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Sep 16, 2014
This manga is example of that writing a review before reading complete manga is a bad idea. To me, this manga is great, but i have one problem with it , at the beginning it's very good and interesting but near the end it's just mediocre and boring.

This is a martial arts manga with a little bit of romance and comedy. The story is about Kenichi Shirahama - a teenage kid who learns martial arts and being inspired by Miu Furinji to become stronger and be able to protect her. The story plot is great but later from good martial arts manga it read more
Jul 15, 2014
I can't say exactly that kind of manga it is. It looks like romance-comedy, but it's lacking in both of this categories, or i may say all romance and comedy moments are kinda weak and generic. As so is manga itself looks very generic and all characters are just boring. One thing i found funny, that all lead characters have really stupid back story. The main plot of the story is that two people trying to help each over with their common problem, because they both has traumatized in past. But the reasons of those problems to me sounds just retarded. Some parts of story(especially read more
Jul 10, 2014
When I read the description, I was thinking that this is some kind of "gender bender" type manga, but then I read into it, i was happily surprised that it is not like that. Most "Gender Bender" manga focusing on the idea that main character transforming from boy to girl or from girl to boy, in most awkward moments for comedy sake. And later on, those moments become very repetitive and boring. But this manga is different.

This manga is about girl named Megumi who wants to be boy because she was a boy long ago but evil spirit turn her into girl, so years read more
Jul 7, 2014
Before I start to describe my thoughts, I want to point out that this manga is 25 years of one author work. So regardless of what I write, give this comic a try if you have some interest in genre.
This is one of those Harem-Comedy style comic books. There is one boring protagonist and lot of beauties that want to get his attention. Someone may say that, there are thousand mangas with same plot and some of them might have better story or more interesting art style. This all true, this manga have nothing unique or special but i still think this one read more
Jun 10, 2014
This manga is really depressing. But it doesn't have any drama or tragic story. It's depressing, because of how boring those characters life are.

I was reading from start to the end of this manga just in case that something interesting might be happened at near the end of story. And that was worthless, because nothing happens, nothing remotely interesting. This manga is about "real" life, so real, that everything in it is average at best. The story is average and characters are so "real" they got zero personality. And all those jokes, that author trying to pull, are useless, they just bad and uninspired. read more
Jun 5, 2014
The story started at animal land, place where was never seen a single human. Lonely tanuki named Monoko find a human baby Tarouza, and become his mother. Later Tarouza realize that he can understand other animals cry, so he decided to make world there plant-eating and meat-eating animals can live together.

We can split whole manga in two parts, first then Tarouza is growing and acknowledge all sides of wild world of animal land. And the first problem i have is in how Doubutsu no Kuni looks. Its has it "cute and funny" style to it, and even trying to throw couple of jokes read more