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Tokyo Ghoul:re
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Stocking1 Jun 25, 2017 4:27 PM
good to hear, at least theyre done for now :)

haha same here, i mean its holidays so wth :) if its not for marathoning shows, what is it for :) haha yeah yay less screen time for piper - but they did make up for her lack of presence with the equally annoying druggy characters - those 2 girls -_- i actually hate them - i find them soooo annoying, and when she got the gun - i was like plz no lol aww not the female guard, i meant the one that caputo was dating - the brunnette one, not the one he has love hate relationship with (kinda like her character now - just coz she's rly good with caputo :3 ). Yeah hopefully, but i cringed at that bit i must admit - i think it was a mixture of the cheese in the scene as well as my hatred for piper. Poor lorna :'(, but i was happy that nikki stood up for her, and told the hubby to grow a pair - i was like poor nikki :'( but yay nikki :).... Yeah piscatella is screwed up, like da fuck - he totally had what happened to him coming. hahahaha. yes he is pathetic - but i dont know, hes now kinda a good character for me coz he just has such an innocent puppy love for diaya, i dont know i think hes good now, way better then how all the other guards have become (well most of them). Yeah i think so too. i mean i didnt like how mean she was to the mother lady for her in prison, but she gets better towards the end of the season. Except freekn maria fucks it up for everyone, well her and tastey (but i love tastey, so i dont wanna be too upset with her lol).

hahah its actaully such a great show, ive rewatched it sooo many times, and can never get enough of it. atm watching the show misfits, and the show plebs. both are british shows <3 Season 1 nd half of season 2 of misfits is good (its a rly cool take on superpowers and those inflicted by them and can be funny at times). Pleabs is rly funny - its like the inbetweeners (if u have heard of it), but set in roman era. both are pretty entertaining :) yeah love actually is a classic, but im always a bit sad about the relationship between emma thomson and alan rickman - its rly badly fixed if u get what i mean -_-. but other than that its an awesome film, and gotta love rowan atkinson :)

haha same. tbh i was actually surprisingly happy with the 3rd film - i thought itd be bad coz of the age gap, and the prmise, and like the fact that one third of the triangle had been replaced :'(, but it was actually rly good!! i liked it better than the 2nd tbh, and patric dempsey kinda fit it. like of course he's no hugh grant, but the character fit - like hugh grants character definitely would not have fit in with the film premise. but yeee soooo good!!!!!!

oh he fits it great, i love he's innocence despite filming a porn with girl, its just now when i c him - i just imagine that cute scene where he jumps from the steps after just getting a kiss lol <3 fiar enough, yeah i may see the films - well coz i like james bond films lol but also im super curious as to how dwight will do it.
... lol well thsi is awks - i marathoned the show .... i was just gonna watch to what i got up to in the books, BUT IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!! (honestly, i highly recommend) i was sceptical too, but trust me i am sooo glad i watched it, i finished it with great hesitation for its return at the start of next year. Sadly, i didnt get to read them all when i was younger, so i had only read 1 and 2, but watching this show inspired me, so now im gonna read all of them (ITS SOOOOOOOOO GOOD) (inner fan girl activate lol *_*) the cast surprisingly fit their woles sooo well, and yus putty! (so happy u know seinfeld btw - honestly one of the greatest shows :)) Yeah, i watch the film a lot tbh - i am/was a jim carry fan (back when he was actually good). The film was actually good, and yeah it like mixed the first 3 books. I think thats y ppl gave it soo much shit - coz like it only captured the first 3 books - which is sad coz jim carry was a great count olaf :) haha tbh i never read or watched the eragon movies, all i know is that it is about a dragon lol, but from the sounds of it, it sounds like a dodged a bullet. haha dw i feel ya, there are always adaptaions that are complete butchery of the original... i mean avatar last airbender movie..... y does that even exist lol. haha glad to see ur a carry fan :)

