megala vyzia. automatws +10 pontoys ta vyzia xD
kai twra des pws 8a se mperdepsw kai den 8a ksereis ti na peis.

exei agori. edw kai 1 xrono kai kati mhnes.
ALLA, kapote auth me goustare pio polu apo oti o katakouzhnos to sugramma tou. gia pes. ti pisteueis file mou? egw aneta 8a ekana otidipote mazi ths. kai an anarwtiesai giati den ekana kati tote pou me goustare, 8a sto pw kai auto meta. as ANALusoume (sorry, alla den kratiemai na mhn kanw auto to "asteio" logopaignio) prwta auto kai meta vlepoume

turokauterh <3 <3 <3
edw vevaia ti8etai kai ena 8ema. epeidh eisai apo A8hna, otan ennoeis souvlaki, ennoeis auto h auto edw? Giati an ennoeis to 2o, pou sunh8izetai se alla merh ths Elladas, etoimasou gia thn monomaxia tou aiwna :P
Zhirose Sep 4, 8:58 PM
Yep, all countries have problems. No doubt about that.
Yeah, but also my salary will be higher (around 4 to 6 times, depending the country). That's enough for living and save money to buy a house :)
I know about salaries in different countries and the numbers are perfectly fine for me. I'm going to spend more, but I'm going to save more too. So there isn't any problem with the money.

Haha xD
Now I re-read it, and yeah, it could be either about my career or my English skills xD
I'm using a flashcard app to remember words. I add around 5~7 per day I find reading online, playing games, watching anime, etc.
I want to widen my vocabulary in order to be able to read literature. I frequent a lot of stuff like comments in forums, news, IT books and stuff, but they usually use basic grammar. I would like to read literature.
Frostbytes Sep 4, 12:49 PM
Yeah the problem with Kasumi's route is that not only it has chunks of infodump but the main players don't even arrive in the scene. Kei's route is somewhat better than that considering the last part, Marie and especially Rea's route is celrtainly much better when everything is unfolded. The members of DI are certainly far more interesting than the main cast, and even though some of the parts were drag, the thing that kept me going on was the prose especially in the form of the narrator Mercurius, the references and how the VN plays on shounen tropes quite a bit(more visible later on). I thought being a multi mystery VN, the first two routes did an alright job.

>rooting for United

Fuck that, not in my life. I have already seen how smug United fans are. And tbh, I think Real is insanely strong and they can win it again this year, I think PSG....well let's see I guess. And barca has got GOAT Paulinho I will keep an eye out on Demebele this year but seriously they needed another creative midfielder.

Kind of yeah but City were desperate, and I am severely concerned about our finishing issues. Aguero is inconsistent these days, Jesus idk, he clicks some days. And we sold Nacho too sooo I am afraid what will happen, hope we don't get battered this week against Liverpool.

Lol Welbeck, he has unreal vision tbh https://mobile.twitter.com/mikesanz19/status/892486198014488576

Oh right, I study in a law university, second year.
Orion_Gospel Sep 4, 12:48 PM
mmou kanei entupwsh auto peri gewgrafias. gt kai eukolo sxetika ma8hma einai, kai 8a to evriska kai endiaferon, alla kai pio xrhsimo 8a elega. estw kata 1%. gt ma8aineis gia ton kosmo ktl. de kserw an symfwneis alla etsi to vlepw kapws xd sgr den 8a aresei se olous, logiko auta einai gousta.

xaxaxaxxaxa ti fash? :P kati tetoia perierga ta exw kai egw xD pantws komple. 8a ksemperdepseis nwris me auto to 8ema. egw den exw ksekinhsei akoma alla skopeuw tous epomenous mhnes na to valw sto proskhnio auto to 8ema kai na ksekinhsw. den kserw an 8a exw autokinhto sthn patra, gt exoume 2, alla isws me auto ton tropo na fugw apo thn patra kai na phgainoerxomai sth sxolh apo to agrinio, mias kai den einai idiaitera makrua h sxolh (sto antirrio an 8umasai pou sou elega sto fb)
peri routinas kai zwhs pou leme, uparxei mia pi8anothta na douleuw apo dw kai pera :D den kserw akoma sgr tpt, alla elpizw na pane ola kala. de 8elw polla lefta mh fantasteis, ena extra xarztliki. kai oxi ka8e mera. 2-3 meres to polu gia merikes wres. gt ka8e mera den ginetai exw kai thn sxolh.

aa ok. dustuxws exw xa8ei kai me auta. to skeftomoun auto to 8ema. to oti meta to sxoleio-sxolh, xanesai me polla paidia. ama sou pw oti me mia kopela p thn eixa gnwrisei sthn b lukeiou, milousame meta gia ena diasthma (m thn epefte gia thn akriveia ara gia auta milousame) meta xa8hkame gia 1,5 xrono peripou, kai meta apo tote pou ksekinhsa tis spoudes thn petuxa sto dromo me mia filh ths, me thn opoia filh ths eixa liges epafes, kai apo tote exoume ginei vraki kai kwlos. milame sxedon ka8e mera. kai malista otan den milame gia ena mikro diasthma, sunh8ws egw eimai autos p den apanthse, gia diaforous logous, kai meta auth m stelnei prwth. pou 8elw na katalhksw? oti my life is fucking strange. me paidia pou eixa de8ei polu perissotero, ksafnika einai ena tpt pleon, enw apo thn allh, mia tuxaia gnwrimia me auth thn kopela, katelhkse na einai ena apo ta pio sumpa8htika mou atoma auth thn stigmh kai na einai pl shmantika gia mena.

oxi entaksei, kai na thn ekrazes 8a hmastan cool ;)

den nmzw na exw faei pote
Kaishiyoku Sep 2, 1:20 PM