haha i planned to do the same over these holidays, but tbh have been too caught up with british shows atm -_- :3 i havent read the manga but my friends have spoiled bits for me -_-, and like i rly want to watch the show, but i like coming into shows freash with all my feels and emojis towards everything lol - so i know that when i do watch it, i will probs also re-watch season 1, coz otherwise i jus todnt have the same care towards the characters haha. i get whatcha mean, thats y when im at a loss for anime, i just start watching the first anime show that comes up on youtube. lol i wouldnt recommend kdrama if ur repulsed by cringe and cheesyness - tbh i cringe most of the time whilst watching them, but i love them (guilty pleasure lol <3) awww sounds sad :'( i haven't seen his sad docos, but i love what i have seen - its all sooo interesting :) haha, soz not a vegan, but don't eat a whole lot of meat products :) That doco on the boys sounds rly interesting, i get what u mean - like when i did psychology, my favourite bits were when we got to watch video simulations as to what the person was experiencing depending in the mental condition, that and the case studies - like they were very sad and some startling, but they were super interesting. dw i think about this stuff too, its rly interesting observing the behaviour of others and thinking how their attributes and habbits came to be. thats y i like detective shows, i always feel like abit of a detectie myself when watching it , coz during ill shout out answers to the case at my tv lol. the case studies are always intriguing, and its fun to think how this became this and stuff like that. haha i completely agree, i feel wiser now as well - wish i knew half the stuff i do now in highschool

they're both just life goals haha <3 theyre soooo good, its impossible to dislike either of them ^_^
Stocking1 Jun 15, 2017 5:59 PM
haha yep that was exactly my friends reaction, she ripped into my mal noob skills. -_- haha im alright, things have been hectic lately. OMG how were ur exams? :O not too stressful I hope!!

omg yes!! Just finished it!!! so much ranting, u ready?!?! If u haven't finishe yet, don't read the spoiler thing yet, i dont want to spoile for u!! ok....
.... *takes a breather... okay done with my ranting sorry lol. Haha April is great, but the other characters r also rly awesome. Ron is sooooo good!! haha oh incredibly so. I mean steve carrell is soo racist in the office, itd just b wrong. But they do it sooo well :)

haha that claymation definitely explains me haha

British people are honestly just my favourite people ever <3<3<3<3<3<3!!!!! haha yes the accent definitely is a huge factor as to why black books and other british shows r incredible. but also dylan morran and bill bailey r just awesomely hilarious human beings. Oh yes!! Please put IT Crowd on ur list, its actually amazing :D And i <3 Red Drawf but its quite a old show y now, but still holds up rly well :) SAme here, I used to love Mr.Bean growing up (still do now :P ), he's also like my favourite bit in Love Actually coz he just plays himself :)

hahaha, u honestly could not put it more perfectly!! I'm sooooo happy u also aprecciate the majestic beauty that is colin firth <3 OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I <3 LOVE BRIDGET JONES!!!! I got the book recently, and its also ry good!!! NUmber 2 wasn't as good as number 1, but all of them, even the new one were rly good!!! Bridget Jones is my home alone night movie, its soooo godd!! <3<3<3 I just love how many roles he takes where he is Mr. Darcy, and like even in st. trinians I love the reference to Mr. Darcy again :P I rly hope sooo, coz he's sooooooooooooooo good in it, then again is good is mostly everything he's in<3<3<3 hahaha no no I totally feel ya man, I mean others who read our convo's would think we're massive british people stalkers lol, dw we're not stalkers, we're just extremely passionate fans haha

hahaha o my, no, i wouldnt go far in life if i didnt know who martin freeman was :) . I love it - everytime I see martin freeman now, i cant stop thinking he came from being a porn star in love actually to be the main hobbit... good job martin freeman lol :P HE"S JIM!!!!.... Now I rly wanna watch it :3 hahahaha omg love ur reaction (you: good lord no he's not toby.) hahaha XD no toby???? but who will they be mean to lol. licking cats??? not up to that yet :O but very excited now lol, like wth haha. Yeah both dwight and steve carells characters are idiots, but completely different. i dont even know how to put into words as to y they are different, but they're idiocy is definitely different, but both r sooooooooo funny!!!Apparently the guy who plays dwight is gonna play the next James Bond villain (like im not even joking) - I think he can do it, like I don't know how, coz its soooo hard to imagine after seeing him in the office, but something about makes me think he can pull it off. We'll just have to wait and see. Good point, I'll c how I go - atm its on hold, and Ive just started watching A series of Unfortunate Events (only up to ep. 1, and couldn't find the books anywhere to read them, so no spoiler plz). Honestly, I rly wanted to red the books first, but I can't find them anywhere other than online, and im like, i more so just wanna borrow them or get them super cheap incase i dont like 'em - but i ended up caving and am watching the show now coz I heard it was amazing!! One day I'll read the books :)

haha oh yah anime lol.... Tbh I havent watched or been watching any anime recently - ive been soooo busy, I just dont have time anymore :'( I think the last show I watched was Gugure! Kokkuri-san. I highly recommend you watch this show, its actually hilarious!!! Like a fav of mine!!!! i was super lucky with it, I just saw on youtube and was like y not, and now I love it sooooo much!!!! haha Atm I'm more so reading manga and watching a lot of k-dramas (yep, a guilty pleasure of mine - they are so cringe and cheese, but I absolutely love them <3<3<3 :3 ) Tbh depends on what the doco is about, like I'm really in to docos about animals and dinasaurs tbh - like atm im watching planet earth, if uve heard of it? its pretty good. But like I like docos that are biographical on people I like or am interested in. I also <3 history doco's on like medieval Europe and also like Egyptian history - coz Im a huge fan of the era and just found that the traditions of back then and in those locations were extremely interesting. What doco's do u like?

lol I looked though our convos... i love how theyve just gotten sooo much longer than when we started talking lol

also before I forget... ^_^
Stocking1 Jun 7, 2017 1:20 AM
HI, OMG IM SO SORRY. I actually wrote this msg ages ago, but accidentally wrote in on my own wall :'(. my friend notified me about the mistake. im soo sorry. hru??
Anyway here is the message respomse from like a month ago. sorry and thank u ^^

haha yeah i completely agree. i wiwsh i hadnt marothoned 2 seasons in 2days, i probably wouldve had more appreciation for the last 2 seasons then. sammmeeee, i <3 when him and rob lowe come into the shows, such good characters :) haha yeah dw it is lesley (y) its hard to think of a fave theyre all soo good. but id have to say chris pratt and april. April is my spirit animal haha. ron is fantastic, i love his posters of egg and bacon. omg i was literrally tryn to explain that to my fam today, how jerry is the toby of the office - haha even i hate toby, and its mean but i love how steve carrell picks on him for his divorce, i mean harsh but soooo funny :P jerry and toby are basically the meg griffin of their shows haha. i actually love the claymation vid, i think of that every time i make a mistake in like an assignment or something haha - that vid just explains it so well. haha yeah i get what u mean, the amount of shows i just rewatch is crazy.

haha same here, graham norton show is my jam! but tbh dont enough of them. Havent heard of the ones you listed, but will be sure to look them up - i cant get enough of my british shows <3 haha no i havent sorry, ill put it on my show lilst to watch. i dont know if we have, but if u like british shows: I HIGHLY recommend u watch 'The IT Crowd', 'Red Dwarf' and 'Black Books'. They are hilarious british shows that u will straight away want to rewatch afterwards. And the best thing is they are pretty short, so u can marathon them :) aww sorry again, no i havent heard of him - i rly need to watch more stand-up comedians haha. All i watch as far as british stand-up comedians are dylan moran (highly recommend u watch hime, he is brilliant) and of course rowan atkinsons stand up. Absolutely <3 rowan atkinson!!! haha i gotta watch it then. haha thanks for all the recommendations, im always looking for new shows - that or im rewatching shows :3

OMG COLIN FIRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my respect for u just increased even more so! i <3 colin firth, like he is one of my fave. he is beautiful haha. Pride and Prejudice is also honestly one of my favourites, i am completely obsessed with it and like jane austen stuff. (like literally rewatched the colin firth series like 3 times, watched the modern day mini series (only once, coz i borrowed it :'( ) , reading the book atm, and watched the film an imaginable amount of times). i <3 it and colin firth. hes just soooooo good in everything hes in :3 lol i know the sideburns -_- :3 im not a fan, but he kinda pulls it off just because hes colin firth lol

haha nice new word :P haha dw feel free to spoil away with the uk version. i rpobs wont watch it coz i know ill be completely comparing the two versions the whole time and i feel like ill choose the american version coz steve carrells better than ricky :3 oh yeah, who is martin freeman? (like in equivalent to the american version who is he)... omg i hope he isnt toby. oh yeah just remembered creed.... i rly dont like creed, like hes funny but hes also just such a douche haha. OMG yes i watched that episode a little while ago, soooooo funny. <3 how they do the marathon and like andys niples start bleeding haha. Atm up to the ep where dwight is dumped by whats her name... angela i think?? for killing her cat. omg <3 dwight, sooo funny. Apparently hes also gonna be the next bond villian, so im pumped!! i honestly think he can pull it off, hes got this rly evil freaky vibe goin on, so im excited to see what they do with it :)
haha yeah i thought so, like steve carrell as a person just gives off a more loveable vibe - love him in ancorman and 40yr old virgin (both hilarious films) :) omg who is the dwight in it??!?!?!?! would u recommend watching the uk version, or should i be all g with the american version?

haha i know how u feel. atm all my shows arent complete, and like the wait on them are like months. its infuriating!!!! but soooo happy coz theyre slowly coming out, tomorrow my show gotham is coming out (sooo pumped), and soon game of thrones :D i find that in heaps of shows anyway, that like the last season is when it goes downhill :( except for seinfeld - that will forever be hilarious. i mean there are heaps of shows that do end well, but a lot go downhill towards the end and u can tell the makers r just tryn to wrap things up asap -_- That show will probs be on hold for me, not a huge podcast person, but ill give it a try one day :P omg yussss.... there are actually so many things i want to watch. so much to watch, so little time :'(
Stocking1 Apr 12, 2017 1:18 AM
haha yeah the office is really good, atm halfway through season 3. the last ep i just watched was dwight just quit :'( (dw i know the spoilers so i know he will come back coz ive seen snippets of future eps).

haha yeah, of course ive watched parks and rec!! :D i actually watched in like last year, and ended up marathoning like 2 seasons in 2 days coz i was sick and had nothing to do lol. I did really like parks and rec, however - its either because i over marathoned it or coz of the show itself, but i felt the last 2 seasons went a bit downhill :( But the other seasons were sooo good - theyre all soooooo good <3 chris pratt, but also just love adam scotts nerdiness <3 and like what-his-name arrg the boss guy, but just loves his pessimism towards the government and his work haha. such a good show. honestly every day i have a bad day i think of that crappy claymation video hehe

im sorry i keep sending u videos, but i need to share nostalgia.... that being said here r 2 clips (im sorry lol)

.... yep i wanna rewatch it now :3

omg yes dwight, i love how gullible he is! and love jims pranks, actually so good. Haha i agree - they r a wee bit too normal, dwights a good choice. I would say its a tie between dwight and micheal, steve carell is too funny :) haha more cringe?? im trying to imagine how so. An like ive tried imaginf ricky gervais being like steve carrels character and i just cant, he just doesnt seem as like loveable or like have steve carells lonely funny boss character. Like i can see him as funny, but see him as more of a dwight character than a micheal character, but who knows? (guess ill have to see) WHAT?!?!?! martin freeman!?!?!? i didnt know that :O... ur slowly convincing me to watch it :)

haha yay, happy u understood my mis-wording :) U definitely should, and best of all is its completed, so u dont have to wait for more (which is god and bad coz its a good show). Is suits good as well btw? ive been told good things.
haha it must be good if its binge watch worthy :) omg soooo many shows to watch :'(

haha gotcha, nice - not becoming motionally attached to the netflix lol. good strategy :).
Stocking1 Apr 11, 2017 6:55 AM
told ya id try harder to remember to check this :P haha

haha atm im watching the us version. I mean i know everyone said to watch the uk version coz its sposed to be better - and to be honest i usually do watch the uk versions over us (like not only for the beautiful british people, but usually coz its 100x better - for example; if u ever watch the film 'death at a funeral' (its actually a comedy despite the morbid name) i beg u to plz watch the uk version and not the us!!! same with shows like inbetweeners, brits are <3 haha (sorry im rambling on).... back to the office, yeah im watching the us version becoz i trust steve carell, i find him hilarious and the fact that ive watch 40 year old virgin like 100x and still love it proves that i trust steve carell hehe. That plus i was super tempted by the vid of the cpr class they do in the show (it was so nostalga to when i learnt cpr, and i was like i must watch this)!! Who's ur fave character? and would u recommend watching the uk as well? (i know uve seen it, but i urge u to watch it this clip again anyway - cant wait to actually get up to this episode!!! ^_^ )

lol i usually am bothered to rewatch, but then my friends who recommend shows to me get super pissed coz im always rewatching shows with like 10+ seasons lol (guilty pleasure)

ohh gotcha. Hannibal isnt a continuation (sorry i worded it badly :( ) - like i meant like its an adaptation (yay thats the word i was looking for). basically its a retelling of the films and like goes into more detail as to what other crimes he did, and like how his relationship with will graham and stuff started. And like it introduces you to a few of the murderers from the films - who are just as AWESOME in the show, if not better. (as u can see im a hannibal fangirl :) )

ohhh i ve heard mad men is really good, havent gotten around to watching it tho - but isnt it sposed to be as good as like breaking bad (havent seen that either ( :'( so many shows to watch)?

no unfortunately :'( im kinda used to no netflix, i usually end up using like putlocker and stuff to watch my stuff. But yes, highly recommend u give it a try :P (y)

Stocking1 Apr 9, 2017 7:07 AM

at least im remembering to check for myself, without my stalker friends help lol ^^

haha i certainly hope so, i cant wait :D ohhh thats a bit of a drag about the reading, but isnt it interesting?

i cant say ive actually seen him in much else :'( , but haah yeah - im sure hes awesome in it all :P

i know, i rly rly rly want to catch-up with it, but atm im in the middle of watching 'the office'. its rly funny, and so ridiculous - i wish all offices could be like whats in the show :P I think tho if i were to watch all of broadchurch id start again - just coz im that type of person who likes to remember and have my feels haha before i get back into a show if u get me. (and thus i rewatch shows like 100x :P)

no i havent even heard of bates motel (sorry to say :( ) , but imdb says it got a good rating :P ohhh so its like a continuation on psycho - havent seen that film yet, have heard bout it from others. I dont usually watch a whole heap of shows that r like continuations from movies (other than 'hannibal' - omg watch it (that is if u dont mind kinda gruesome), omg omg omg u should totally watch it <3 hugh dancy is bae <3. its sooooooo good, its murder mystery and awesomeness!!!!!! trust me, if u watch it u will love hugh dancy and mads miklesen, theyre both soooo awesome!!! <3 9inner fangirl comes out lol)

p.s. will make an effort to remember to check this more :)
Stocking1 Mar 23, 2017 9:39 PM
haha thank you ^_^ (dw im getting better, my friend didnt remind me this time :P )

Soooooo jelly!!! i would love to move out, cant wait till ive saved up enough to do so. Thats awesome to hear, i have a lot of friends who r studying the same, I hear its pretty interesting, and like the events for commerce are supoosed to be extremely fun :D

haha me 2 :P yeah itd be nice if they continued. To be honest i havent seen andrew scott in anything else, and like he did a rly good job so it would be nice to see him in more.

BROADCHURCH <3 i love murder mysteries, sooo cool. Yeah Unfortunately I've only seen season 1 of broadchurch, but it great!! If you like Broadchurch I'd highly recommend 'Whitechappel' and a show called 'The Bletchley Circle' - both are very similar, and also realy good murder mysteries :)
Stocking1 Mar 6, 2017 12:15 AM
omg she did it again for me, im so sorry im late to reply ive been super busy lately (my stalker friend reminded me to check this :'( :) )

WHAT?!?!?!?! THAT AWESOME!!!! I wish i could move out, still saving up -__-. How is it? Is it fun living alone? (sooooooo jelly) haha I guess by now uve already started ur uni course. What r u doing? And how is it?

haha will do, i had to watch the abominal snowman ep first before i could start, but that episode is very different coz of the time era, but rly cool. havent started the new season yet, but will do :P

lol no prob. i am a huge movie and tv show buff, so if u ever need any recommendations just ask - i love and watch all genre's so if ur interested in anything in particular, i can recommend (y) :)

Stocking1 Feb 23, 2017 10:51 PM
Hi zoromilk -chan!!!!!!! OMG, firstly i am SOOO SOOO SORRY for not replying to this sooner, I haven't checked my dashboard for this in ages - I was actually notified of ur msg to me through a friend who was stalking my profile lol.

How are u??? How does it feel to be free of highschool? (CONGRADS!!! :D) What r u up2 now?

Im doing good thanks, dw dtill love sherlock - just started watching the new season, moriarty and benedict r still bae <3 hehe. atm tho juggling uni and a bunch of tv shows - sooo addicted to rewatching the show 'its always sunny in philidalphia' (i highly recommend watching it if u havent heard about it). its one of my fave and ive rewatched it an inimaginable amount of times #nolife hehe

What have you been up 2? still love moriarty??

and i know its late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U 2 :)

Bheaze Feb 10, 2017 10:08 PM

coming from kyoto.

Tokyo was super sick! as always. Don't have enough luggage space to bring anything back aye :( only got a backpack.
one of my mates is working at the hostel im staying at , which is super awesome
and going out tonight with a guy i used to work with in sydney - so good to catch up with mates :))))

especially rollerblading around kyoto at nightt -- such a cool way to get around backstreets and malls :D

Bheaze Feb 1, 2017 9:41 PM

i go to japan tomorrow!

gonna eat like a king for 10 days and parttayyy

ill share a bunch of photos when i get back! if i remember to take them :D

Bheaze Jan 26, 2017 9:26 PM
thats pretty weird actually....... had no idea i opened every comment with that xD

we got a bit lazy and only just ordered some bones to make the broth from a butcher yesterday - but we made an awesome nagashi noodle slide for soumen!

hopefully you can see it well
if you ever get a chance to try it definitely go for it!
its like hot wheels but for noodles

Bheaze Jan 22, 2017 1:24 AM

my friend and I are gonna try make some tonkotsu broth for ramen - cookin adventures :D
we made some spring onion kimchi too - when the broth is done ill send u a piccie!

shes Choa from a kpop group called AOA, i also really wanna visit korea......
a place there called jeju island looks so cool

Bheaze Jan 14, 2017 1:03 AM
nice! i been to melbourne a couple of times - but not for a while, i think not since i was younger than you are now?
definitely a lot of fun stuff to do there - i heard theres a recently opened 24 hr ramen shop! take some piccies if you manage to get there ;D

is your brother older than you /?

today at work was so quiet *.* makes it so boring and even more tiring.

i reckon i might change my dp soon.........its been too long
Bheaze Jan 8, 2017 8:14 PM
yeah nice.

the majority of my mates, and even me, chagned what they were studying after a year at uni. so i think your plan seems good, get used to life outta school a bit and see if you change your mind about study and stuff!

summer break hasnt really been to much of a break for me. 6 days work a week, but!, i get this week off ;DD.
get to relax - look for new music, and see friends .

wish i could relax more often :|. it's always so hot in the cafe (>.<)

those snacks sound yummmy - australia needs to catch up to japan soon aye